David Neal


David Neal

I am Dave Neal and I am starting my traveling excursion by going to Northern Ireland to go to school and play basketball.

Forgot to add this in my last blog...but Sunday I am leaving for a nice little EuroTrip with some buddies of mine over here...We are starting our trip in Barcelona, then heading to Rome (which I am most excited about), then Nice and Paris...I have only heard great things about all of these Countries so I cannot wait! Will take loads of pictures for everyone! We have our last exam tomorrow evening, so far they have gonna pretty good, been happy with them! Lastly, I decided to come home June 7th to the 14th...thought it would be smart to head home before I head to Australia for the Summer. Will try my best to see everyone, but I only have a week. Cant wait to be back Stateside, miss everyone!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland May 13th 2010

Sorry to keep everyone waiting to hear about my trip to London....I went to London to visit my buddy Sam Prendergast for the weekend and it ended up being about a week trip instead, not by choice, but because of the Volcanic Ash. i am sure all of you know about this Volcano that keeps spitting out ash and they say it could be doing it for the entire summer, it is crazy. So everyday you have to check to make sure planes are capable of flying. I am glad I got to extend my stay in London because that city is amazing!! I have never seen so many gorgeous building in my life. To get around we took what they call the tube (metro), i have never taken so much public transportation in my life. ... read more

Sorry for taking so long to get back about our last two tournaments of the season...The first tournament which was in Galway, which is absolutely a gorgeous place and if anyone ever comes to Ireland I suggest you visit Galway, the weather is great this time of year and it is a lot of fun. We stayed in a hostel which was right in Eyre Square which is Downtown Galway, over the weekend they had live music and the square was packed with people. We played 5 games in 3 days...beating all our opponents pretty good until we got to the finals and lost by 1 to the host school from Galway. We were up by 15 with 4 minutes and that is when fatigued kicked in. The last time I had played two games in ... read more

Life is good for me over here...Hope everyone had a great Easter!! Mine was alright, went to a basketball game and then had dinner at my coach's. It was me her and her three daughters, it was a funny dinner, but it was also a weird Easter for me because I didnt make it to church..shhh dont tell my mom..ha Other than that it has been very quiet recently with just school work and hanging out..We are currently on spring break and my break has been sitting in my house doing school work, not a fun spring break, but it is what I had to do. Everyone that is thinkng why i didnt go anywhere is because we have basketball during the break. The first week of our spring break we had practice n then this ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin March 25th 2010

To start off I want to say that I had a blast with the family while they were here. My dad, Brother, Robby and Natalie (Justin's gf) all came for St. Patrick's Day. What better place to be in the world than Dublin for St. Patrick's?!?! Can anyone tell me.... DUBLIN...I couldnt believe myself I was actually in Dublin for St. Patty's, I dont know how many times we looked at each other and said, "Can you really believe we are in Dublin for St. Patrick's Day??" We started off the day walking down Grafton Street which is probably the most popular street in Dublin. It was packed by 11:00 am and all throughout the street there were people performing music and some people showing off their artistic abilities. One guy was carving a dog out ... read more

Well I can't believe our Super league season is all over. We feel short of the playoffs and we ended the season with two losses instead of two wins... both games were tough. We finished the season 5-13, a tough record for the Elks, but an improvement from thier 2 wins last year. It was an up and down season I have to say. We had some high moments and also some low moments. One of the high moments this season was I just recieved Northern Conference player of the month, a very good achievement for me and the Ulster Elks. In the month of Feburary we won three games and I averaged 27 points and 14 rebounds. We still have two tournaments left. Our first one is Varsities which is being held in Galway. This ... read more

Well I cannot believe today is March 1st, it feels like I just got over here but in reality I have been here for 7 months, that is just crazy to me. Well we had a heartbreaker of a loss on Saturday in Galway against Moycullen. We lost to them by 6, 77-71. It was an up and down game, at one point we were down by 20, but fought back to get it as close as 5. I had another solid game scoring 27 points and 23 rebounds, missed a huge three though down the stretch which would have brought it to witin 4, oh well they all cant go your way! Galway is a gorgeous city, it is out West and the drive was long, but great scenery. The town of Galway is awesome ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin February 19th 2010

Well having my mom here could only get better by us traveling to Dublin for three days. My mom not going to lie got tired of Belfast and wanted to see someother places and I thought Dublin couldnt be a better place to go. Just a quick note also which has made the trip great, is while she has been here we have won two super league games in a row and one college game, she is the Ulster Elk's good luck charm! We got down to Dublin Wednesday afternoon via the train which is the best route from Belfast to take. Of course being the Neal family we were hungry first thing so we decided to have some tapas. This was my first experience of tapas and they were amazing. The rest of that day ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Belfast February 11th 2010

Well want to start off with saying the Superbowl was a great game to watch. Both teams played well and it was destined for the Saints to win, the State of Lousiana needed something to revive that place and this was their time, so hats off to the Saints. There were two things that made it difficult to watch though, the first was it came on here at 1130 and ended around 3 and for a Sunday night that is late and also we couldnt see any of the commercials (which is the best part of the Superbowl), but heard they were good ha. We had a game Sunday as well against UCC Demons and it was another tough defeat for the Elks. We only had seven players coming into the game so that meant I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Belfast January 29th 2010

After our last game against Killester, a team from Dublin who beat us by 17, but was up by 30 at one stage, i needed something to lift my spirits because we dont have another game till the 7th down in Cork verse UCC Demons. I got my marketing result back fairly quick and I passed and just yesterday I got a email from our course director telling me that I passed my finance exam!!! I was very happy because he told me that 23 out of 70 failed that exam, so for me to pass was a great feeling, it deserved a little celebration. ha Just this week we started our second semester. I have six classes and they all seem very interesting. My first class is Entreprenuership and Innovation, second is Capital Management in ... read more

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