Iguazu Falls - The Beauty of Nature

Published: February 19th 2010
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Hello all, this time I, Nitzan, am going to write the entry about the Iguazu Falls in Argentina.

Iguazu is a set of waterfalls that go over 2 countries, Argentina and Brazil. They are the widest waterfalls in the world. They are one of the most famous waterfalls in the world!!!!! And all the people from the world go to see them.

Anyway, we arrived to Puerto Iguazu at the afternoon, that is the closest city in the Argentinian side to Iguazu falls. We unpacked our mochilas in an apart hotel that we found after an hour of looking. We arrived to the apart hotel at the evening and we were hungry so we went to the restaurant that was in the apart hotel. After the meal we went back to the room and went to sleep.

Next morning we woke up late. It was very very hot and humid because of the jungle around it. We ate breakfast and then my mom and dad went to the city to do errands and Shachar, Omer and I stayed alone. We went to the pool the apart hotel had - it was the only way

A good mom with her 2 offsprings
to survive the heat. Then went back to the room and played. After a while they came back and we ate lunch. After lunch we went again to the pool. And rested a bit. We spend all our afternoon either in the pool either in the room. At the evening we ate In a pizzeria. It was a good pizza. When we came to the room we went straight to bed.

Next morning we woke up early, ate breakfast and went to the bus that goes to the national park of Iguazu falls. After 15 minutes on the bus we arrived to Iguazu falls. The line to the ticket box was huge. When we already bought our tickets and entered the national park there was a train that takes people in the park to all the trails, walks attractions and viewpoints. We took the train to the first stop and there we needed to switch to another train so that we could walk to a trail that is called Garganta Del Diablo (Devil's Throat). When we wanted to switch trains we got off the train and into the line for the other train. When the other train got to the stop we did not get on the train because there was no more space left. So we had to wait half an hour till the next train comes. So we waited.

After 5 minutes we saw a strange animal that looked like a kind of a racoon, or lemor and had a nose like an ant eater, and it was really strange animal but it was so cute and it has a soft fur, It is called cuaties. We touched them and played with them, but then the trrain came so we had to stop playing with them and get on the train.

When we arrived to the Garganta del Diablo trail we saw a spot that had tons of butterflies, there were many colors of them. Then we started the trail. We walked 15 minutes on one bridge that was above one river. On the trail there were some points with trees and shade and we saw in them animals, so I called these places - animal points. On one of them we saw a kind of bird that has like a very thick blue eyebrow and has a yellow crest - It is called Crested Jay. On another "animal point" we saw many more butterflies. One of them had a drawing of the number 88 or 89 on his wings. Then we arrived to the end of the trail and saw the waterfalls THEY WERE SO WIDE!!!!! Of course like I told you before the whole world was there taking pictures and looking at it. Sometimes you could not see them because of their spray. Then we went back to the train station and waited for a train to take us to another walk called circuito superioir (upper circuit).

When we arrived to the entrance of the upper circuit we saw more cuaties. And again (How cute they are, how soft they are) we took pictures of them. Then we started to walk. We saw some small waterfalls and lots of butterflies and many viewpoints to the Iguazu falls. After a while of walking I said that we need to look for a tucan, because we need to see one, and then my mom said it is really rear to see one and that is maybe why we won't see any, but 2 seconds after she said that we saw one!!!!! It's body was black and white, and he had a yellow and orange beak, and the eyes and the legs were blue. Of course we took pictures of it and we continued on our trail.

After a while we were very hungry from all the walking, so we ate lunch infront of a beautiful beautiful viewpoint. The Iguazu falls were in a line with each waterfall separated with plants and in front there were palm trees, it looked just like a dream, like somebody designed it but actually the nature designed it! I think it was the most beautiful viewpoint and lunch spot I saw! After eating we walked till the end of the trail and went to do another trail called circuito inferior (lower circuit).

In the lower circuit we also saw a wide row of the Iguazu falls. From there we saw Brasil too. After a lot of walking we reached a viewpoint that was just under one of the waterfalls, we all got very wet!!!!! Then we saw a rainbow from the sun in the water. When we were walking on our way to a boat we saw a white and black striped lizard. When we ended the trail we went to a boat that goes under the waterfalls.

We got on a speedboat with other people and when it was full we started sailing. First we saw a small waterfall then we saw the row of waterfalls that we saw before. The boat made a quick stop, so we could take pictures. Suddenly, the guide told us to quickly seat down and the boat started to sail faster and faster and we sailed under the small waterfall and then she sailed toward the row of waterfalls, under them and in them! It was like we were showering with our clothes. That was the end of the sail, I know it was very short but it was also great fun!!!!!

After this sail we finished all the trails in the National Park of Iguazu. But we still did not finish to go on the train, so after the sail we walked to the train station, and while we were walking we saw people taking pictures of something but we did not see what it was but we saw it was on the trees so we guessed it was monkeys, and after 10 seconds we KNEW it was monkeys because there were lots of them on the trees, and on the floor, and they were really cute. These were Capuchin Monkeys. After the monkeys left, we got to the train and it drove us to the entrance so we can get out of the park.

When we got out of the park we took the bus we took in the morning to our apart hotel but when we got to the apart hotel we had to change to another hostel. So that is what we did. When we arrived to the other hostel we put our stuff in the room, cooked dinner, ate the dinner, and went to sleep. We saw many animals and many beautiful things. And I can also tell you that the whole world was there.

Next morning we did some learnings and we were also a lot of time in the pool That is how we spent the whole day. In the evening we all went out to eat at a restaurant. After the dinner we went back to the hostel and went to sleep. The next day we stayed in the hostel half a day in the pool and at lunch we took a taxi to the bus terminal of a city next to the Iguazu falls in BRAZIL! There we took a night bus to a city in Brazil called Florianopolis that my mom will tell you about.

I had really hard time choosing only a few photos for this entry😊, because we have so many beautiful ones. So, if you want to see all our photos, you can click on this link:- Iguazu Falls photos

I hope you enjoyed my blog this time. Love you all,


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A Naughty Cuatie A Naughty Cuatie
A Naughty Cuatie

nossy parker looking into my bag - searching for food
A lizzardA lizzard
A lizzard

in Iguazu Falls

19th February 2010

Ah Florianopalis..I worked with someone in Boston from there ....I am jealous!!! Keep having fun ..Pam
1st March 2010

Dear all of you, how great your trip seems to be! We have followed you but been really bad at sending you messages. Lester says hi to you Omer and we are all very impressed of all you have written here on your blog. We´re relived that you are not in Chile now. Thank you very much for sharing your trip and beautiful pictures with us. Big hugs from southern Spain, The Castro Nilsson family
10th September 2011
Cuatie - what a cute animal

what a cute and nice animal like it. shavers for men

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