Ben and Charmaine


Ben and Charmaine

Well we are travelling together and want to experience everything that we can!

Oceania November 24th 2009

After a really cool night last night we had to be up and out at 8.45...damn it, but it was good that we were gona get it out the way so to speak. We booked on with some Sweeds that we have been travelling with the whole time Matthias and Rick also Jamie; and another new addition to team Sweden Martin and a few other faces that we knew. Basically everyone we had met before. The vibe was quiet as everyone had gone out the night before so they were all feeling rather tired. We arrived after a 45minute bus journey up the mountain and then shown what to do, put harnesses on and everything……They get you go over to the cable cart and you jump in weight order, so your waiting around if your lightest,,,,then ... read more
Bit nervous
Erm this was the little car we got out thtere..nice
Getting prepared

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 23rd 2009

Today was a bit of a chilling day, mentally preparing myself for tomorrow morning for the Nevis Bungy jump at 9am. You know what this means...not going to drink tonight as i dont wana be throwing up whilst freefalling 134m... na... not cool. So we had a little shop around, grabbed some lovely junk food. Enjoying the summer sun, chilling out on the beach or walking anywhere without a worry in the world..well only money of course but we'll forget that one. Tonight we didnt plan to go out as had to be up so thought it was a bad idea. About 7pm came around...hmm...met up with most of the guys that were doing the bungy with me tomorrow...shall we grab a cheeky one when its happy yer i suppose 1 wouldnt hurt...well its still ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 22nd 2009

Leaving Wanaka at 9am this morning and heading down to Queenstown woooo…Another scenic journey, not that im getting bored of the amazing mountains but it just takes so long to get everywhere. I suppose though we are travelling down a whole country On the way we stopped at the 45th parallel. For most people that don’t know, the world is on an axis, 90 degrees to the worlds axis is like 90 degrees (which is the equator) and the 45th parallel is like 45 degrees. So we were now into the bottom quarter of the world. Apparently only 5% of the worlds population will ever go into the 45th parallel. Little fact for you there. Soon after we then stopped at a Bungy place, the worlds first commercial one in fact. We watched a DVD and ... read more
Beach and QT

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 21st 2009

Up bright an early today….great!…not. Na wasn’t too bad even though you can see many people do not like the early starts but as were heading to Wanaka today it was a 6 hour journey but we have many stops planned apparently. Today was ridiculous with the stops, there must have been about 6 10min stops for random crap. A breakfast stop, a waterfall with an optical illusion (in the pouring rain), a food stop, a stop to eat the food, lake wanaka stop, another lake stop. Every 2 bloody minutes, you know most people are trying to dose off and then he comes back on the microphone blabbering away. Jesus give it a break man! Anyways we eventually arrive at about 3pm, straight away to the supermarket which is literally behind the hostel, end up ... read more
Another cool pic
All new, down to the bar

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 20th 2009

Another lovely lie in today. Feeling fresh for us both to have a little chilling out again. As we were on the move the whole time on the north island its nice to chill out as we have loads of time left. Today is just about chilling out taking some photos and sorting out our bags really…hard life once again eh!.. Didn’t do too much although decided at about 7:30pm that we were gona eat in the Monsoon Bar which was the bar that was on the resort…The resort name was Rainforest Retreat. We ended up playing pool and I got chatting to this guy, turns out he is from Hythe. His name is Tom and he plays/played football with lots of my friends. He even went out with a girl that I know, how strange. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 19th 2009

I managed to sort out some stuff on the internet and banking etc and then about 12:30 the next bus arrived with the people that we left in Nelson. We met up with Phillip, Tim, Holly, James, Jamie and Jenny, along with all the other people on the previous bus. We had a little chat and then I went in the hot tub..erm yer when I say hot I mean hot…turns out the thermostat had been changed and not set correctly so it was reading about 45degrees instead of 40. Now 5 degrees is a big old difference. So I was in there for a few hours while Charmaine was having trouble with the internet, bless her. Turns out the memory card is too big for the poor computers here to read, so she spent all ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 18th 2009

Today up bright and early…im talking 8ish..well that’s early enough. We had to be at the glacier walking by 9:15 so plenty of time to wake up. Arrived promptly and were soon told what to do, where to get things etc. We were given hiking boots, spikes for the ice which clipped onto the boots, rain coats, optional hats and gloves but we purchased ours before anyways…erm…that’s it I think…oh and thick socks too if we wanted. Soon we were getting on the bus in direction to the national park and the glacier. We arrived about 10mins later then were walked through a little foresty kind of bit then all of a sudden it opened up. The glacier…it looked so close and yet so small, the day was perfect and sunny and as I peered over ... read more
charmaine climbing
in a glacier
cool man, icing it up

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 17th 2009

Today up bright and early no problem, about 8am ish and the coach was due to leave at 9am. We were heading to Franz Josef. YAY…A place we have both been looking forward to because of the amazing scenery and the glacier walk which I cant wait for. We took a short trip to a place called Pukekura. We stopped and went into a café/museum of a famous guy that used to catch the deer in New Zealand when they were ruining the countrys rainforests. It all started when they tried to introduce mammals on here as it was only birds that were on the island. The put a few animals, possums, deer and a couple more, they soon realised that the possums were killing everything and they still have a hold over them now, if ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island November 12th 2009

Up bright an early today infact I got up at 7:30am…this must have been enough sleep for me as I woke up by myself, no alarm or anything, only to my surprise a bloody cat on my bed which I was not impressed with. All in all River Valley lodge….NOT A FAN… Went downstairs at about 8:20 ready for this awesome adventure, oh by the way the Rangitikei River has grade 5 rapids, infact it has 10 grade 5 rapids, the most is grade 6, this is only for professionals, like the guides only though.…WOW. Now the trip is going to last about 5 ½ hours and In total 3 hours on the water consisting of 12km trip. IT WAS AMAZING, I fell out only once but we did another jump like yesterday this was about ... read more
our team
look at the smiler
getting out alive

Oceania » New Zealand November 11th 2009

Today…first thing…not feeling too bad. Quite impressed with ourselves really, maybe the hangover hasn’t kicked in yet, quick Charmaine get them ibuprofen..oops sorry I mean ibufofen….(haha…private joke) On the bus we all got, some people were so tired, some people were so ill, some people were still even drunk, it was a funny morning I think everyone went full out…silly eh! Now we have about a 4hour bus ride to River Valley. Today we stopped randomly at a waterfall…JP the bus driver said did anyone want to jump in?…he said it was about 3m, so willing I said yer why not, its not that high…we all walked down this path to this lovely waterfall and as we looked down….what a liar, no way was it 3m, it was more like 7 or 8m, bearing in mind, ... read more

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