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13th April 2010

Malcolm X Memorial
appreciate you taking the time to visit the site. Unfortunately the fence is a trade off for the dumping of furniture, trash and debris but we are working steadfast to improve accessibility and beautification of the area. We have raised over half of the funds needed to purchase the building that sits at the gate's current entrance and will be building a community garden the first of May this year (among other projects). Hope you come back to see us. Keep up by checking our website www.malcolmxfoundation.org and any support you can send our way would be immediately put to great use.
29th March 2010

The bracket on ebay
Its not always available. Keep checking back on ebay, it will be back. They must have troubles keeping them in stock.
23rd March 2010

if you can use it go for it but how can u hear the cb / sat radio i can not even hear the rap music in the car next me,, 2n 1 thunder header is very very loud, but it makes people mad they cant hear the crap rap on the getto hoopty they are running
14th March 2010

Great job
Must of been great to be there and help out the way you did. One of the few programes in the world that restres my faith in humanity. Good job
1st March 2010

mounting brackets
I like you trunk set up and want to do the same with my sportster, however I am trying to find the brackets that you used. Maybe you can find them on ebay. Thanks Troy
17th January 2010

Best Wishes
Hey Cindy, Best wishes and a speedy recovery for your dad. I have your blog bookmarked and check it on occasion and was happy to see you had updated it. With everything you have going on I undestand how hard it must be to find the time to do everything. I've noticed your not posting very much on our Sportster Groups, after reading your most recent post now I know why. Anyway I just wanted to drop you a note to say hello and again wish your dad a speedy recovery. Brad 1986 XLH 883/1200 1983 XLX-61 Farmington, NC
28th December 2009

Sounds like you had a good year! Alec
15th December 2009

Cindy, My Mom gave me your website address after receiving it from you while she was staying at The Sweet Life. I looked around and landed on the Thomas Mangino story. I too, had a bracelet to wear when I was young. This story touched my heart like no other. Tears filled my eyes as I remember all the sacrifices these young men made. So, thanks for bringing me back to the reality of how wonderful our country is and for those that made it so. Have a blessed holiday season. I look forward to reading more about your travels.
14th October 2009

Getting The Wall in your community
You probably need to google it for the correct info but from what I understand you pay for it to come. I'm sure they schedule you in according to their route thought. Garnett paid for it by using the hotel tourist taxes that had accumulated over the years. I think too that this is just the first expense. It looked like they had quite an investment in the landscaping since it requires such a long totally flat area to be errected. They put it up in Veterans Park which is not flat anywhere.
13th October 2009

obtaining the memorial wall
12th October 2009

Trip Info
I had heard about the Loneliest Hwy on the XL-List. Ride reports are really a big part of that list, to me anyway. I knew about the passport book because I had requested an info packet from NV tourism a couple months ago. It came with some motorcycle specific info, really a great packet for any biker headed that way. That is how I knew Hwy 93 was going to be such a great scenic ride too. It came with one of those passport booksfor Hwy 50 but I didn't take it with me because I thought I would returning along the old Route 66. But when Effie broke I ended up in Jackson.
12th October 2009

How do you find out about all these neat rides and stamps! I wish I could get as much time to ride as you do! Alec
10th October 2009

I've Been Everywhere Tour
I got 67 of the 91 (I think) locations. That was top for our group. Some of the locations are not available in the US. It was a local HOG Group challenge. We all got t-shirts with all the locations listed on the back. I think Terry got the idea from the internet. When I googled IBE I found the original game site, although it had not been updated for a couple years even back then.
10th October 2009

How did you make out on the IBE tour .... is this another HOG ride or is it a cert from some other group? Alec
8th October 2009

Luv it, Thx
Wish'n I had the time to travel like you do, the best I can do is Sturgis next year from Toronto ON, CDA on my Sporty.
8th October 2009

Back on the ROAD?
Have you got all the work done ... engine, wiring and others? Please send me some info on the mod to make all the rear light work together. Thanks, Alec
3rd October 2009

So ....
What was wrong with the bike?
2nd October 2009

Did I miss something?
Have you been having problems with the 883? You said you were scared it would not start.
1st October 2009

Nice story
My daughter had a PP for a while. Vaquero had been used as a "teaser" and otherwise abused, and no one at the barn could ride him. My daughter, Sami, started loving on him while she was helping the trainer. Next thing you know, she had permission to take him out for walks, then rides. It broke her heart when the owner moved away and took Vaquero. M/C content - Sami is now riding a V-Star 650 while in college, and begging for my Sporty since we just bought a Heritage Softail Classic. I have enjoyed your posts on the Sportster boards, Cindy. Buck Hiltebeitel '04 XL883 "Piglet" '08 FLSTC "Jett" (bought during the Texas State HOG Rally, with Joan Jett as the concert headliner, and it's black!)
15th September 2009

Are we going to be getting a new HD?
Well the HD I referred to in the blog is Home Depot (HD). I am just now getting Effie tweaked to fit. I would hate to start over. I thought she was pretty comfortable until the Not Superman Rally, I learned alot over that 54hours. One of them was how uncomfortable she is. (Don't tell Effie but I am kind of looking for a cheap low mileage ST1100. Shhhh. )
14th September 2009

New bike?
Are we going to be getting a new HD?
5th September 2009

Cape Fear
Jim Bain is trying to get me to run in it in 2010. I might do it. Alec
3rd September 2009

Love AR
Hi Cindy! I too, LOVE riding in AR.. ever since the Spank Rally. I even purposely planned one of the legs of my NSR run back through AR. I agree, I feel that more Harley riders should have confidence in the current model's reliability and long-distance suitability to toss their hats into the IBR. I was sorry to hear about Bob L's exit from the rally, but at least it was a forest critter and not him or his Harley that caused his DNF. He was on a good ride up until then. For what it's worth, I'm planning on tossing my hat into the ring for the 2011 event on the same FLHT I had at the NSR (crash damaged mostly fixed and it's running as strong as ever)... Keep your fingers crossed ;)
2nd September 2009

Thanks Alec, this is one of my favorites. I have another old letter I wrote that ended up in our local HOG newsletter. I am going to see if I can find it. I think it was one of the first motorcycle stories of mine that was published.
2nd September 2009

I dont see how you carry so much on your bike. You be safe out there!

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