32nd Annual Randolph County CBA (Christian Bikers Association) Toy Run

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December 2nd 2018
Published: December 11th 2018
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I have been thinking about blogging again its been too long since my last blog. Then I went on a toy ride and knew I needed to write about this one. Some events need to be promoted as much as they can be and this event was one of them. The event was a toy run for the Baptist Children’s Home in Thomasville, NC.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I wanted to do this toy run, but most of the group I ride with (Triad Bad Lasses) were going to ride in a Christmas parade that day. I had no idea where the Randolph County Mall was so after finding a couple other Lasses that were going to do the run, I was ready to go. It was a wet Sunday morning, raining before we even start. I live in Greensboro NC, the ride started in Asheboro about 20 miles south of where I live. The only one that knew how to get where we were going was also one of those that like in the front of the line and willing to spend the hours needed to wait around after you get there to insure front of the line. Registration started at 10AM and by 10:30 we were in line, wet. Resigned to the fact it was going to be a wet day, I had started from home in my rain gear. Others decided to put it on at our assembly spot in Greensboro. We met there at 9:15 am. Our group consisted of 3 Lasses (Cathy, Veronica and me) with V’s boyfriend David leading the group. One stop at a gas station that sold ‘race fuel’ so David could fill up and we were there. It gathered in a mall parking lot. Like many malls across the country this one looked like it was on the slide downhill. Kickstands up the ride was 1 PM so we had a few hours to entertain ourselves. The ride seemed to have 2 major sponsors, CBA of Randolph county and Cox’s Harley Davidson of Asheboro. However, there was a law group, McGraths, that was out in force, they had free juice, coffee and a ton of pastry items, no fancy ones but plenty of them, everything from donuts to brownie bites and most welcome they had drying towels for everyone. We spent the time signing up for the free drawing and paying up for 50/50 tickets. Bikes came, toys were collected in the semi-trailer and a sense of community was had by all. Normally they would have 2,600 motorcycles, but the rain only brought with it approximately 750 bikes. I had bought a toy and was readily donated my unwrapped toy. When I handed it over, I noted the trailer had a lot of wrapped packages.

The ride starts pretty much on time. I was fearful of those in the middle after we started up the bikes and still waited for 5 minutes. They had to be gasping for fresh air. The semi left a few minutes before us to get there and start unpacking the toys. The police guided the ride so once we started when we stopped it was to park. All along the route there would be people in lawn chairs or standing to wave at us or film the procession. When we reached the Baptist Children’s Home in Thomasville the entryway was lined with adults and kids holding thank you signs.

Once dismounted the bikers were greeted with hot chocolate, a welcome site and we file into the gymnasium for the program. As we sit in the gym watching the toys get sorted into piles. At first, I thought that they were being sorted by age appropriate or type of toy, each pile had a little sign by it. It was there that I was educated that the kids had wish lists posted at the Asheboro Harley dealer and people had bought those specific toys and wrapped them with the child’s name on the package. There was a pile of gifts for each child at the home. The little placards were sorted by cottages what they call the homes a group of kids lives in. After a while the gym was full, standing room only with the kids each sitting by their pile of presents. Each one trying not to touch or play with them yet. The usual introductions, thank you speeches, and drawings. There were people on the ride who had been children in the home during their youth. I heard several stories about growing up in the home and they were fond memories of childhood, not of despair. Finally, the kids could open their presents. I have been to many toy runs and this is the first time I have seen the recipients receive the gifts. I will do this one again and next time I’m heading to Cox’s HD to see the list. Thanks, CBA, for allowing me to be a little part in this cause.

Here is the link to the Toy Runs Facebook page.



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