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2nd August 2015

Safe overnight trip?
Hi! Your post is wonderful! I am thinking on doing the same trip Lençois->Feira de Santana->Valença but I was hesitating on taking the overnight buses as you did. Is it really safe? The bus station in Feira is ok? Thank you in advance! Cheers
11th October 2012

Galapgos - technical details
I'm not sure you still follow your lovely blog reactions I came across it by accident and I really enjoyed the adventures you follow We are a family with four children and willing to visit the Galapagos I will be happy if you also have practical advice as with a company \ boat to travel with How much it costs, etc. If you can send me some more details to 0546370002
25th July 2012

Peru food
Hi I found your article very intersting as i have just booked to go to Peru for a month soon. How much was most food and drink costing? Thanks
25th April 2012

Very nice photos!
Hello Tal, my wife and I loved your post and photos of Trancoso, please recomend your friends to visit the small fishermans village where we live, Caraíva (Guide: is 30 kms from Trancoso (Guide: and 15 from praia do espelho (Guide:, there are the most beautifull beaches from Brasil.
10th September 2011
Cuatie - what a cute animal

what a cute and nice animal like it. shavers for men
19th June 2011

thank you!
We have not made it to be an inspiration, we made it to fulfill our own dreams. But, if by our travels we can help others set goals and dreams and go upon fulfilling them - what a great honor!
7th May 2011

My husband and I have started talking about taking an extended family trip around the world. We have a two year old son and plan to have another child soon. The planning is in the very early stages, as the trip will be in years to come, but I wanted to let you know that your family travels are an inspiration!
23rd March 2011

Colombia to Manaus
Hola! I have come across your blog and by far have found it to be the most helpful yet with my questions on travelling from Colombia to Manaus... if it is possible could you please help me with some questions... Do you think it is a wise decision for a solo female traveler to do this trip ? Which boat company did you use? Approximately what was the cost of the trip? I very much appreciate any advice you could possibly relay. Gracias
19th March 2011
The Bruchita

When I looked at this photo, I had to look twice. I must say I found it realy funny, but the idea is very good. Well done. May come sometime to see this in real life. Keep it running lads. All the best David-James
19th March 2011
The Bruchita

When I looked at this photo, I had to look twice. I must say I found it realy funny, but the idea is very good. Well done. May come sometime to see this in real life. Keep it running lads. All the best David-James
15th March 2011

Thank you very much!
As the mother of this child, and the wife of the photographer, I can tell you that not only the picture is great - also the kid in it and the photographer who took it are great!!
14th March 2011
Shachar playing in the salt lagoon

I love this photo!
22nd January 2011
Lava erupting

Great picture
What a great picture! Recently my husband and I went to Banos and Puyo but didn't have a chanse to see the vulcano becuase it was very cloudy. Thanks for sharing. Mariana
From Blog: Action in Banos
30th November 2010
Male Frigate bird showing off...

they are weird try to poke them they won't even flinch
12th November 2010

Teatro do Morro
When in Morro de Sao Paulo, dont miss the Teatro do Morro, an alternative cultural center with free live music on Wednesdays. Cheers Paulo
15th October 2010

Guesthouse in Trancoso
Dear Sapir family, My husband and I are planning to travel in South America in Feb-March 2010. We read and apreciate your blogs. We would like to know the name and price of the guest house you have stayed in Trancoso if possible. Pls. note that we have also a blog (juvigiller) in travelblog. thanks in advance for your prompt responce.
2nd October 2010

בקשה לעיצה
הי משפחת ספיר, מאד נהנתי לקרוא את הבלוג שלכם. אנחנו זוג עם תינוקת שרוצים לטייל לכמה חודשים לקולומביה וקוסטה-ריקה אנחנו מאד מעוניינים לדבר איתכם אם אפשר לקבל סקייפ או טלפון, תודה לילה וניגם
26th August 2010

