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1st December 2007

Some fab photos and a nicely informative description of Adelaide - than you!
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13th July 2007

Amazing Race
This all reads like you two are now ready to take on the next adventure of the "Amazing Race".....great journal read through all this and look forward to hearing about the other side of the story after your return....all except the Al Gore part.
13th July 2007

Let's just make sure he's in the canoe
Let's see if we can arrange for him to be on our canoe paddle at Thanksgiving this year. We'll be creative ... It was an amazing trip for us also.
12th July 2007

Great Pics!
I have been so impressed with your travels! Jonah loves hearing about it! He only wishes that he could go with you somethime. I hear "WOW mom, where's that?" a lot. The boy looks up to his Great Uncle and Aunt! Take care Ben and Sarah
4th July 2007

you guys and your blackberries!!!
Claudia...thanks for clearing that up you're 14 hours behind. They even have 30 minute time changes in AUS to really goof you up.
From Blog: ...we are alive
4th July 2007

Thanks for updating...
...I was beginning to wonder if we were supposed to start getting worried about you two. Good to hear you are having fun. It probably helps to be severed from the net for awhile!! Another 5 hours until it is July 4th here.
From Blog: ...we are alive
25th June 2007

Really have been enjoying all your travels. I sometimes wish we were with you. You make it all seem so life like.
From Blog: Adelaide
15th June 2007

Happy Father's Day
Well, being that it is a day later there, I'm only sending this a day early. Just figured I'd wish you a good one before heading home for the weekend. p.s. Enjoy your time there instead of sitting at a computer uploading pictures and typing up stories for this blog.
14th June 2007

Greetings from Atlanta
Hi Steve and Ruth, The pics are great - just need to see more of Steve! Ha-Ha! Anyway, we are so jealous. Back here the drought continues altho we had a bit of rain this week. Looks like you might be sitting on a goldmine up in Summerville? See Sunday 6/10 front page. Take care and coninue the great trip! Love, Connie and Bill
14th June 2007

Glad someone is having fun
As always, I am enjoying your travel blogs. Keep posting the pictures as in some sense it gives me a feeling that I am traveling as well. Do stay on the left.
From Blog: West Coast
12th June 2007's winter
Couldn't find anyone to identify the tree, or any of the amazing trees so far. We have stopped at a couple of botanical gardens and learned a few names from the tree tags. It has been fall type weather in the north Isl;and and north end of South Island, but we saw snowy mountain peaks today, a glasier and lots of sand on the "frosty roads."
8th June 2007

So is it fall there? You look kind of bundled up.
24th April 2007

Hey Steve! I just read your blog and looked at your pictures: amazing!! Good to hear you enjoyed the wedding and you were able to have good conversations with you son in laws family (I guess these conversations were in Spanish, right?) I think you are back in Atlanta right now? I ve been traveling for four weeks and I am now in Yucatan, near Cancun. Next week I want to get scuba dive training. Mike
16th April 2007

Steve: I just read your entire blog. Your writing and obvious joy thorughout the trip was so touching. The people of Guatemala sound wounderful and what a great wedding. You are truly blessed.
10th April 2007

saludos de Minnesota
Hola, Steve! Luckily, Larry sent me your blog link. How exciting! I haven't read it all but all your pictures are beautiful and bringing back wonderful memories. I esp. love Semuc Champay. We went there about 4 years ago- in and out of caves and falls. How long will you be there? Please stop by our school to introduce yourself. My in-laws would love to have you visit. They live in a canton of San Felipe, Reu. You'd love their life out in the "jungle" of the coastal area. Send me an email if you'd like: Enjoy and good luck with your Spanish. My next comment will only be in Spanish.
2nd April 2007

Great Pics! I will be moving to Guatemala soon, and your pictures of Semuc Champey are beautiful!
1st April 2007

English as a second language
Hey amigo: The place looks great, the memories I am sure are priceless, the language..........I do hope your spanish is improving by leaps and bounds. The concrete jungle has not change, fast pace 2 steps forward one step back, 10 balls in the air, running through airports all the time and as usual hurry up and wait. The pollen is the worst is ever been, everything is yellow and it has not rained (maybe tomorrow). I do have to hand it to you, 9 1/2 hours on a chicken bus....NO WAY MAN. I am sure you will have fun at the wedding party with all the family. Saludes.
21st March 2007

What kind of coffee you been drinking???
So it has been two weeks plus and finally have the break I needed from the CC pace to actually read some of this......envious yes.......but have been wondering if all the travel adventure and language change is giving you somewhat of a culture shock on the inside??? Some of the stories are hilarious and others I wonder what kind of coffee you been drinking! Send more photos by paying more dinero for the web cafe time...........priceless. Have you found that diamond in the rough property yet?
From Blog: Week 2
20th March 2007

Week 2
I´m beginning to understand that I miss the impact you can have as an architect to provide quality buildings in our man made environment. I got frustrated treating office buildings as a commodity, rather than an opportunity to do a new and unique solution....still being complementary of course. Good commercial architecture is absent down least so far on this trip. I wish they could build buildings that will be worth saving a 100 yrs from now, like the churches and gov´t buildings. This is an amazing experience and likely to have a lasting impact on my "world view." Hope all is going well and good luck
From Blog: Week 2
20th March 2007

Steve, We miss you, but I am living vicariously through your travel blogs. Please don't's healing.
From Blog: Week 2
13th March 2007

Buenos Dias
Actually the instruction is one on one. Five hours 8-1 seventy five percent are european, from what I can tell cool at nights and hot sunny days, really it is too dust for me. I´ll get a photo of the bike, which is actually a reall good one, and myself for the next entry
13th March 2007

Buenas Noches
Querido Amigo: It does sound like you are having a great time, all away from the daily pressures of life in the big city. It is still kind of strange not to hear from you nor see you at CCA, I am sure this is the last thing you need to hear about. The photos look great and I am always looking forward to you posting new ones and letting us know how you are doing. How large is your class? All gringos or some europeans? How is the weather in or cold. How about a photo of the bike you have been riding.
8th March 2007

Where is Steve
Steve - I want to see a photo of you!! Prove to me that you are really there, and not making the whole thing up by cutting and pasting photos from the web. T.
7th March 2007

Thanks for your news!
What a great adventure...I'm envious! I can't wait to share this with brings back memories of our trip to Guatemala. I took Spanish a million years ago and remember a few things, like "loco in the cabaso(sp?). Thanks for sharing - have more fun.
6th March 2007

Steve - love the pics and news of your trip - keep 'em coming. Pictures are a little dark, but not too bad.
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