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North America » United States » Kansas » Holcomb June 23rd 2009

This is my 2009 June Trip. A 6 day trip it starts on Tuesday June 23nd and ends on Sunday afternoon June 28th. The elaborate name comes from whatever my GPS file containing the routes is called. When I started the file I didn't know where I was going so the date became the file name. You can double click on any of these pictures and they should enlarge for you. This was originally going to be a trip to ride Route 66, but the weather is sooooooooo hot. I decided two days before I was to leave that I was going to head for a cooler climate. That would be north. I decided to go NW, now to decide where NW. I didn’t have a lot of time to do my route planning and verify ... read more
The Padilla plaque
Wheat Fields
Clutter Graves

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City June 7th 2009

7 June 2009, Sunday The Vintage Bike Show finished off a really great weekend. Well over a thousand miles and three days. Life is good. Today I slept til 11AM then called Darrel and asked if he was ready for go to a bike show. A call to Roger to confirm where it was and we were off. Darrels son Nickolas came with us. He was passenger on Darrels bike. I had planned to eat lunch there but there were not any vendors. I ran into several people I knew. Floyd Fleming was one of the first ones. Central Midwest HOG group. He was there displaying his 1950 Indian Warrior. It was a bike that he and his father had rebuilt and brought back to life. I asked hime why the hell he had a harley ... read more
A friend from my HOG Group
Gear indicator.
the Tank

North America » United States » Illinois June 6th 2009

The Email: ============== Dances With Turtles IV RTE will be held Saturday June 6, 2009 at Giant City State Park Lodge approximately 12 miles south of Carbondale, Illinois. Coordinates: N37 35.573 W089 11.010. Info on the facility can be found here Roads to the Lodge are paved and there is a large concrete parking area. There is no entrance fee to the park. Lunch will begin at 12:00 noon (CDT) so arrive early for tire kicking and tall tales. The restaurant is famous for fried chicken dinners. In order to expedite service to a group, management strongly recommends the all you can eat family style dinner. We concur. I can attest it is a quality "belly buster"! Of course, those with special dietary needs will be accomodated. Chicken dinner, drink, tax and gratuity should cost ... read more
The Food
Some of the group
One of the organizers Buck Lemme

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence June 5th 2009

4 JUNE 2009 - Friday So it was Friday, I had arranged to be off all 3 days of the weekend and wanted to spend it riding. I thought to start it off I would head to Lawrence KS and get my 1 point in the ABCs of Touring for the KS HOG Rally. I would spend the rest of the day collecting other ABC points and riding SE KS. Up by 10am I am shortly on the road and heading to Lawrence. I could take the interstate, a toll road, but I hate paying tolls so I head off on US24 and take the scenic route. This way will take be by the HD Dealer. At most rallies the only real worth time thing is the vendors who always seem to have the same stuff, ... read more
Working on the fender
Doing the Helmet
The Gas Tank

North America » United States » Kansas » Leavenworth May 24th 2009

Saturday --- 23 May 2009 Well the weather is great and I am ready for a ride. I had been wanting to take some more pictures of Effie out on these bridges I found in March when I was looking up all the Lewis and Clark historic sites in the area. It being my day off, I slept in and then called Daryl to see if he would want to go with me. We made arrangements to meet at 13:50 and ride out. The site is around 60 miles from home. Heading out of KC toward Ft Leavenworth, KS I was in the lead which is unusual. I decided to take Hwy 5 which will take us right to the National Cemetery in Leavenworth. Hwy 5 is twisty and curvy. I call it The Gecko, it ... read more
Leavenworth KS National Cemetary
Leavenworth KS National Cemetary
Leavenworth KS National Cemetary

This is day 3 & 4 of my 4 day trip to see the Natchez Trace on my 883 Sportster. Saturday, 11 April 2009 Well the original plan had me in Paducah KY tonight and that is where I am. Tomorrow is going to be a burger. KC high is supposed to be 48F. Its supposed to be in the 41F here in Paducah in the morning and similar all the way to KC.. It is going to suck riding that 400+ miles home tomorrow. I hate cold. I am in another $50 motel, the Paducah Inn. The last 3 nights all I have done is hmmhaw about the rate and the next words out of their mouths is a rate break. Todays food was under $7. I usually only eat one meal, if I get ... read more
The Old Trace
Big State Line marker on the trace
Scenery along the trace

Friday, 10 April 2009 This is the second day of 4 day trip I took over Easter, from KC to see the Natchez Trace. I forgot to set the alarm for this morning. So my watch woke me up at 8:05 am, it goes off every morning about half the time I will hear it. Not a drop of rain overnight, but Effie was as snug as a bug in this cave outside my door. I would highly recommend this motel if anyone needs one in Vicksburg. It’s the America’s Best Inn, Ridgeland Suites, Vicksburg MS , the first exit as you come in from LA. I had a great big room it had 2 beds, couch, 2 tables and a desk, vanity area out side the bathroom. But they went out of their way to ... read more
Ridgeland Suites
Goldies Trail BBQ
Old Country Store

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg April 10th 2009

Here are pictures of my stop in the National Cemetary in Vickburg National Park. Vicksburg was a big civil war battleground. Its not a huge cemetary like the other National Cemetaries I have been to and it is to worst kept one I have seen. A blog on the rest of the park can be found here: The trip blog starts here: ... read more
the Gettysburg Address was posted in the Cemetary
National Cemetary Rules
Closeup of the Stats Plaque

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg April 10th 2009

On the 2nd day of a 4 day trip to see the Natchez Trace I spent time at the Vicksburg National Military Park. Because there were so many pictures of the park I decided to have a separate blog for them. I thought that it might take me an hour or hour and half to go through the park. I am pretty fast at such things. I read all the stuff, but don't usually dwell at any one spot for long. I had over slept on this morning and I wanted to be at Goldies Trail BBQ place I was going to eat at when they opened at 11AM. So when I got to the park at 9AM I wasn't too concerned, I still had a couple hours. Once I got to the Visitors Center I ... read more
Park Display
Cannon overlooking the city

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg April 9th 2009

This is the first day of 4 day trip I took over Easter, from KC to see the Natchez Trace. Day 1 was divided in to 2 blogs, because my plan changed at the last minute and I had the opportunity ride for a couple hours the night before my trip was supposed to start. The forecast is for rain and thunderstorms all the way to Little Rock. The thunderstorms were supposed to start in the afternoon, so I was up and gone by daybreak (51F). All my layers on and my rain suit. I was going to be in the rain today. And that is what I had most of the way to Little Rock then it just quit. I went another 60 miles with all the gear on then took off the rain suit ... read more
Effie at the Park
Bad Clouds All Day

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