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I purchased a 2005 Harley Davidson 883 Low Sportster (Effie) in FEB 05 and I travel all over the country with it. In 2005 we travelled 25K miles to 34 states. 42K miles in 2006 (48 states, 9 Canada provinces). I was the winner of the 2006 ABC's of Touring an annual competition held by Harley Owners Group. The first person (and so far the only person) to win it solely using a Sportster. I slacked off in 2007 with only 21K miles (21 states). 2008 had more pleasure trips only 19K miles, only 14 states and 1 Canada province. As 2015 comes around I have 152K miles on Effie. The purchase of this motorcycle has changed my life. These are the stories of my travels with Effie. I plan to add some more stories than are shown now, but Effie is no more. Aug 10, 2019 was her last day or rolling under her own power with a total of 191,586 miles on her odometer. I thought sure we would see 200K miles this year. She is a big part of my life.

North America » United States » North Carolina » Asheboro December 2nd 2018

I have been thinking about blogging again its been too long since my last blog. Then I went on a toy ride and knew I needed to write about this one. Some events need to be promoted as much as they can be and this event was one of them. The event was a toy run for the Baptist Children’s Home in Thomasville, NC. But I am getting ahead of myself. I wanted to do this toy run, but most of the group I ride with (Triad Bad Lasses) were going to ride in a Christmas parade that day. I had no idea where the Randolph County Mall was so after finding a couple other Lasses that were going to do the run, I was ready to go. It was a wet Sunday morning, raining before ... read more
Cathy & I while we wait
Bikes in Staging
Full Throttle took this of me

North America » United States » Missouri » Kansas City October 15th 2011

2 weeks ago a friend of mine told me to mark this day (OCT 15, 2011) on my calendar. We were going to the BMW dealer. So today I had the pleasure of being at Engles BMW when Voni got her 1 Million Mile award from BMW. I had not met Voni in person although we both belong to the LDRider list and know each other from posting. She is a very special person. She was hugging everyone. Her smile was always present. There were 2 women that were really close to getting their 1 Million Mile awards from BMW. Voni and Ardys. Probably more people have heard of Ardys because there are not that many 76 year old grandmothers riding, and it would be safe to say she is the only one that rides this ... read more
The Photo
Voni Getting her Award
Gifts from the dealer

North America » United States » Kansas » Kansas City June 18th 2011

18 JUNE 2011 -- Well my 1st trunk's time was up. When the lid broke I knew I needed a new trunk, I had been kind of looking for one because my Nolan103 helmet that I bought this year would not fit in this trunk. The trunk was too short, I needed a taller trunk. The helmet is 11 inches tall. The trunk lasted me a good 3 years and I got more than my monies worth out of it. Anyway I searched and searched and finally settled on this trunk from ebay vendor Halfpricetrade. The trunk was $88 with $25 shipping and handling charges. Here is the text from the ebay auction: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Large Motorcycle Trunk Honda yamaha harley 250 This is one of the largest motorcycle trunk in the market. The outer dimension ... read more
The bottom of the New Trunk
Marking the mounting holes in the bracket.
Mounting Plate bolted to the Bracket.

North America » United States » Kansas » Kansas City December 25th 2009

Since my previous Xmas letters are posted in the blog I thought I would post this one too. 2009 Seasons Greetings. I hope this letter finds you well. Seems like it was not that long ago that I was writing last years Xmas letter, but here I am again. I have had a pretty full year. I took advantage of being able to pay someone else to do my job at the American Legion and took 3 trips this year. Early April I was suffering from the cold weather so headed south to ride the Natchez Trace from its beginning at Natchez, LA to its end at Nashville, TN. It’s a National Parkway, 444 miles without a stoplight, stop sign or yield sign. All along the route there were great bits of preserved history. I had ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas September 30th 2009

DAY 16 - WED - 30 SEPT Everyday I have been entering my gas reciepts and mileage in a spreadsheet. Its been interesting looking at my MPG throughout the trip. As I am entering yesterdays reciepts I notice that the best MPG happened yesterday as I was heading north through TX and OK. Believe it or not I got 70 MPG. My average has been around 50, so I double checked my numbers. I have a slight noise in the motor but its not using any oil and I'm getting 70 MPG, make all the noise you want. This was to be a day of heroes. I only had 260 miles to go today. I had planned to take hwy 54 to Iola then head north on hwy 59 through Garnett and then on to KC. ... read more
Budget Motel in Pratt
Broke and waiting.
The Dust storm was on.

