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November 29th 2017
Published: November 29th 2017
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Dear people!

I got some exciting news and other stuff to tell you.

On December 27th i will be leaving Australia for outreach and i am going to Papua New Guinea!!!!! Woeeehoeeee!!! We are going to do some exciting stuff there. The first half we will be having a confrence and we will be giving a 2 week dicipelship training course. That is a dts but then smaller. For the second half our plans or not clear yet. We are still praying for what God would like to do next for us. I am so excited for this outreach to see how God will work through me and use me in his kingdom.

So during this DTS a couple of times i told God that i submit myself to him with everything i got. That i want him to use me in his kingdom and i will listen to him. By saying that there will be testing ofcourse. One of the biggest test came this week. We were worshipping monday morning and on the white board people had to write down the amount of money they still needed for outreach or monthly support. For me God has blessed me with all the finances that you guys have given me and with the job i had. Without God i would not be here in Australia. So for my outreach i just had enough money. With that being payed im pretty much broke. So we were praying to God that morning if God wanted us to give money to one of multiple of the persons on the board. While i was praying i had the sense of giving a big amoutn of money to a couple that is staffing here. I was like God are you serious i barely have enough for outreach myself, by giving this money i will not be able to pay for my outreach anymore and i would have to rely on your provision again. And that kind of made me scared. Even though he provided for me before i am still a bit scared. So i asked him for conformation, cause without it i was not sure if i would do it. Me praying and praying, shouting out to God for conformation i got a scripture, John 13:14. This scripture is about Jesus washing the feet of the deciples. Verse 14 reeds: ''And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each others feet. For me this scripture was the conformation saying I your Lord has blessed you with this DTS (washed your feet) you ought to bless others as well. So with that i gave the money to the 2 staff members for their dts costs.

After this I went in with full faith that God will provide me with money. And so he already did and still will. But i am not there yet. So i would like to ask for your prayers and if you feel God is telling you to sponsor me then i would be more then happy to receive.

I just want to thank you all for all that you have done for me for this Dts. For all your prayers, sponsoring, watching and reading. I can not thank you enough for what you have done because this has been the experience of my life and it has brought me so many new and cool things that have changed my life. Thank you.

God bless you,

Dave Kole


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