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23rd November 2010
Umberellas of the Night Market

Love it!
I love this picture? Did you buy anything at the night market? I got a silver bracelet and some cute kid stuff for school (in storage somewhere) but not much as was too worried about carrying it! As it is the start of your trip, I'm guessing you are the same. By the way, it is pouring rain here!
23rd November 2010

Having said that, I almost guarantee that grasshoppers are far more nutritious and low-fat than McDonalds, which is the #1 food for kids here!!! So, who is luckier?
From Blog: The Real Laos
21st November 2010

Grasshoppers, yuck!
Yes, the kids here don't know how lucky they are!
From Blog: The Real Laos
20th November 2010

Looks like a beautiful part of the world you are in! And that you're having fun. Great to see your lovely photos. Love from dave and claire xo
8th November 2010

Don't spend too long thinking about it. just do it you won't regret it!
8th November 2010

of course i didn't want to freak you out!
5th November 2010

You only took photos of the nice butterflies. What about the evil insects like spiders?!! Maybe you didn't want to get that close!
5th November 2010

Well done!
Fantastic reading Sheila - you're my inspiration at the moment that one day I might be 'travelling' too - very much so today in particular!! Keep writing!
2nd November 2010
Packed and Ready to Go

Very jealous! Have a fabulous time!
1st November 2010

Can I come too?
Maybe in a few months time though! Good luck and keep those blogs coming to give us inspiration until we become free spirits too! xxx
24th June 2010

Hi Vasko, now I realise who you are! Thanks for the information on how to get to Bunaken. It was for my daughter. She is now on Flores and has a flight booked from Makassar to Manado in about 3 weeks time. Wish we were coming too but it's not possible this year sadly. Thanks for your trouble, and feel free to use some of our photos on your website. Regards Sheila
24th June 2010

From Europe, you can flight to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and from Malaysia to Makassar, if you like you can extend several days with visit Tana Toraja and then take a plane from Makassar to Manado, it is cheaper then you take Europe - Jakarta - Manado. or you can do by Garuda from Amsterdam - Dubai - Jakarta - Manado. Also there is flights from London - Kuala lumpur - Makassar - Manado. And the reguler way is Europe - Singapore - Manado. Regards Vasko
14th April 2010

Sorry, I can't respond to this comment as I do not understand the language.
1st April 2010

memang best
mirrage resort memang tempat yang menarik dan tenang, sesuai dikunjungi bagi yang ingin mencari ketenangan..
24th March 2010

Lorenzo's Bungalows
Hi Vasko, lovely to hear from you, hope you didn't think I was complaining, we were actually very pleased and grateful that you'd waited for us at the airport even though our flight was very late arriving. The office/reception where we stayed was very nice, and Ali was very kind to give up his room for Malcomn and Sue, I know they were very grateful. We are all experienced travellers and don't worry about small problems like that. The important thing was that we all had a bed for the night. One thing that worries us though, is that Air Asia seem to have cancelled their flight from k.L. to Manado so now it will be much more difficult to get to Bunaken. Do you have any suggestions, we have recommended Bunaken to friends and family. Regards Stan and Sheila
21st September 2009

I feel homesick looking at the Thailand photos!
27th April 2009

Independence day
hi, if you're in Indonesia for Independence day you should definately try to get to Gilli Trawangen, we found the island a much better experience than time spent in Bali. Apart from the parade we watched, nothing else was much different to normal but just a brilliant place to be, if you want to party you can but if you want to sit back and relax you can do that too. Who can ask for more? Sheila
From Blog: Gili Trawangen
5th April 2009

thanks for the pix!
I am trying to plan my vacation time and was wondering if much happens there on independence day or if I should stay in Bali....but this looks really nice, a local village parade!
From Blog: Gili Trawangen
28th December 2008

woow!! Lipe is stilll so beautiful.
17th September 2008

This blog certainly brings back memories of our time there with you for Sharon's wedding. Shame about the 'progress'!
From Blog: Gili Trawangen
13th September 2008

At least you won't forget!
But at least these are the days you will never forget, even though you may want to!!!
11th September 2008

That,s big!
3 metres! That,s really big!
From Blog: Dragon Safari
10th September 2008

Yes, it is addictive isn,t it?! That,s why we are still on the road! Will have to get back to reality at some point, though!
From Blog: Gili Trawangen
30th July 2008

no pink or orange please!
Yes there were babies too, when we get a good internet connection we will put more photos on, mum and dad xx
26th July 2008

Nice pictures!
Nice tiger pictures. The last one of dad looks like it is quite a young one. Were there any babies?

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