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North America » United States » Wyoming » Wapiti September 9th 2011

I had to look back at the pictures to remember what happened today, it was so full. After going to bed early you’d think I’d be up early, but no I slept 10 hours. I must have been really tired. So of course coffee time with this gorgeous view, them a walk to get the blood flowing and keep Oscar happy in the camper and we were off by 10am. Oh, I did get up some time early morning because the moon had set so I could see the stars, they knocked my socks off. So bright and billions of them. The first thing we came to after driving 10 min was the dam that made the lake. It dams up the Wind River and then we went through the canyon. Pictures--- Then I spotted a ... read more
morning view
Waiting for HIS coffee
Wind River canyon

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis September 8th 2011

I slept in this morning til 7:30 as I feel in no rush to head out today. I don’t have far to go til my next stop so I am going to take Oscar on a walk along the Platte River. There is a paved trail and quite pleasant I am told. Of course, coffee first then I left to get a bucket of warm water from the washroom for dishes and the little opportunist Oscar, got the last of my coffee from the picnic table. He still got his walk which was really pleasant. Picture. Talked to more people and finally headed out about 11am. I took 26 west heading toward Ft Laramie. At 11:30 I crossed the border into Wyoming and the sign said “Wyoming, forever west”. How true that is. There is a ... read more
Sums it up
The cottonwoods
Photo 5

North America » United States » Nebraska » Scottsbluff September 7th 2011

I got up at 6:30 this morning feeling well rested and ready for the day vowing to get an early start. After having coffee, walking Oscar, and visiting with some fishermen I am again behind. These chores are getting in the way. Washed the dishes, put the chair away secured everything, disconnected and went to the dump station. Needed water too. I did improve on yesterday, it was 8:40 when I got on the road. The drive is becoming almost effortless, open road at 75 mph and fewer cars all the time. The landscape has changed and now I really feel like I’m in the west. There are more cattle ranches, wheat fields, and horses grazing, continues to be flat. I stopped at a Walmart in North Platt and went food shopping. I am craving vegetables ... read more
Chimney Rock

North America » United States » Nebraska » Grand Island September 6th 2011

How can you get up at 6:30 am and not get on the road til 9:15? I am an expert at getting distracted. The morning on the lake was just beautiful. The temperature was 47 degrees outside so there was mist coming off the lake. I had to get dressed warmly to go outside and enjoy my coffee, my UMBC hoodie kept me nice and warm. The crows were talking, the herons were flying in for their favorite fishing spot, and the king fishers were in a fallen tree watching for their breakfast to appear. I took a few pictures, got out the binoculars and watched as the sun rose and the drama unfolded. So many fish jumped it surely must have been their breakfast time. Before I knew it it was after 8 and I ... read more
Photo 3
huge windmills
Grand Island, NE

North America » United States » Iowa » Iowa City September 5th 2011

After spending 3 days with my family in Indiana being wined and dinned to celebrate all our Sept birthdays it is off to Iowa today. The weather has turned cooler and is a profound relief from the heat of the last few days. It is 40 degrees cooler! I decided to take a secondary road to hook up with Rt 74 and was pleasantly surprised at the short time it took and the scenery I was able to enjoy. It was like going back in time in rural Americana with small farms and blink and you miss em towns. The wind was very strong but was coming from my back quarter so it was not blowing me sideways all the time. It sure was tricky passing trucks but I got the hang of it and ... read more
Photo 5
Caralville Lake
The dam

North America » United States » Indiana » Carmel September 2nd 2011

The day dawned with a red sun and I knew it would be hot. Oscar and I went for a nice walk in the campground after coffee on the lawn. Then I hit the shower and ended it with cold water but by the time I dried off I was hot again. Leisurely breaking camp we were off by 10 am and quickly settled into the travel routine. Van on cruise, book in the cd, Oscar sleeping. The terrain has gone from hilly and rolling to flatter farm land as I approach Indiana. There has been plenty of rain and the crops are rich with color and fruit, corn, soybean and more corn. I arrived at my cousin's house at 3pm to find this part of Indiana hotter and dryer. They have not had the rains ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Columbus September 1st 2011

The engine started at 7:20am and we were off on our adventure. I have to include Oscar in the we, he is experiencing it too. We went over a few bumps, thanks to the PA road system, and the refrigerator door flew open and some of the contents rolled on the floor. Oh was Oscar happy. It was a few minutes before I could safety pull over and adjust the contents so the door locked. I had just gotten started again when a HUGE black bear ran across the road. I felt privileged to have seen him and took it as a sign of a great trip. If I hadn't stopped, I would have missed him. We drove to Lock Haven to give my grandson Jeremy some items from home that he requested. It has been ... read more

I've been hiking for several months up and down hills but have now started training on the heights trail. The elevation is only 2,000 ft. but it is getting the muscles in shape and improving endurance. One more week to go before I leave. ... read more

Hiked to the heights today with Oscar and Jer.... read more

Just starting to see how the blog works. Will post more in about a week.... read more

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