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North America » United States » California » Jackson September 25th 2009

DAY 11 - FRI - 25 SEPT Lena, Karl’s wife, had asked on Wednesday if I wanted to go on a wine tasting tour. Are You Kidding??? So we had planned to go this morning. I was up early, after all I don’t want to miss this. Karl had taken over the chore of having a cup of hot tea for me in the morning. I was one lucky person. Opa had one for me every morning and most nights when we were in Wendover. Karl, Lena and I sat on the front porch and watched the birds and cars as we sipped our tea or coffee. It was a great way to start a morning. Karl’s Mom and her dog joined us shortly. She is a spunky woman. I enjoyed talking with her. Karl is ... read more
Karl and his Mom
Karl and his deer
More of Karl's Deer

North America » United States » California » Jackson September 24th 2009

Day 9 WED - 23 SEPT Karl came and got me last night we loaded up the bike and were gone from the dealership about 8:30pm- 9pm PT I think. My watch is still on CT. Karl drove all day to get here and we are immediately turning around and heading back. I will take around 10 hours to get to Jackson. He drove all night and his sons unloaded the bike this morning while we slept and they looked it over. Karl and his sons removed the primary cover and bags to have a look see. Karl told me he had good news and bad news when I got up. The good news is the stuff in the primary all look good. :) The electrical and the noises were related. The rear wire harness was ... read more
Effie on the table
Great Minds
Karl  My Hero

North America » United States » California » Twentynine Palms September 22nd 2009

Day 8 - TUE - 22 SEPT Scout and I raise early to get to the HD dealer Hutchins in Yucca Valley, CA. I find that travelers do not have a priority there. First come first serve, I will be 5th in line. As I talk with the service guy I become uneasy. It could have just been me, but he just didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Before I turn Effie over to someone I really want that warm fuzzy that they are competent and she is in good hands. He estimated that it would be $180 for them to diagnose the problem. His plan was to take it out for a ride until they could hear the problem. The problem did not sound good I was not in favor of the first step ... read more
29 Palms Mural
29 Palms Mural
29 Palms Mural

North America » United States » California » Twentynine Palms September 21st 2009

Day 6- Sunday. Man this was nice. We did nothing. We slept in and sat in the airconditioning all day. I was ready for that. It had been a couple days since I was on line so now I am on-line so I got to catch up on my email. Three guys are living here at the house so they played World of WarCraft and I got to nap and relax. I was beat. We had McDonalds. Life is good. We watch the three movies "Feast". What a hoot. I had only seen the first one, when it came out on DVD. It was one of the Project Greenlight movies. So I had watched on TV the process of making that film. I had shared my enthusiam for the flick with Scout and over the years ... read more
The House

North America » United States » Nevada September 19th 2009

Day 5 - Saturday - 19 SEPT The rest of the team was going in for another run on the salt, but my son was waiting and I had to travel 600 miles to get there. We said goodbyes that morning and took some last minute pictures. The guys headed to the salt before I left. They were gone before 6:30, I waited until sun up to start my journey from Wendover UT to 29 Palms CA. One of the first warning signs just a mile or so south of Wendover was an open range sign with a sheep on it. However I would travel all day and not see a single sheep. I would take 93 thru NV and wind my way through the Mojave reserve to 29 Palm. Hwy 93 is marked as a ... read more
Sam the Man and me
Sams Pit Crew
Sandy and me

North America » United States » Utah » Wendover September 16th 2009

Day 2 - Wednesday It was a bit more enjoyable as I was traveling roads I had never ridden before. I had time to stop along the way to enjoy the views and take some pictures. Who wouldn’t want to take a leisurely ride thru CO. I left as Kay and Jackie were getting ready to leave. I wanted to get an early start so I was on the road by 7AM. It was nippy in the mountains 43F for a couple hours. By the end of the day I was HOT. There were several places that I pulled over to take some pictures. The views were great. The roads were just great! I had to stop a couple times to rearrange the load I had on Effie. This was the first time I needed to ... read more
Colorado Views
Colorado Views
Saddled Dino at a Sinclair station

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver September 15th 2009

This is a last minute trip. Things worked out, I thought I might be able to get a magazine article written and check out things on the west coast. Day 1 - Tuesday The plan was to get to Denver early. But my schedule the week before I left didn’t leave me anytime to pack so I was up until 3am packing then back up at 7:30am to load it all on the bike. I was beat before I ever started. I didn’t have any real stops planned, it was going to be a straight shot there. I wanted to be into Denver before it got late. Last time I took the long way. I was going to spend the first night with my cousins then Wednesday head to Wendover, UT and the Bonneville Salt Flats. ... read more
The Kansas Boxcar and Effie
A close up of the plaque
Who has some bad paper out there?

North America » United States » Kansas September 13th 2009

I had a busy weekend. Friday I spent a couple hours at the Open House at the Kansas City Harley Factory. Spent some time in Garnett saddling horses for my Dad and a day here in KC fiddling with Effie. Melany and Willie asked if I wanted to ride out to the open house with them in the morning. Willie brought breakfast, what a sweetheart. I rode the new XR1200 they had in the demo rides. Wow what a fun ride. I am a little short in the inseam though. I could not engage or disengage the kickstand. The controls are in the crotch rocket position that was very different. I was stuck behind a 'sunday ride in the park' bagger demo most of the way around the route. The route was 10 miles and all ... read more
The KCMO Harley Factory Open House
Dad and Replica
Dad and Replica

North America » United States » Kansas » Garnett September 7th 2009

It was 1972 and I was in Jr High. I could not remember a time when nightly updates on the Vietnam War did not happen. The popular phrase was "Make Love NOT War" and I didn't know the true consequences of either. But I got a little taste of the effects of the latter. The Peoples Theater we had in my home town of Garnett offered movies for a quarter, unless it was a Disney then it was 35 cents. None were new releases. They also brought to our little town POW/MIA bracelets and they were popular with my peers. There was a box of them that the ticket salesman had in his booth and you selected the one you wanted. The bracelets had a hole on one end of the bracelet and if the name ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Garnett September 6th 2009

Its Sunday and time for The Ride to the Wall. Saturday evening I had asked Darrel if he wanted to go and if he wanted to get a group together to ride down for the riders viewing of the traveling wall in Garnett. They were offering a free BBQ lunch to all motorcyclist that rode in between 12 and 4PM. Darrel called his brother and we were all on for ride. At 10AM Darrel and I left KC and picked up Brian and his SO Joan in Paola on the way to Garnett. Brian and Joan was riding his new Yamaha V-Star Silverado. We rode in with a temperature in the high 60's. I have to say Garnett has really done excellent in handling the wall. Every thing is calm in the area, there has always ... read more
The Wall
The Wall
The Wall

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