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North America » United States » Oregon » Grants Pass June 19th 2014

By cancelling our night at Crater, we had a found day (and saved a good chunk of change). Ruth tried to see how to make our way to Cave Junction for our stay a the treehouses. I remembered a friend talking about a place called the "Oregon Vortex." It was located in Gold Hill. There was a B&B in Gold Hill, called them and they had a room available. Again, we found the Oregon Parks really nice. Lost Creek visitors center had a lot of information on wildlife and plants. A stroll along the creek was great for bird watching. We went to a fish hatchery and tried to get a straight answer. We are familiar with the Rainbow Trout here in GA. I know they were introduced here after the logging operations killed all the ... read more
Magnetic vortex - pretty weird

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake June 18th 2014

Looked like a pretty scenic and relaxing drive to Crater Lake, so we're gonna start with breakfast at Steamboat Inn. Took in a couple more hikes to waterfalls. Ruth saw something about a unique rock formation so we drove to find that. I have often commented I wish I would develop a relationship with a geologist, as I find the earth's formation fascinating and would love to travel with someone knowledgeable. In this case it looked like vertical columns of "crystallized" stone. We are seeing quite a variety of volcanic and plate tectonics in the various regions. It is particularly interesting to see evidence of rock layering on mountain tops that indicate at one time being at the bottom of a body of water. After posting one of the photos from our journey on Facebook, I ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Roseburg June 16th 2014

Initially, I was just looking for a place to stay to break up the trip from the coast over to Crater Lake. Eugene had no vacancies because of graduation at the university. I ended up contacting a guy who had three riverfront cottages exactly halfway. Randy was a little over-the-top in his description of the cottages and the available hiking to multiple waterfalls, but I'm ahead of myself... Ruth is in her zone with a map in her lap and the latest pamphlet in her hand indicating where we want to stop next. She tracked down a brochure with good birding spots in Oregon, so it served for our way-finding. After taking in a few hikes to view some waterfalls, we stopped at a place also known to have a herd of elk. Sure enough, ... read more
Dendragapus obscurus

North America » United States » Oregon June 14th 2014

Taking our time, we worked our way south along the coast. A hike at a rare coastal prairie was absolutely delightful, and a hint of the variety of wildflowers we will see on this trip. We stopped at Cape Perpetua National Forest Scenic Area, which proved to be one of our favorite stops on the entire trip. The lava rock coast with all the "blow holes" was amazing. Small pools in the rock were filled with frog tadpoles. The hike was delightful. We were again reminded of all the results of the CCC during the depression...makes you pause. Further down the coast we stopped at the Sea Lion Caves. This has all the trappings of a tourist trap, but we ended up really enjoying the stop. The cave was discovered in 1880 by a sea captain, ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Cape Lookout June 12th 2014

Flew into Portland, and immediately drove over to the coast for our stay at Cape Lookout B&B. Katie & Jim have made their home a great B&B...quiet setting, super breakfasts and great suggestions for taking in the sites. Jim also gave a good suggestions for our day of scoping out the coast up to Astoria and back. Not sure why, maybe confusion, but there were more than one Haystack rock formations along the coast. Regardless the beaches were beautiful, not what I was expecting after our trips to Pacific coast travels in CA. We went up to Astoria. We enjoyed the Maritime Museum url= , always enjoy learnin... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta June 1st 2014

After being home a few days, I still can't get over how amazing the month in Peru really was, almost perfect. I am finding it difficult to answer inquisitive people w/o going into a long answer. We had the chance to live and learn about a totally different culture and society. We got a different perspective on various historical events. And Phil and I had a chance to get to know each other better. We now have acquaintances from literally all over the globe. A couple of things keep coming to mind... The LAN Airline In-Magazine has a message from their CEO titled "Building Bridges." He was making the point that as social beings we all feel the need to be connected to others. This is demonstrated by the billions of people using Facebook, Twitter, and ... read more
Trail group
Eddy - explaining Inca lookouts
Caesar - and crew

South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park May 23rd 2014

Here's the plan - Back on the boat early in the morning, we head downstream to the small mining village Boca Colorado. Here and in Mazuco later on, you can see the negative effects of certain human activities on the delicate ecological balance of the rainforest. We take local transportation until crossing the Inambari River. On the other side, our van is waiting to take you over a newly paved road, through beautiful cloud and elfin forest. Near Cusco, you have stunning views of the Ausangate Mountain.Cusco is reached in the early evening. Approx. 12 hrs journey. We're up before first light to get on the boat for 4hr boat ride. We'll have breakfast on the boat. All the sand bars provides plenty of opportunity to see lots of birds, mostly ones we have seen, but ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park May 20th 2014

Many of you who have been shaking your head, and have really no interest in bush banos and cold showers would love Tambo Blanquillo. The facilities are really quite nice, hot showers, and an amazing number of great things to do. Although the global economy seems to have taken its toll on other lodges, this one is expanding. All of the accommodations to date have been single beds and share toilets, they are building a few cottages with full sized beds and toilets en-suite. They even had a bar, but I was too tired and not up for any late nights. At first light we head to the macaw lick to watch the dazzling spectacle of hundreds of parakeets, parrots and big macaws eating clay. Interesting, that this clay lick seems to be much more ... read more
Macaws at clay lick

South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park May 18th 2014

We've settled into our jungle lodging, candle light at night, sharing the toilets and cold showers with the resident black tarantula. Up early for a hike, often before breakfast. Mid-morning hike, lunch and siesta. Late afternoon hike, dinner and then a night hike. The Rainforest is a Fascinating Place! A highlight of our stay here was the time spent on Lake Salvador. Michel had taken the opportunity to sign up two slots on the lake. The previous evening was amazing, but we were wanting to spot the rare giant river otter. We were more than rewarded as the family not only showed up, but performed for us right in front of the boat. We also identified a lot of birds...I've added approx. 125 birds to my list. The afternoon hike was centered around tracking down monkeys ... read more
Otters feeding on fish

South America » Peru » Cusco » Manu National Park May 18th 2014

Safe water - ✔ Bananas - ✔ Extra outboard motor - ✔ Today we take a 6-hr boat ride deeper into Manu Reserve Zone. First we stop for a swim in a hot springs. There we'll meet, Michel, our guide for the remainder of our trip, and pick up four people who will join us. Their English accent sounds familiar...yep, all four from UK. I've been giving Phil a hard time, as he has cranked up the British accent since we landed in Peru. I can only imagine how it will go now! The expression of people separated by a common language came to mind. No sooner than taking off, we pulled over to the river edge to trade bread for Chicha de jora; the Peruvian version of corn beer. They passed it around the boat ... read more
Hot Springs
Typical home - swap bread for "beer"

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