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28th September 2020

Solo seat?
My question is, I have a 2007 Sportster 1200 low. I have a new Viking trunk that I want to mount and be able to detach when I want too. However, My bike has a mustang solo seat. I need the mounting bracket to adjust enough to use the back rest as a driver rest. Harley makes such a bracket but It is pretty expensive. Any Suggestions ?
3rd October 2017

Voni and Ardys
I have had the pleasure of meeting both Voni and Ardys, both terrific ladies. I miss Ardys ...
25th February 2017

Mounting a Tour Pack on a 2005 DYNA FXDCI for two Up Riding?
Due to some physical restrictions and age, I added a Voyager Trike Kit to my bike some years back and it has been great. Now my wife says that the tall sissy bar with 7" X 18" Pad isn't enough. She likes the padded Tour Packs we've ween on larger Harleys but I can't find anyone that anyone says will work especially for a reasonable price. What you've done is great and any suggestions and advice would be accepted. Yeah, a Tri-Glide would fix all that but $40 K isn't in my budget. Thanks!
18th July 2017

I'd never tell you to buy a different bike.
It has been so long since I was on ebay they terminated my account. I would look for a generic tour pak with the pad. You have the sissy bar on with the detachable hardware? I have 3 different thing I can interchange on the back of Effie, although the auxilliary gas tank has been on it full time for years now. Sorry for the late reply, I was just cleaning up my email and saw the notice.
21st June 2014

You did a great job on you installation, need you help.
I had been serching for about three days for a 2 up tour rack with no luck. I was only able to find the solo detachable , witch met more exspensive changes. The mounting plate for the detachable sides you got, is just what I have been looking for. I have a 2008 1200C and I also want more storage. Can you give me the information to get the mounting rack. I wasn't sure if you are now selling them or if it was information on ebay . Thank you so much for sharing travels
3rd May 2014

your very cool person
hi my name is frank from cherryhill nj. 42 years old got my 1st bike at 39. new 2013 superlow now a 1250 kit and has paint work done to it myself took it to steel and did a clear coat and low raw look. put a short fender on back off the 48 sporty. bobber look. ape bars 10 inch custom made sikpipes.com they are cool . you are a cool peson god bless i have 5000 miles in a year. work 60 hrs a week i will get some time off this yr what do you think a good trip would be good for me from nj. i love your web page just keep riding love to ride i don't know why it took me so long to ride again i roade a dirt bike from 10 to 16 yrs old little yz 80 cc. i do love your side bags hard bags were and how can i get them love them. god bless and do want to ride someday with you love my sporty .
18th January 2013
Swaggerty Fort

two markers
I visited the Swaggerty Fort in about 2003 and I seem to remember both a Tennessee Historical Marker and a Heritage Marker at the site. I'd be interested in links to any historic events that might have involved the location, i.e.: Indian wars, Civil War battles, etc. I'd read somewhere that Indians once diverted the stream away from the fort suring a siege, but don't know if that's factual. I believe the Clear Creek area figured in some of the Chickamauga Cherokee history. I think I'm related to the Swaggerty family that built the fort as well as to Draggin' Canoe who led the Chickamauga Cherokee.
5th November 2012

The morning started with a hot pancake breakfast cooked up by Higgy. I headed home with my rainsuit on and had to keep it on the whole way for 2 days. network-fraud
18th July 2012

Great report
Great ride and report! I like the pics too.
10th April 2012

Thomas A. Mangino
I also got a bracelet in 1972 at bolling afb where I was stationed . I still wear it after 40 years and have never taken it off. I have never met Sgt Mangino but Thomas is in my heart and I tell anyone who asks that he is my friend. I\'m proud of my service to my country and I proudly fly the flag of the USA and the flag for our POW,s especialy for Thomas. I get pretty emotional when I think about him. Thomas Ryder , Tom
5th April 2012

Sgt Daniel Nidds USAV
I was wondering about the star pin that goes into the bracelet, my mother got a bracelet for SGT Daniel Nidds in 1967, it's the original bracelet that was given to her all those years ago. My question is how to get the star pin that goes into the bracelet now that he is believed to be dead and not MIA, anyone know how to get one so i can complete my moms bracelet? Wayne Fike Postmortem_cowboy@yahoo.com
6th March 2012

thanks for sharing your great experience. I've been crying all the time watching the show...I bet it must have been awesome to live it! you guys did a great job! ciao from Italy (they aired it today)
5th March 2012

Malcolm X Marker Inscription
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz was born Malcolm Little at University Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, May 19, 1925. He was the son of Earl and Louise Little, 3448 Pinkney Street. Reverend Little helped organize the Universal Negro Improvement Association. After threats by night riders, the family moved to Milwaukee and later to Michigan, where Reverend Little allegedly was murdered. During his mother's illness, Malcolm was sent to Boston, then to New York, where he committed burglary. While serving a six and one-half year prison sentence, he became self-educated and converted to an American sect of Islam. After leaving prison, Malcolm took the name Malcolm X, studied under Elijah Muhammad, and became outspoken abut mistreatment of Blacks. His Autobiography of Malcolm X was published in 1964. During a pilgrimage to Mecca, he converted to orthodox Islam. He abandoned concepts of racial antagonism and counseled the need for human brotherhood and international cooperation. Malcolm X formed the Organization of Afro-American Unity in 1964 and became renowned as an articulate spokesperson for human rights. Malcolm X was assassinated February 21, 1965, in New York City. His teaching lives on.
8th February 2012

will this work for a 2008 sporster with a 2 person seat
23rd April 2012

Probably not. It takes the same space as the passenger seat.
26th July 2011

Glad you are back
I am so happy you are blogging again. I really have missed reading about your exploits and have wondered what had happened to you.
13th April 2011

I am back.. 2011 I am back on to spending some time on th road again. Look for some stuff soon. Thanks for your comment. I really miss blogging.
12th April 2011

Miss reading of your exploits. You've given me alot of ideas on places to go, things I'd never heard of before. Thanks! Hope to read more of your stories in the future.
12th March 2011

The bracket on ebay
Ron I went out to Ebay and I can't find the bracket anywhere. Any back rack that is flat I would think could be used to work. Just to make sure you understand, neither the detachable rack or the tour pak is a HD product. Harley does make detachable racks though, I'm sure they could be made to work. Good luck! BTW I am looking for another detachable rack, I want to mount my 2nd gas tank as an auxiliary tank so I can go 400 miles between gas stops.
8th March 2011

thank you!
thanks for sharing your travels! I'm reading the second book right now to my youngest two daughters and can't wait to show them these pictures!
3rd March 2011

Bracket Pak
I would like more information on the Harley Tour Pak. Want to add a trunk to my Street Bob. Please provide information for ordering thjis braket. Thank you! Ron
20th September 2010

Try the above link and look at the DMY trunk. It is the same trunk I have. If they have the top rack in stock and you want on get it, I waited almost a year for them to be in stock. Its now SEPT 2010 and I am still happy with the trunk. A friend ordered the saddlebags from Mutazu and they are really small, so becareful if you are also looking for bags. Best of Luck, Cindy.
5th September 2010

kansas city kitty
my mom owns/painted kansas city kitty. it is right now in my garage.:D
11th June 2010

Sportster trunk bracket
How can I get one of these. A yahoo search for MOTOWN MC PRODUCTS didn't halp. THanks

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