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Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué March 22nd 2013

Have just arrived in Hue, perhaps not in the best of moods after a mammoth journey over the past day and a half, will get to that a bit later. This might be a bit of a long one, so... First off, Hanoi. Spent three days in the city, just wandering around and enjoying the relatively cool weather. I know that it’s probably about 5 degrees wherever you are reading this from now, but 25 degrees in Hanoi was nice and cool after the Bangkok heat. That said, I’ve been in Vietnam for ten days now and have barely seen the sun once. It was nice at first, but I soon grew tired of overcast skies and serious humidity. It also rained in Hanoi for a day or ... read more
Ikea Have Apparently Made it to Hanoi
Dog Meat for Dinner?
The Sapa Countryside

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué March 10th 2013

Right. I've been incredibly lazy over the last few weeks, the last time I wrote a blog was back in Thailand and since then I've travelled down the Mekong River in to Laos, been to pearly blue waterfalls and caves full of Buddhas in Luang Prabang, travelled from Luang Prabang to Vientiane on the deathly roads through the night traversing the stunning karst mountains, visited a charity in Vientiane which specialises in limb replacement for those injured by UXOs from the secret war, flew from Vientiane to Hanoi in Vietnam, experienced the best booze cruise through Halong Bay- one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, night bussed it to Hue to relax on pearly white beaches and visit another UNESCO world heritage site. So all in all a hell of a lot to cover ... read more
Cope- Vientiane
Halong Bay
Castaway Island- Halong Bay

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué March 4th 2013

Allo tout le monde! Ca fait longtemps que j'ai ecrit, presque 2 semaines! Fred, tu avais raison, c'est de la job un blog (et maintenant plus complique puisque je n'ai pas toujours assez a un poste...)! En tout cas, j'en ai fait du chemin depuis Hoi An! Il me semble qu'au Vietnam je n'arrete pas de me deplacer; c'est un feu roulant mais ca vaut la peine! Donc allons y avec Hoi An. C'est un beau spot aussi, avec une vieille ville. Il y a le vieux pont japonais, les vieilles maisons, quelques pagodes et beaucoup de boutiques. On a presque l'impression d'etre en Europe. Specialite la bas, la confection de vetements. Ils font du sur mesure pour pas cher du tout. Je me suis fait faire un Ao Dai (ensemble traditionnel vietnamien) et un pantalon ... read more
Hoi An
Marble Mountain
Col des nuages

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué February 8th 2013

Days 140-141 (Fri 25th – Sat 26thJan) Hue So I arrived in Hue after the night bus getting in around 9am. I knew this would be too early to check in plus it was hammering it down with rain so I got breakfast with 2 Swiss girls before heading off to my hostel. I checked in but my room wasn’t ready which was a pain as I was shattered. When I finally got into my room I had a brief nap for an hour or so. I tend to get none or very little sleep on these overnight ventures. I get what seems like jet lag but from a coach. Most of these trips are far longer than any flight I’ve been on. I tend to need most the following day to recover. I headed out ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué January 31st 2013

John back in the blogging saddle again so hold tight! Thank the Buddha, Confucius and Tao Di that we have only one train journey to do on this trip and we've done it!! A two hour train journey from Hue to Da Nang delayed by over an hour, seats that were either bolt upright or completely horizontal and a loo I'm not even going to attempt to describe - and this blog addicts was First Class...and in comparison with the rest of the train it was!!! Still it got us there and Sally enjoyed a bit of 'living on the edge' although I noticed she didn't go to the loo. However scenery was dramatic and gorgeous and we met some nice fellow travellers on the way. As rough as the train was, Hoi An is beautiful ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué January 29th 2013

Hi again! We are now about to leave beautiful Hue. We have been to the Imperial Palace- beautifully restored and even had a drink in the Queen Mother's pleasure garden! It was really hot and we thought yes- this is hot weather nowbut the next day was grey. You were right Em about those skies!! But great for walking so arranged a day city tour which visited 3 famous emperor tombs. The first very regal and all decorated in red and yellow with poems and paintings on the walls and pillars. Blog fact coming up- it was cleverly built and if you go to google earth ( Minh Mang tomb) you will see it is built in shape of a man!!!Next tomb was on 3 levels with loads of huge statues guarding it all in stone ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué January 12th 2013

Op 28 december 's avonds aangekomen in Hoi An ben ik meteen gaan slapen wegens hevige hoofdpijn. De volgende ochtend voelde ik met nog slechter en stond op met een grieperig gevoel. Waarschijnlijk iets opgedaan in Sapa waar ik niet echt voorzien was op de kou met mijn overwegend zomerse kledij. Op 29 en 30 december heb ik dan ook niks kunnen doen omdat ik te ziek was. Het stond mij wel in staat mijn blog eens een ferme update te geven wat nodig was. Ik heb dus jammer genoeg niks van Hoi An kunnen zien en verplaatste mij op 31 december naar het naburige Hué met de Trein vanuit Da Nang. Daar had ik mij voor nieuwjaar een Hotel geboekt omdat de weinig Hostels die er in Hué te vinden zijn allemaal volgeboekt waren. Op ... read more
enkele van de vele miljoenen bommen
in een tunnel
dit konden de Vietnamezen niet wegnemen uit de basis wegens .. wel ja te zwaar :)

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué December 24th 2012

Geo: 16.4635, 107.585I was completely relieved to reach Hue on Christmas Eve, I thought I might be celebrating Christmas on my own, somewhere in the mountains along the Ho Chi Minh (HCM) trail, but instead I used all my strength and will power to get here, it was really tough going, but I made it. I get checked into my dorm although there is no one around at the minute so I've no idea who I'm staying with yet, grab a nice hot shower and change into dry clothes which is a welcome relief after the weather getting here. I strip everything off and put in a bag of laundry, but my poor wee bike is abandoned across in the car park where it will be secure, so once I'm all organized, I set out to ... read more
Christmas lunch
Christmas lunch
Staff in hostel

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué December 3rd 2012

We arrived in Hue, a city north of Hoi An and highly recommended as a "must see" by The Lonely Planet (our guide book), in the early morning of November 30. A staff member from our hotel greeted us at the bus stop and got us a taxi to the hotel, leading the way on his motobike, the common term for moped in these parts. There we were greeted by a friendly staff who brought us cold, wet towels and fresh lemonade on the spot before sitting us down with a map of the city and giving us suggestions for where to go and what to see. They then showed us to our room, which was quite nice but for some reason was filled with an unpleasant smell coming from the bathroom...we shyly informed them of ... read more
Citadel moat
Hungry fish in the moat!
Inside the Citadel

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué November 25th 2012

We didn't expect to stay long in Hue (pronounced H-way, hence the title) and didn't really have anything planned while we were there, but as soon as we arrived we liked the feel of the city and knew we would be staying an extra day or two. The sleeper bus from Ninh Binh wasn't too bad, apart from the Vietnamese dance music blasting out loudly which woke us all up - this would have been great in a club but not on a bus at 6am! We had met another couple on the bus, who actually live in Enfield (small world) so along with Hannah & Leigh the 6 of us set off to find some accomodation. For once we had been dropped off near the centre of town and so found a nice hotel for ... read more
Great views over the Hai Van Pass
River in Hue
On top of Marble Mountain

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