Shit happens
I did this trip with my Catamaran ( about 35 times and Your experience is of course breathtaking. Being seasick on top of this makes it even worse- but You have to agree, that You reached safe az Cartagena. Your Captain did the right thing- he waited fore daylight, as the risk while rescuing the mast and sails, cables, ropes in the water at nighttime is a lot bigger than by daylight.To catch a 2 hours sleep in the meantime is the best one can do in this situation. You mentioned, that You had fear of the boat turning upside down- which is maybe Your personal impression but without the mast a monohull (single hull sailyacht) is of course more stable then with the load of mast and sails (wind) on top of it. As I know this construction being a big and comfortable luxourios yacht Your fears were absoloutly unrealistic. You should have done that trip in one of the tiny boats some captains offer, below 13 meters of lenght (44 feet) the movement on this vessels is realy killing- vomiting in this never ends- You were on a 18 meter boat with long keel, that doesn´t move at all comparde to this boats. Peter is a reliable and responsible captain and his girlfriend grew up on a sailyacht and is able to navigate this yacht on her own. Shit happenes- You were just unlucky
24th August 2010

Great shot :)
Sad to hear your travels are over for now, enjoy all the comforts of home instead :)
From Blog: Beach farewell
21st August 2010

ענבל - תודה אכן אחרי רילוקשיין זה הזדמנות נהדרת לצאת לכזו הרפתקאה, מכיוון שממילא יש "שבירת מסגרות" בשל המעבר. אם תזדקקו לעזרה ועצות - אל תהססו לפנות, נשמח לעזור! תוכלו למצוא אותנו כאן בבלוג דרך שליחת הודעה פרטית ו/או בפייסבוק שלי.
From Blog: Beach farewell
21st August 2010

שלום לך לילך, ושלום לכל משפחת ספיר, בעקבות כתבה באינטרנט הגעתי לקרוא את הבלוג המקסים שלכם, ואני מבלה את השעות האחרונות בקריאה, בהעלאת זכרונות, בקנאה ותקווה שאולי גם לנו זה יקרה. לפני חמש עשרה שנה, אני ובעלי עשינו את אותו המסלול כמעט (שם הכרנו), ומדהים איך השמות והחוויות עדיין חקוקים עמוק בזכרון. כיום, חמש עשרה שני אחרי, ושלושה בנים, הרצון לחוות זאת עם הילדים מפעפע בנו מדי יום. גם אנו נמצאים בשליחות כבר חמש שנים, בארה"ב, הבנים בני 9, 5, 3, ומקווים שביום מן הימים, אולי תוך כדי החזרה לארץ, נעשה עצירת ביניים ארוכה בדרוםמרכז אמריקה. מאחלת לכן חזרה לשיגרה בצורה מהירה, והשתלבות חלקה במסגרות החינוך ובעבודה, ענבל
From Blog: Beach farewell
21st August 2010

I am from Argentina
נולדתי בארגנטינה. ממש התרגשתי לקרוא על ארגנטינה פרי עתך. תיארת בדיוק מה הוא האוכל בארגנטינה!! כשהייתי ילדה קטנה, גם אני אכלתי המון אלפחורס. חבל שלא הייתם בקורדובה, שם נולדתי. פרובינציה יפה ממש!! אילנה
26th July 2010

Great meeting such a nice family!!!
We met in the boat tour of Lake Titicaca, then we stayed in the same house in Amantani Island. It was a real pleasure to meet such a nice family. I am so glad we could meet again here in Sao Paulo before they went back to Israel!!!! I hope we can meet again next year when I go to Israel (april 2011). I am happy that the whole trip went well. Good luck in the new life back in Israel!!! A big hug!!! I will miss you all!!!
From Blog: Lake Titikaka
17th July 2010
a floating glacier

The glacier is amazing! You can see the blue in it!
11th July 2010

Hi everybody, We enjoyed your log about the Galapagos but we were also sad because we haven't done it with you in April. Oh my god it is there so beautiful. Anyway, we started again with eating all the food, packing etc.. On 28th of July we are moving to Belgium with the promise to the kids and ourselves that we will visit you in Israel one day. When are you returning ? Miss you all Sabine

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