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Europe » United Kingdom » England May 6th 2016

The flight from DC to Manchester was uneventful, although fyi...there were plenty of empty seats, so I able to lay down and get a good sleep. Not sure if this is typical, but may be another reason to not fly into London. Another fyi...make sure you use a credit card for the car rental that covers the DLW. I found out my card did not, but thought I could just change to another card at the airport. I discovered this by reading small print that the car rental company required a letter from your credit card company, which they will sent via email. Anyway only way out of the glitch was to pay cancelation fee, and make a new reservation. Of course the price was not as good as the reservation I made months earlier, but ... read more
Beatles dining room

Since our travels to Peru Inca Trail and adventure in the jungles, Phil and I have talked about traveling about in Great Britain, (correct way to refer to the main island). Ruth is quite put out that I'm going without her, so I've committed to not going anywhere except England. Scotland, Wales, and Ireland will have to wait. As we planned our month long tour of England, Bill Bryson happened to come out with his book, "The Road to Little Dribbling." It basically is him reminiscing about his earlier travels in England and how they have maintained their beautiful countryside. As he manages to do in all his books, he points out little known information as he travels from village to village. He also enjoys taking time for a good number of hikes. Additionally, Phil speaks ... read more
UA100 - 757-200

North America » United States » Oregon July 3rd 2014

Ruth and I were amazed by the variety of landscapes...seaside, river valleys, mountain tops, grasslands, desert. The variety of wildflowers was just amazing, so I've put most of them in a separate blog.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 1st 2014

Today we head for Portland. I got up early to go for a walk down by the river. Interestingly, the river was calm with no wind, not at all like yesterday. Many of the locals get their morning exercise by paddle boarding. Back at the B&B, we continued our conversation from the night before, with another couple about windsurfing and kite boarding. We really enjoy B&Bs because of the people you meet. They had become amateur meteorologists, and assured us that 30 minutes down the road, Rooster Rock would have great windsurfing conditions. Unfortunately, we took too much time hiking, etc and missed seeing them windsurfing at Rooster Rock. It's only an hour away by interstate, but there are any number of waterfalls and overlooks to visit. Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls is a very popular ... read more
Paddle boarding on Columbia River
Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls

North America » United States » Oregon » Hood River June 29th 2014

Pretty crazy...30 min. ago we were at Lost Lake, cold and foggy, now it's hot and like a desert. We're near The Dalles, east of Hood River along the Columbia River Gorge. We stopped at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center some good information on the area. Several short hikes and headed toward Hood River. Looked like a lot of activity down by the river. We happened upon some kind of windsurfing and kite boarding competition. It was quite windy, so they were putting on quite the show. Then we went up to the B&B and getting settled. We got some info on recommended restaurant and headed down to one of the brew pubs. Full Sail Brewery had tables overlooking the river and the kite boarding competition. Villa Columbia B&B We had the Hood River ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Mount Hood June 27th 2014

Shortly after leaving Bend we stopped at Smith Rock State Park. The write ups made it sound like a popular place for rock climbing. It's apparently a pretty new park with a yurt as a visitors center...interesting story, just ask me about it. Anyway, gorgeous rock fromation and hiking trails...worth the stop. To the north of the park is a development for millionaire horse ranchers. They have donated $5M for the park's development. Further up OR 97 was Crooked River Gorge and railroad bridge. Then Crooked River National Grasslands recreation area. We're headed for Mt. Hood Timberland restaurant for lunch. We plan to stop there for lunch in the historic lodge. The closer we got the colder and cloudier it got. By the time we reached the lodge we could hardly see the snow plows working ... read more
Our Lost Lake view of Mt. Hood
Smith Rock State Park

North America » United States » Oregon » Bend June 25th 2014

We're making our way up OR Hwy 97, Ruth finds a mention of Collier Memorial Park logging museum. I have been curious about differentiating Douglas Fir from Ponderosa Pine, etc. We were pleasantly pleased to find an amazing assemblage of actual logging equipment. They were not open yet, but the self-guided walk and accompanying visual displays did a good job of explaining the logging process. Our next stop was Klamath Marsh NWR. Another great birding area in the Klamath Basin. I was again surprised by all of the grassy plains and cattle operations. Upon starting the drive, the forest was quite dry, but we cam across a little area of grass where it seemed many little bird would disappear in the grass, then reappear as they... read more
Collier Memorial Old Logging Equipment
Logging Info Display
Klamath - birding around natural spring

North America » United States » Oregon » Klamath Falls June 23rd 2014

Klamath Falls was on our itinerary for the bird watching at all the various marshes and wildlife refuges. We are staying at the Runny Y Ranch. We got into town in good time, checked out the visitor center to get oriented and maps. Then headed to Lower Klamath & Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuges in northern CA. Spotted a Spotted Owl fledgling sitting on a houses yard as we approached Lower Klamath NWR. They had a nice information center and a hike around a small pond...lots of birds. Then we took an auto-tour around Tule Lake. If this is what they have off-season, can only imagine during the spring/fall migration season. This should definitely be on your radar if interested in bird watching. Adjacent to Tule Lake is Lava Beds National Mo... read more
Lava tube (cave)
Seemed like airline jetway
Spotted Owlet

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland June 22nd 2014

Another traveling day, headed to Ashland. We are staying in Ashland for just one night, planning to catch one of the plays in town. Ashland is known for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We enjoyed a drive thru yet another kind of landscape, enjoying the grassy hillsides, when we saw a para-sailor. We stopped the car and notice another, then another, then another....20-30 and looked like one jumping of the mountain top every minute or so. Beautiful to watch. When we passed thru Jacksonville a banner over the mainstreet explained it was the para-sailor's national championship competition. It was pretty hot so we grabbed some ice cream at a shop we had noticed when we had dinner when staying in Gold Hill. We got to Ashland mid-day and thought it best to go down and buy ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Grants Pass June 20th 2014

Having left Crater Lake a day early and staying in Gold Hill made for a short, relaxing day to Cave Junction. We continued our lookout for Oregon wayside, parks, etc. and found one. A really interesting Botanical Wayside that looked like a "harsh environment" for plants. We followed a boardwalk thru a dry, grassy foothills area and surprised by it leading to another stand of the Darlingtonia pitcher plant. Apparently, in this dry area there was a natural spring of alkaline water that provided the perfect habitat for the plant. As we were approaching Cave Junction, Ruth exclaimed, "that looks like a place you would like." Turned around and found a funky complex of buildings with a sign - "It's a Burl." This place was a cooperative of woodworkers of rustic furniture primarily made of wood ... read more

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