North America » United States » Kansas September 29th 2009

Day 15 - Tuesday - 29 SEPT I was up early this morning but reluctant to leave because it was cold out. Old age is getting to me. As I was packing the bike I heard a thump thump thump… it was the motel housekeeping swinging a rag at the window ledges to get the dust off them. The motel was as interesting this morning as I had found it last night. The parking lot was huge. This motel had lots of rooms. I can’t wait until I can follow route 66 for its entirety maybe next year. The first stop was Quay county NM, for my ABC’s. Most counties will mark their borders with a sign. Not Quay. I looked all over the county seat before I found something that was marked with Quay County. ... read more
Thump Thump Thump cleaning the window sills
Day 15 travels
Quay County

North America » United States » New Mexico » Sandia Crest Byway September 29th 2009

On my west coast trip I stopped at Madrid NM and was told by a local that this was a must ride. He was right. Its a 14 mile road that takes you to the top of a local mountain. The only way off is to turn around and come back down. The road is a lot of tight twisties and real fun. It smelled great! In the 14 miles you climb 10K feet to an elevation of 10621 ft. 23 miles south of Madrid on Hwy 14 or 3 miles north of I-40 on Hwy 14 is the entrance to the byway. The top is at coordinates are N 35 12.632' W 106 26.958' . The pictures will tell you how beautiful it is. Nothing else for me to say. ... read more
The views were awesome.
They were vast
Could see for miles!

North America » United States » New Mexico September 28th 2009

Day 14 - Monday - 28 SEPT - Farmington to Santa Rosa After spending time last night and this morning I have changed my route home. I was planning to head across the top part of NM and then on home. Pretty much the direct route from here. But after talking to Carol I decided that I would take an extra day and see some stuff on the way home. The first thing I thought of was the town that Wild HOGs was filmed in. I couldn’t remember the name but I have copies of our HOG club newsletters on my computer so I looked it up. Terry Green the road captain at the time had taken a group from our club there on a 4 day weekend. It didn’t take long to find the article ... read more
Day 14 Map
New Mexico
more New Mexico

North America » United States » Utah September 27th 2009

Day 13 - Sunday - 27 SEPT - Ely to Farmington It was an awesome ride today. There isn’t a lot to write about on this leg. I didn’t stop to see anything cute along the way. I was mainly just riding to get a bunch of miles behind me. I traveled almost 600 miles. Temps in the morning was 43F, later in the afternoon it was over 100F I think the day ended with it in the 60s. I missed getting into the 4 corners monument by just a few minutes, they were locking the gates as I rode up. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone traveling I-70 East through UT stop at every scenic pullout. The one I didn’t stop at had to be the best one. By the time I saw what was going ... read more
Day 13 Travels
UT Scenery
Just Awesome

North America » United States » Nevada » Ely September 26th 2009

Day 12 - Saturday.- 26 SEPT I was the first one up this morning. I packed my gear and folded up the rollaway bed. I knew I had 500-600 miles to travel today so I wanted to get going early. In the process of quietly getting my gear to the door when the dogs woke up Lena. I wasn’t going to leave before they got up, but I figured that I could pack my gear on the bike while they still slept. Karl went up to bring Effie down the hill from the shop, I had told him I had been too unsure to get it off the table last night. Karl comes back from the shop and says that there is no power to the ignition. We decide not going to mess with it until ... read more
Karl and I
Lena, Brian and I
Effie around Lake Tahoe area

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