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14th June 2012

name of the hotel in pattaya
hey... loved your article... we are travelling on the 27th to thailand and planning to spend the 29th night in pattaya.. do you remember the name of the hotel you stayed in pattaya.. we are looking for something of the same cost.. thank you
16th June 2012

Hi, glad you enjoyed our blogs. The place we stayed was called Ban Yooh, just a small hotel/ guest house. Unfortunately I have no idea of the address as we just stumbled across it but maybe a taxi driver would know, it was close to all the action, but not too close and very clean and comfortable. Let me know how you get on sorry I can't be of more help
24th April 2012

Told you...
I told you you'd like it!!!
27th March 2012

Hi Sheila, Know it's a day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a great time. Love Triciaxxx
3rd March 2012

Glad I am not driving there. Its bad enough doing the rush hour in Bury!
4th March 2012

Saigon Traffic
Just walking across the road is a major feat in itself! However, we survived it and are now 300km up the coast in a little seaside place called Mui Ne
29th February 2012

Plane trip
Only you two could land first class seats like that!!!! Following your journey with envy! especially with the weather we have been having ,,,mostly cold and wet!! Have a great time.
1st March 2012

You Know us!
Thanks for reading the blogs, nice to know all the hard work's not in vain.
12th February 2012

Ko Ngai
We went to Ko Ngai, too. However, I had forgotten about it completely until I saw this blog, but I still can't remember the island.
From Blog: Jellyfish Soup
28th January 2012

Your Trek
Hi Stan, Thank you for your news it does sound so exciting. Just reminds us how hum drum our lives are unless we make the effort. I am looking forward to your following entries. Take care and enjoy, Dave
26th January 2012

Conch shell
Watch out for those conch shells. Did you know they can be deadly, and can shoot a poisonous spear into you which is really painful and kills people due to shock?! We were watching one rather closely in Australia and then later looked it up and discovered that - oops!
30th January 2012

Conch shell
Just guessing that it was a conch shell but will keep a safe distance in future. Fortunately it was empty this time!
25th January 2012

just your luck!
trust you to arrive in pouring rain, just to make you remember Manchester weather, at least you don't get that much mud at home. Mum
20th January 2012

London bus?
That first picture of the tuk tuks looks as if there is a double decker bus in the background!!!
3rd October 2011
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23rd August 2011
Leggies Bungalows

Our official website
Hi, Greeting from Bali .... We have our official website now, please visit Thank you so much for your review with our bungalow. Hope you will come to see us again. Kind regards, Wayan
3rd July 2011
Smelly Durian Fruit

whatup from chitown
I hear it kills people if it falls prematurely
27th April 2011
Fish Market

Mijn Indonesie
Hier heb ik gewoond en gewerkt.22 jaar lang...Tot grote tevredenheid. Groetjes, Betty
From Blog: Kei Islands
31st March 2011

Vibrating seats!
Ha ha, why do they have to play music so loud all over the world - you're right, so loud that the seats vibrate in a most unsettling way!
From Blog: Beaches of Ambon
6th March 2011

what an amazing place! you have some great photos of your visit here. and i'm sure some memories that you will be able to enjoy as well. claire
From Blog: Strange Customs
5th March 2011

sorry we never book hotels it's best to turn up and check it out first. There's always other places to stay especially in Bali.
From Blog: Back in Bali
5th March 2011

photo moved
I have created a whole new blog dedicated to the funeral and you'll be pleased to know I've added a warning!
From Blog: Strange Customs
5th March 2011

Think again!
Believe me you would not want to live in it when you've read the updated blog!
From Blog: Strange Customs
24th February 2011
A house that's seen better days!

Cool house!
Love this house - do you think it's for sale?
From Blog: Strange Customs

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