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Published: March 10th 2007
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I probably should not make a log today, but so many are writing that they are envious, that I thought I´d put some reality in the mix.

Everyone has been honking and blowing around the school and sure enough Thursday evening I came down with a headache and clogged head. This meant I would not be able to climb Volcan Tajulmuco, which I had really been looking forward to. Then I realized in addition to the usual city noises, dogs barking and roosters crowing at all hoursthat keep you from sleeping, I could hear megaphones down the street. About every 10 minutes I recognized the words GEORGE BUSH, I don´t recognize the spanish words yet, as I´m still in the written word phase. Can´t believe, nor anyone else down here, what he has in mind, but he´s here and demonstrations are everywhere, with many in blue hooded capes, which is supposedly where KKK got their idea. Anyway it´s pretty strange...fighter jets criss crossing the sky.

Not much more to report. We are still seriously into verbos. Hope to begin understanding speaking some this coming week. The children at the nursery have been a great help in learning, as they enjoy learning english.

I got the parts and got the bike fixed, but my butt is sore from the bumpy roads. You not only have to be on the lookout for big potholes, but also the corresponding boulder that has gotten dislodged. It makes getting around easier

It´s also been tough not being able to kiss Ruth goood night, see Lydia for her birthday, go kayaking with Matt, get together for our weekly tennis matches, and the other things we take for granted.

The people at the school are great. They plan a get together everyday with many out to the really neat areas surrounding Xela. I need to take more advantage of these when I don´t feel the need to study so much. (Libardo...Uuuunnnnaaa CCCCCabrrrrraaaa, porrrr favvvorrrrr)

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