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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta November 14th 2005

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta November 10th 2005

Did you think you had lost us? this is not meant to be an outright call to Hal's dad, but rather for those of you who understand, a description of our activities of late. for those of you who dont understand, well, we will explain sometime soon. Alas, we have been finding Nemo. And it turns out (we asked him) he didnt actually want to be found. He was happily enjoying himself in the warmth of the Andaman sea. He has made many new friends, and we are happy to report, is not considering swimming off the shelf anytime soon. while he misses his dad dearly, he couldnt bring himself to phone home and explain why his new domicile was a great improvement on the last. And as for Bruce, well, he's really quite small in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta November 8th 2005

...or how are you? (to those of you who don't speak Thai!!). Thanks again for your happy (and often crazy) messages. Please keep them coming as they really do cheer me up whenever I'm feeling a little low. I was going to add an entry a few days ago but I wanted to wait until I had lots of photos before updating it. Unfortunately, after tinkering with my camera and being a bit girly, I accidentally managed to wipe all of the photos and video clips I had taken which means that everything prior to yesterday is gone. Boo Hoo!! So all I can show you are some photos of Koh Lanta, in Krabi and Kata Beach, Phuket which is where I am today. My third stop after leaving Cambodia was Patong in Phuket (aka ladyboy ... read more
Koh Lanta beach by day
The beautiful sunset on Long beach
Kata Bay

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta October 14th 2005

Hello everyone, We arrived in Satun just over the Thai border and got a major shock! There was a festival on in the town called the Vegetarian Festival. It's a buddhist festival that involves acts of self mutilation!!! One minute we were strolling down the road with our backpacks trying to find out how to get to Krabi, the next we were seeing a parade of men with metal skewrs pierced through their faces and pretty much every part of their body, others with machatties, saws and axes slicing their faces and even lips (giving themselves a chelsea smie!). It was totally surreal, blood everywhere, we were thinking what have we left ourselves in for!!! We knew nothing about this festival before arriving there but we've read up a little bit about it since and discovered ... read more
The beach in Ko Lanta
The Sanctuary
The amazing sunset

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta April 19th 2005

*NOTE* Please check out new pic in Cambodia section! Forget to install it last time. It's of the whole family at Angkor Wat! KO LANTA: Luckily, on our return to Thailand, the border crossing was less harrowing but still long:) We headed back to Bangkok via an "air conditioned" bus (I've learned this is an euphemism for "blowing hot air"). The next morning we headed to the south of Thailand to meet up with Dave's parents and family friends. We flew to Krabi and then took an extremely claustrophobic van (low ceilings, no leg room) that was also "air conditioned" for the three and a half hour drive to Ko Lanta. This is just one of the many islands the make-up the south of Thailand which were 'hit' by the tsunami. We had a great few ... read more
Sunset Over Ko Lanta
Bangkok Temple

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 4th 2005

Has been a while since my last update, so here goes: Left ghost-town Krabi and got a minibus (via 2 car ferries) to an island called Ko Lanta. We were told that it had not been badly damaged by Tsunami and that they were desperate for tourists to return as the people were struggling to make ends meet. It was really quiet in Ko Lanta. We stayed in one place for 2 nights way down the south of island where no one goes even when the island was busy, so we had the beach to ourselves there. The hut had a great view from a hill over the bay, and it was interesting talking to the staff about what the Tsunami looked like when it happened. They had a bar there and people seemed to come ... read more
Traffic Lights
Koh Lanta

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 27th 2005

I know it's been a couple of days and the only excuse I have is that I'm on vacation and just haven't felt like writing, but today I have some time so here goes... Last night was one of my favorites so far. We dropped anchor off Ko Lanta and spent "happy hour" at a recently rebuilt bar on the beach called Relax Bay and, well, what was there to do there BUT relax? And so we did. Of course, all you had to do was glance down the beach and see the remains of debris that had been deposited by the tsunami...longtail boats, driftwood, and even a bed. When we arrived, a Dido CD was playing over their speaker system. Next to the bar, 4 hammocks beckoned. We all ordered a mix of fru-fru drinks ... read more
Relax Bay Hammocks
Hammock Time
Joy & Wolfgang

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