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February 7th 2010
Published: March 8th 2010
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BBQ meat BBQ meat BBQ meat

looks good!
Hello It is Nitzan and in this blog I am going to tell you about food in Argentina.

As we already told you in previous entries, we had great foods in Argentina, such as Alfajores, ice cream, and of course the last and best - BBQ meat (which Argentina is very famous for).


In Argentina they are addicted to BBQ meat. In every camping we slept in they had Parilla (grill). For example in Mendoza we told you about the people that came to the football match, so in that hostel we had a parilla, so of course the Argentinian guys Did BBQ every day, twice a day except for one meal that they cooked on the pan But it was still meat. Another example, they know very well how to make the meat, many times when people saw us making barbeque they told us that first we have to wait for coal to get lit, then we need to put the meat and the coal will cook the meat slowly. When the Argentinians eat meat they almost never eat it with something else aside it, sometimes with bread or salad, maybe even rice...

In Argentina there is very good BBQ meat, which makes her one of the most famous countries in the world.

There are several kinds of meats as well as different parts of the meat. They make pork on the BBQ, they make lamb on the BBQ, and they also make Beef on the BBQ. The parts of the pork we ate were Costillas and the parts of the lamb were also Costillas, But they have a plate that is called Chivito. Now, the beef has many edibale parts. There are many parts of the beef, so be ready: There is ojo de bife, matambre, mollejas, chinchulin, tira de asado, almejas, bife de chorizo, bife de lomo, angosto, vacio, and there are different sausages that are called salchichas, chorizo, and murcia.

Costillas are ribs, Chivito is an entire lamb that they cut the head, and then the rest of the body they skew on a metal stick in a shape of 2 crosses attached toogether and then they just lay it above the fire. ojo is eye and bife is beef. Mollejas are tonsils, chinchulin is a part that is very gummy like gum, tira de asado is like entricot, bife de chorizo is like rump steak, bife de lomo is fillet, and vacio is a also very chewy and dry. Salchichas are like normal sausages, chorizo is a thick and spicy sausage, and murcia is a sausage that I like very much. They have a sauce for the BBQ meat that is called Chimichuri, it is a bit spicy and it looks green.


Alfajor is a kind of a cookie that has a filling of dulce de leche (caramel) (in hebrew: ribbat chalav) , and it beetween its two layers or sometimes even three they put chocolate, and it is also covered with chocolate or white chocolate. I like Alfajores very much!

Alfajor is made by lots of companies and one of them is the most famous one in Argentina, the company is called HAVANA, (I think Omer already told you about it in Buenos Aires blog). Havana is a company that has lots of flavors of Alfajores. They have glazings in many flavours, like: cafe, nuts, white chocolate, chocolate, and more.

We bought HAVANA twice because we liked it very much!!!!!


Argentina is well known for making good ice-cream. Every shop has different flavours of ice creams, they have very original flavours of ice cream.

In Argentina there are few good companies we know like Grido, Munchis, Jauja or the most famous one Freddo, which unfortunately we did not have time to eat there.

We ate in Jauja twice. They have a flavour that is called Calafate like the town El Calafate (wherefrom we sailed to see glaciers), so the ice cream is called El Calafate because it is made from a fruit that is called like that.

In Munchis we also ate twice, there there is a flavor we loved very much!!!!! That flavor is called Chocolate Jersey, made of an alfajor of HAVANA. (I have no idea why it is called Chocolate jersey).


Mate is the Argentinian's national drink. It is like a tea, it can be hot and it can be cold. Some people drink it without sugar and some people with sugar. They have a special cup for it, some cups are made out of pumpkins, some out of wood, and some out of glass, but the most common are of pumpkins. They also have a straw of metal that at the edge of it has a colander because the tea has many leaves they put in. They always have a thermos, some have sugar, the leaves for the tea, and the cup for it. Some of the people have a kit for all the stuff, and they take it everywhere, they also drink it all the time, in all places. They really are addicted to it.

I think this is all for this time, so see you in Brazil,

Miss you,


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9th March 2010

I intend to make a tour in South America
שלום חמודים אני מתפאל כל הזמן מהטיול שלכם! ובא לי גם )וזה לא בגלל הבשר אלא בגלל כל היתר) האם אוכל לשאול אתכם כמה עצות לביצוע טיול דומה, אבל יותר מצומצם בזמן ובמרחקים,אולי שלשה חודשים? תמשיכו להנות יצחק
13th March 2010

Looks tasty! Erez
21st August 2010

I am from Argentina
נולדתי בארגנטינה. ממש התרגשתי לקרוא על ארגנטינה פרי עתך. תיארת בדיוק מה הוא האוכל בארגנטינה!! כשהייתי ילדה קטנה, גם אני אכלתי המון אלפחורס. חבל שלא הייתם בקורדובה, שם נולדתי. פרובינציה יפה ממש!! אילנה

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