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Published: April 7th 2010
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Life is good for me over here...Hope everyone had a great Easter!! Mine was alright, went to a basketball game and then had dinner at my coach's. It was me her and her three daughters, it was a funny dinner, but it was also a weird Easter for me because I didnt make it to church..shhh dont tell my mom..ha
Other than that it has been very quiet recently with just school work and hanging out..We are currently on spring break and my break has been sitting in my house doing school work, not a fun spring break, but it is what I had to do. Everyone that is thinkng why i didnt go anywhere is because we have basketball during the break. The first week of our spring break we had practice n then this week we dont have practice but we are leaving friday for our 1st of two basketball tournaments to end our season. We cant practice this week because the University is closed and all other gyms are busy, but we should be alright for this tournament if we play well. These next two tournaments are back to back, one is in Galway and the other one is in Scotland. We will be playing 7 games in 6 days, that is like a basketball players dream come true. I am hoping we go out on a good note and win both tournaments, wish us luck.
I also have to talk about the NCAA Tournament, it was one of the craziest tournaments I can remember watching. To see Butler make the run that they did gave hope to all the mid-major schools. I love how Division One basketball is becoming so much more even these days, it make things much more exciting. The only think I dont think what the NCAA is thinking about doing is making the field larger to 96 teams. I understand they will make more money if they do that, but it will ruin March Madness, it is great the way it is. I am hoping they dont change it because there will be a lot of angry people out there, especially me!
Lastly, I am going on two trips in the month of May. The first will be to London. My friend Sam Prendergast is studying there for the semester and I have been told by many people that I need to get to London. I hear it is a place that never stops, which is perfect for me! My friend's little brother Timmy Roberts is studying in Florence Italy and he will be meeting me there as well. Should be a good one. I am also doing a little Euro Trip, going to 4 Countries in 8 days. My friend Paul and a couple guys who play on the professional hockey team (Belfast Giants) are coming too. We are starting off our trip in Barcelona n then going to Nice then Rome and finishing it in Paris. It is gonna be a blast! Cannot wait for it. Dont worry I will be taking a lot of pictures!
I have a couple pictures I am going to try to post that my friend took. My camera is still not letting me upload them on this blog. Her family was here and they went all along the coastline and took some great pictures, so I wil post them for you to have a look at!
Will let you know how the tournaments go when we get back! Hope all is well and miss everyone...


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