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22nd July 2008

Good Old Bangkok!
Hi, Don't you just love Bangkok! Even though it is hectic and smelly, it is so convenient as a place to start, and Rambuttri Inn makes it comfy too! Enjoy tiger temple! :) Love, Sharon xxx
20th February 2008

And...back to reality
Awesome that you managed to catch up with Sharon and Scott again. Bet you 4 had a blast again! Are the other two travelling for ages - nothing better than Thailand and cheap.... hope to see you all again soon x
3rd February 2008

Only just read this blog for some reason! It's scary to see how much transport you did in six weeks of travel - eeek! I don't think I even want to think about hours spent on buses, trains, and boats on this trip for a year...better not to know!!!
From Blog: Back to Reality
3rd February 2008

See you soon!
Hi, It's wierd that you are in Pak Bara, only 2 or so hours away by boat, and we are on Lipe. It's probably good that you are arriving today, though, as accommodation was virtually non-existent last night - nightmare! But, we have bungalows now for both of us, so we should be set! See you in a few hours!!! Love, Sharon and Scott xxx
30th August 2007

Great Travel Blog!
Hi there, I just wanted to write and tell you two that I am enjoying your travel blog, thanks for the laughs! Keep up the good work. Cheers, Alie
From Blog: Angkor wat
6th August 2007

memories and distractions
hi there you two, i am enjoying your travels vicariously, and my own memories of visiting anghkor wat and other parts of cambodia. unfortunately, all from a chair at a desk in front of a computer in an office at a job in the city. at least i can enjoy the outside world via you. stay well, safe and happy travelling. claire
From Blog: Angkor wat
10th June 2007

Brrrr! That looks cold!
Good 'ole British weather is always dependable - to rain! Looks like Mum had a great time in the balloon. Can't imagine how she got into that basket though! Have a great time in SE Asia and keep the blogs going. Dave
7th June 2007

trying hard to believe its the tropics!!!
we really tryed hard did'nt we!!!, still it was hot in the hot tub and the wine dulled the very cold artic wind when we got out, will send the hot tub photo's very soon love wendy xxx
25th January 2007

Good work on the beer!
Glad to see you are still as resourceful as ever Dad ;)
25th January 2007

Shame you missed the Palace
Its the most amount of gold I've seen before! You'll get to see the Emerald Buddha with a different coat on though as it won't be winter when you are here again! It's going to be so hot when I get back to Bangkok...
From Blog: Culture Shock!
15th January 2007

Happy memories
Reading your blog and seeing the photos has brought back a lot of happy memories of when I was in Thailand. It looks so hot there at the moment! We are currently tolerating fairly cool weather here in Patagonia. It is beautiful here though.
From Blog: Culture Shock!
14th January 2007

Yes! there is a Velocette. Now that`s more like it. I`m looking at Bargain Barbeque Breaks in Bury for my next holiday.
13th January 2007

Wot! No Velocettes? I can`t see the attraction.
11th August 2006

What a family
Hi, Sheila, You didn't tell me you had a blog.! What a family of travellers we are, most of mine being done via package holidays since i lost your father, but a traveller nevertheless. You started it back in the 70s, Dave followed in the 90s, then Sharon and gary folowing in the footsteps. Wish I was younger and could do it. I can't imagine getting up to Maschu pichu with a zimmer frame !!!!!love Mum

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