Dave Kole


Dave Kole

Europe » Netherlands March 26th 2018

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? Right now as from this moment i have been back home for 3 weeks and i have had some time to process things. When i look back at my time there in Australia and Papua New Guinea i see how God has impacted my life and blessed me so much. Even now that i am home, the journey with God is still going and he is still teaching me things every day. In my time there i really got to see a glimpse of who God is. And who he is for me. He is the true king. He is my king. And i want to tell the world. There is this hunger in me to proclaim his name and let people see for who he truly his. God ... read more

Oceania » Papua New Guinea February 9th 2018

Heey peeps, I am sorry that i have not posted anything in 1,5 months. Papua New Guinea and internet don't really go together. but i have got some stories to tell. The good and the bad. First the good. In the first two weeks me and my team went to a village in the province of Milne Bay. We gave there a mini dts. We teached students and staff a like topics of our own dts. It is insane how God changed that village. People went from believing in Jesus to knowing him. Lives were completely changed. Many people got healed and gave their live's to Jesus, it was insane. We danced with the kids every night and gave devotions. My favorite part of it all was standing in front of a large crowd and preach. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland December 26th 2017

Merry christmass everyone!! Tomorrow i am leaving to Papua New Guinea for outreach. Im so excited to go with my crazy beautifull team, gonna be great. I want to thank all of you for the final finances i got from you guys, so i can go on outreach. God has blessed me in many ways it is just crazy. In the past three months i have learned and grown so much in my faith. Now it is not just something i always see in other people, but i got it for my self as well. Which i am for ever greatfull for. I have had some crazy times here which some of them i was able to share. And there are many more to come!And i cant wait to tell them all to you when i ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach November 29th 2017

Dear people! I got some exciting news and other stuff to tell you. On December 27th i will be leaving Australia for outreach and i am going to Papua New Guinea!!!!! Woeeehoeeee!!! We are going to do some exciting stuff there. The first half we will be having a confrence and we will be giving a 2 week dicipelship training course. That is a dts but then smaller. For the second half our plans or not clear yet. We are still praying for what God would like to do next for us. I am so excited for this outreach to see how God will work through me and use me in his kingdom. So during this DTS a couple of times i told God that i submit myself to him with everything i got. That i ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland November 18th 2017

Heey people! For those who dont have me on Facebook here is the link to my new video i just made! Through this journey i excercise my biggest passion which is making film. So if you are interested to see my videos please click on the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG2qWx7nW6s&t=2s If you want to keep updated please subscribe to my channel! Thankyou for all your support, Dave Kole... read more

Oceania » Australia November 5th 2017

Dear friends and family This past week I went with my DTS to Townsville for identity week. And in the last two days some amazing stuff has happened. In the last 2 days we went praying for each other with the things we were dealing with identity wise or something else. For me it was something else. I was dealing with how to see God as a father figure and how to come as a child to him. And the understanding of what Jesus did on the cross for me never really came through. So my fellow students went on praying for that. And at some point the teacher of this week asked me if I gave my whole heart to Jesus. I was like no I did not. Why not? Well I got trust issues. ... read more

Oceania » Australia October 14th 2017

Hello people of this world, I have been here for two weeks now and quite a lot has happened already. So first I had 51 hours of travel from home to Airlie Beach. When we arrived we ate some pizza at the base. The next day we went to the beach and the blue lagoon (some sort of swimming pool) At Saturday almost everyone was here and Sunday was the official start with a barbeque. Week 1 was orientation week. In this week we got a lot of information about the rules and what we can expect form this course. We went doing some games in Airlie Beach to get to know the area. It was all kind of boring cause it was just listening to stuff you’re not interested in. But at some point we ... read more

Oceania » Australia September 29th 2017

Heeeyy peeps!! I have arived in Australia!! I am so excited to be here I want to thank everyone for followoing praying and spnosoring me! It really means a lot to me ;). This coming monday the DTS will start. I will try to post every two weeks of what is going on! If you would still like to sponsor me you can! You can find my bank account numder at the end of this post. Thankyou so much eveyrone and I will see you later Dave Bank account: NL21 RABO 0333 6729 84 ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland July 9th 2017

Hello peeps, me again :). Last time i talked about my trip and what i am going to do, now it is time for me to tell you about my costs. As many of you may know Australia is not cheap.... at all. I work 7 days a week trying to get all the money for this journey. I work at a restaurant, a store and sometimes doing little jobs at peoples houses. But even by working a lot i cant get all the money by my self. Let me show you what i have to pay for this trip. Lecturephase: 4900,- AUD ~€3200,- (paid) Outreach phase: 3500-4500 AUD ~€2300,-/€3000 Airline Tickets: ~€1700,- (one way ticket paid €850,-) Visa 560 AUD ~€370,- (paid) Camera: Given! As you can see that is a lot of money. As ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland June 4th 2017

Hello familly, friends and unknown people of this world. My name is Dave Kole, i am 18 years old and i am going to Australia. Let me tell you first about me. I am a guy living in The Netherlands. I love watching movies and series. I do fitness and i work at a restaurant. So that is me. Now let me tell you about my journey to Australia. At the end of September i will be going to Australia to attend a school called YWAM Withsunday. What kind of school is that? It is a school where you will learn about faith and get to know God. This school is divided into two phases. Phase 1: the lecture phase. This take about 3 months of schooling on their base in Airlie Beach Queensland Australia. After ... read more

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