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June 4th 2017
Published: June 4th 2017
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Hello familly, friends and unknown people of this world.

My name is Dave Kole, i am 18 years old and i am going to Australia.

Let me tell you first about me. I am a guy living in The Netherlands. I love watching movies and series. I do fitness and i work at a restaurant. So that is me.

Now let me tell you about my journey to Australia. At the end of September i will be going to Australia to attend a school called YWAM Withsunday. What kind of school is that? It is a school where you will learn about faith and get to know God. This school is divided into two phases. Phase 1: the lecture phase. This take about 3 months of schooling on their base in Airlie Beach Queensland Australia. After those 3 months i will be going probably somewhere in Asia doing volunteering and telling the gospel for 2 months. After that i will get a diploma.

So why am i doing this? I grew up with faith all my life . But at some point it didn't really interrested me anymore. But it is still a part of my life. So i went looking into it again and now that i am older (18 not old at all) and thinking wiser i gues, i dont understand certain things. So i want to search some answers. I was planning on doing a gap year. So i was thinking what shall i do. I knew i wanted to backpack. Then i came up with you know maybe a DTS is a thing i could do. My parents did one so i knew the concept of it. I went searching for a backpack DTS prayed for it and here i am. I hope to find my answers there, learn a lot, have an amazing experience and helping other people at the same time. I will be leaving on the 26th of september for 6 months.

Here i will give you a link to the school with more information about it.

I write this blog for the people who are interested in following me on this journey. I will not only write but i am also planning on making weekly videos.

Thankyou for reading and i hope to see you here again!



7th July 2017

Hoi Dave, dat is een super plan. Heb je al een plannetje wat het gaat kosten en hoe je dat financieel gaat aanpakken ? groetjes, André Nieuwkerk
8th July 2017

Hoi André, Wat leuk dat u mijn blog hebt gelezen, Jaa ik heb zeker een plan. Ik heb verschillende dingen van mijn reis al betaald. Ik heb mijn les fase, vliegticket heen en visum al betaald. Wat ik nog bij elkaar moet zien te krijgen is de outreach fase, een vliegticket terug en een camera. Ik werk 2 baantjes en hier en daar nog ergens in de tuin. Ik werk ongeveer 7 dagen in de week. Ik kan aardig wat bij elkaar verdienen maar ik ga nog wel sponsors zoeken :). Groetjes Dave.
10th July 2017

Dan kijken we uit naar je plan en je bankrekening hoor. Het is fantastisch dat je dit avontuur gaat oppakken. groetjes André
10th July 2017

Hahah yess hartelijk bedankt! Ik heb nu net een nieuwe blog post online gegooid met daarin mijn bankrekeningnummer! Groetjes, Dave

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