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It´s been a couple days...the school is not open on Sabado or Domingo, and didn´t bother to track down an internet cafe. Excuse the typing, I have yet to find any two key boards alike, the special characters don´t correlate to the keys, and several keys stick, etc. It´s easy to find your way around Xela, as the volcano Santa MAria is always visible. Got up early Sabado to catch a ride to the nursery raising trees. Not exactly what I was expecting....looked like a moonscape. People are out in the middle of know where digging up the land to harvest dirt, sand and gravel to sell for construction. In the middle of all this is a small plot where ICA is working to raise trees for planting in gov´t designated areas and to the gov´t ... read more
Market day
Little girl

They were not kidding about being immursed! "Poco Ingles" from everyone I try to converse with. The director of the school, the homestay parents and children, and least of all the instructor assigned to me for the day. Libardo had suggested a guy for an instructor so I hope Monday is not such a brain drain. It was the end of the week so Maria was just for today. I need to go home and study. Tomorrow I head out early for a day of planting much spanish should I need to do that? ...hoping not much.... read more

Today was travel day. 10:15am flight from Atlanta to Guatemala City...three hours. Was lucky to get out on time with the tornadoes tracking from the west. The school had suggested someone meet me inlieu of a taxi and in hindsight that was great. You think Delta USA is amuck, Guatemala a lost cause. No working conveyence for the baggage and everyone just jumps in to grab their bag as all are in a hurry. I didn´t follow my instructions to my daughters over the year...concept of first on is last off, and paid for getting to Hartsfield early...yep, my bags were last. Anyway I did get to the bus station on time for the scheduled departure. Caitlin will appreciate that it had a toilet. Seemed like a four hour roller coaster ride, surprised the bus did ... read more
Guat City

Today was the first day of retirement...strange!! Now I've got to pack as I'm going to be in Xela this Thursday for four weeks of spanish classes before we celebrate the marriage of our daughter Caitlin to Libardo somewhere outside San Marcos on April 4th. My wife, Ruth, three daughters, Caitlin, Lydia, & Kendra and Kendra's husband Justin will join me March 31 for some sight seeing in Copan, Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and Zunil before heading over for the festivities. I'm looking forward to an adventure. ... read more

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