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North America » United States » Kansas » Garnett September 3rd 2009

I went to Garnett, KS on Thursday for the opening ceremonies for the traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall. The wall was set up in front of the American Legion/VFW building at the south lake. The area is also known a Veterans Park. The ceremony started at 6pm I was there a few minutes for that. Garnett was very pleased that they could afford to have the wall stop there and they have made it a big affair. They are having a variety of programs until the wall is taken down on Tuesday. Friday was to be school day. Garnett is the county seat and many students from all over the county go to school at Garnett. Friday was wet and humid all day. Sprinkling most of the day. I later learned that over 1000 student came ... read more
The Band
The Wall
The Wall

North America » United States » Kansas August 29th 2009

I decided I needed to make it a priority to provide my Dad riding opportunities this fall. He isn't as strong as he used to be. He doesn't have the strength to saddle his horse or get it ready to ride, but if someone saddles it then he can ride until he is tired. Now for those that don't know Dad and his horses let me give you some background. Years ago Dad wanted to get a horse, he was raised with them and was somewhat of a horse trader when he was in high school. He is well versed on horses I have not met anyone that is a better rider. After he retired he would go up to my sisters and ride their horses, then he decided he would get one of his own. ... read more
Dad and his herd (2005)
Dad and his herd (2005)
Paco in 2005

North America » United States » Arkansas » Eureka Springs August 23rd 2009

23 AUG 09 Sunday 6:31 A.M., oh, shit the alarm didn’t go off. I had set it but not turned it on. I use my phone as an alarm clock, I got in the habit of using it when I was traveling so much. Think about it, you would rarely forget to pack it, it keeps correct time for the area you are in and is unaffected by any power outages that happen. It usually works really well, except when operator error is involved. I now have a half hour to meet up with Marcia at the Mickey Ds about 2 miles from my house. I had set the alarm for 5AM, so I would have time finish packing, to change my air filter, gas up and get a sausage biscuit before I met her. Now ... read more
The MO Space Shuttle
Waiting for the Ferry
Bull Shoals Lake

North America » United States » Kansas » Kansas City July 26th 2009

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. My morning had started early as usual on Sundays, I am at the Legion by 7:15AM to unlock the pantry and anywhere else the breakfast crew might need into. The legion has an all you can eat breakfast for $7 every Sunday from 9am to 12 noon. The different groups at the legion each sponsor one of the Sundays. But all but the first Sunday is actually done by the Riders, the motorcycle group at the legion. The sponsoring group gets half the proceeds brought in by the breakfast, the clubroom gets the other half to pay for the food used. I am usually stuck there until at least 12:30 as I help clean up and put stuff away. The legion guys that are supposed to show up and take ... read more

North America » United States July 12th 2009

I had the pleasure of participating in the 2009 Not Superman Rally. Its a 54 hour endurance rally for motorcyclist. It was made of two 27 hour legs, each with a mandatory 3 hour rest break. The purpose of the rally is to collect as many points as you can during each one of the legs. Points are collected by taking pictures of the bonus locations with your rally flag also showing in the picture. Some bonuses are different but for the most part that is what is required. Usually the farther the location from the starting point the higher point level it is worth. The bonus listing, a list of all the available bonuses, was emailed to us on the 2nd of July this gave the riders over a week to come up with a ... read more
Bonus #59 BIG CLERK  worth 66pts
#47 COAL MINER 110pts
#82 TIME CAP 178pts

North America » United States » Nebraska » Omaha June 28th 2009

28 June 2009 Sunday Although I once again planned to get up and get home early, it did not work out that way. I was tired in the morning and moved the alarm back an hour from my original plan. Then there was this movie on TV I didn’t wait for the end of it, but I watched way too much of it as I fixed the route to home. Carol told me to eat at the Bohemian Café on the way home so I needed to find it and plot a point to add it to my route. Carol had promised a great German meal if I should stop there for lunch. She said it would one that you would remember, in a good way, for a long time after that. I had around 300 ... read more
Malcolm X Birthsite
Malcolm X Birthsite
Gerald Ford Birth Site

North America » United States » South Dakota June 27th 2009

27 JUNE 2009 Saturday Left this morning about 10:30am pulled into a motel at 12:30am. The goal for the day was to get a picture by a Ziebach County sign for the ABCs of Touring. This lead me on the best ride of the trip. The second goal was to get a picture of the MN state line sign. I love little towns and this route through SD was full of them. Starting the day in SW North Dakota I am heading for the Blue Bunny factory in LeMars IA it has an ice cream shop that is open until 10:30PM. Again most of the day was great riding weather. More tag with rain and wind. Best gas mileage today for the trip. Over 53 MPG. Had a strong wind at my back most of the ... read more
Buffalo Ranch
New Salem ND
The other Gettingsburg (SD)

26 JUNE 2009 Friday The main goal for the day was to see the Enchanted Highway. The Enchanted Highway is the county road between Gladstone ND and Regent ND. Second camera is a bust. Won’t save files anymore. I don’t have a simple SD card to make sure it is not a SD card failure, all I have is the newer HCSD cards. Bummer it is smaller and fits in a jacket or pants pocket. Spearfish to Sturgis, bought a couple shirts at a bargin shop. 3 for $25. She threw in 2 bandanas. Dealer shirts were $39 ea I passed on getting any. I am really looking forward to the enchanted highway. The forecast was for thunderstorms in ND, I knew that heading up there. The ride was great. I got to Regent with no ... read more
South Dakota
Grand River National Grasslands
Banded Cows

25 JUNE 2009 Thursday Gone from the hotel by 7am. The weather was great. I’m convinced it is actually cooler wearing my armored jacket than it is just a t-shirt. The only time I was uncomfortable was when I stopped to take pictures or get gas. Again the weather is great for riding. The scenery is just beautiful here. First stop was Wounded Knee, SD. It was not what I was expecting. I had read again some accounts of the massacre on the internet the night before. The mass grave is atop a big hill. The only road I saw at the time was in really bad shape and was extremely rutty. I sat at the bottom of the hill and picked my route up the hill. Putting her in first I proceeded up the hill. ... read more
Wounded Knee Gravesite
Wounded Knee Gravesite
Wounded Knee Post Office

North America » United States » Nebraska June 24th 2009

24 June 2009 Wednesday I over slept at Kay and Jackies. Jackie was leaving for work at 6:30am, I set my alarm for 6am and it went off, then I must have just gone back to sleep because I woke up closer to 8:30am. Not in a real hurry to leave now I didn’t want to be out there in rush hour traffic. Kay and I had a leasurly breakfast of donuts and talked again of all things important. It did not take long for me to be packed and on the road yet again. The plan was to head for the northeast corner of CO and into NE. NE would bring Carhenge and take me on into Wounded Knee SD. The Pawnee National Grasslands in northeast Colorado took longer to get through than one might ... read more
Effie at a Bridge
Pawnee sign
Pawnee National Grasslands

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