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24th February 2011

I notred that you warned about future pictures of the sacrafices being posted, but is there anyway you could remove the picture of the buffalo with its throat slit open? or maybe put a warning on the top of your note heading as to what one might see. I love learning about different cultures and so on myself so have no problem with all the info just unexpecedtly seeing that photo, made me throw up my lunch at my office, in front of everyone lol. Its a lil too brazen and raw for me, and Im sure everyone will appreciate the warning. I will however be looking foward to reading more blogs from you, very interesting about the way they keep dead bodies in trojan there a funeral celebration only once a year? or how does it work?
From Blog: Strange Customs
24th February 2011

Funeral ceremony
Despite being the wrong time of the year we have managed to see a funeral. Socking to say the least, more details when we get home, love mum and dad xxx ps can't wait to speak to you and get all the news
24th February 2011

lots more!
Hi Lucy, great to hear from you, don't worry, although we will soon be home there are still lots of blogs left for us to do. As the internet is so slow in most of the places we have been, we are going to update everything with more detail and photos and republish. So don't worry you'll still be getting messages for some time yet! I'll try and get in to see you all soon, Stan xx
21st February 2011

1 week left
Hello to you both, I have followed your travels with much interest over the last few months, it has been my ray of sunshine in a wet, cold and snowy Manchester. I will miss seeing an interesting blog in my mail box sandwiched between all the boring work emails! It sounds like it has really been the trip of a lifetime and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos. Have a lovely last week and a good journey back. Stan - Abraham Moss still misses you! LX
19th February 2011

The end!
Oh no! These are the worst parts of travel blogs! Enjoy Tana Toraja and be sure to get a guide and go to a funeral service. We heard they were really good, but we missed it as we flew over it, being somewhat "flashpackers" this last summer! Talk to you soon! Love, Sharon xxx
9th February 2011
Hotel Lumbung Sari, Leggian

lumbung sari
Greetings from Australia I came across your blog while trying to find a site to book a couple of nights at the Lumbung Sari. I am having no success. Can you offer any help. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
From Blog: Back in Bali
30th January 2011

Fantastic snorkelling, by the looks of your photos. You two must be in Woolley heaven!
9th January 2011

happy new year
hi sheila and stan, happy new year to you both. hope you enjoy all the adventures it brings on travels and at home. we're looking forward to seeing everyone later in the year. love from us both, claire xo
3rd January 2011
Wonder why it's taking so long!

Lazy turd!
What a lazy turd! I guess the heat and humidity would make it hard to work though...
2nd January 2011

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Mum & Dad! Miss you, you are now at the halfway point of your trip, looks like you are having lots of fun. Love you Gary & Milena xxx
2nd January 2011

Looks nice!
Hi, Looks like you got lucky as the second bungalow looks better, and even had a couch - luxury! What did Papa Noel bring the kids? It must have been some small things I presume as it would be really hard to carry them! I have just a few days left until slavery again on Monday - sigh! It feels like I have been off for ages, though, so don't mind going back so much. I only spent about 7 hours of the holiday in, too, which isn't bad all things considered. Looking forward to next year as things should get easier and easier! Have fun in Indo. I am guessing we won't hear from you for a while as the internet on Sulawesi was either super slow or non-existent! Love, Sharon and Scott xxx
24th December 2010

Merry Christmas!
Hi, I may not get the chance to email on Chrstmas as I have to find an internet cafe with wifi, so I will say it now: Merry Christmas! Hope you have fun on Ko Phayam! I want to see more photos! Love, Sharon and Scott xxx
21st December 2010

Ko Adang
Hi, I have just been browsing all of travel blog seeing that I now have two weeks off work (yay!) and came across an entry for Ko Adang. It is close to Lipe and looked really nice. Just another option for you in case Lipe turns out to be too developed. Love, Sharon xxx
14th December 2010
Beach Bang Bao

Looks nice
Hi, Bang Bao looks really nice. I have never heard of it, and thought I'd seen all of the islands of Thailand pretty much. It gives me hope for Thailand! :)
14th December 2010

Hello form Vietnam
Hi Sheila and Stan, it's great getting all these posts from your blog. Glad your having a great time on your island hopping travels. We're still in Vietnam, but have made our way South to Danang and will be arriving in Saigon for the 20th, then we move onto Cambodia. We saw the picture of use having dinner together in Hanoi. How lovely! You'll have to keep in touch and let us know how you get on! Merry Christmas and wishing you a great new year in Indonesia! Best, Phan and Mat
5th December 2010

hi guys - look like your having a fantastic time! I too took in the sites in Vietnam, some kayaking and the like - we had fortunately better weather. hope you are having a great time on the beach ! x
5th December 2010

Yeah we kind of had to, at a greatly inflated price!
4th December 2010
New Occupation?!

New Occupation!!
Hi, It looks like you found a way to finance the trip - ha ha! That was nice of them to let you hold it for a photo. Never thought of doing that. I hope you bought some bananas from her after?!! :)
2nd December 2010

I live in Laos for 3 years in the 70's
I agree, being or living in Laos is very slow-paced but very beautiful. Thanks for your blog...kinda miss it!
From Blog: The Real Laos
2nd December 2010

We wish you were coming too, we have met lots of nice people on our travels but still not like family, sure you can't come?? yes we will be in the south of Thailand by then.
2nd December 2010

yes we will be back in time for your wedding but we also have another wedding in May but not sure when yet so hoping the dates won't clash. Happy wedding preperations!
2nd December 2010

Where now?
Where are you next? The south of Thailand? Only 4 weeks or less until Christmas! Wish we were coming!
1st December 2010

Hi yes we heard about the trouble in Siagon but we're in the north so no problems
26th November 2010

Note for your diary
Make sure you,re back for the 21st of of the big wedding......take care
24th November 2010

Hi Stan and Sheila I hope that you are okay the news is a bit bleak at the moment in Vietnam, take care you have got some fantastic photos, what an opportunity I am really jealous. Cheers Stephen

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