Gap year, forty years delayed

Published: March 27th 2017
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Since our travels to Peru Inca Trail and adventure in the jungles, Phil and I have talked about traveling about in Great Britain, (correct way to refer to the main island). Ruth is quite put out that I'm going without her, so I've committed to not going anywhere except England. Scotland, Wales, and Ireland will have to wait.

As we planned our month long tour of England, Bill Bryson happened to come out with his book, "The Road to Little Dribbling." It basically is him reminiscing about his earlier travels in England and how they have maintained their beautiful countryside. As he manages to do in all his books, he points out little known information as he travels from village to village. He also enjoys taking time for a good number of hikes.

Additionally, Phil speaks the language! What an advantage when traveling in a foreign country. It should be interesting to see how he dials up his native born Burton upon Trent accent. He moved to the states forty years ago.

I flew to Washington DC to meet Phil. Together, we flew into Manchester. Price was right and should be easier than busy London...especially since I will be doing all the driving.


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