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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 19th 2019

Despite being super tired after the animal rescue experience, I managed to stay awake long enough to go to the Thai boxing stadium (grand word, in this case) at the end of the road. This was achieved by eating cake and drinking fresh limeade. I think some places make the farangs buy the VIP seats right in front of the ring, but I managed to get a cheaper one for the tiers. Still a farang price, 800b. It was very uncomfortable sitting on the shonky planks with huge gaps in them. It was supposed to start at 9 but was about 45 mins late, by which time I was regretting it. I could see some young boys warming up on the other side and there was an Aussie guy giving the English commentary and explaining the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 17th 2019

I am so happy on this island. I want to come for a month next year, but really need to be able to ride a scooter to get full advantage. YouTube it is, then! Today was something I’d planned to do since I knew I was coming here, to volunteer for a day at Lanta Animal Welfare, and see if I wanted to do it another day too. I emailed them before and said I’d turn up at 9 and stay until 5. The coordinator replied, no problem. I was super keen to hand over the bag of stuff I’d brought from home. Their website has a list of things they need, medical supplies, collars etc. Our lovely neighbour Helen had given me some worming tablets and I’d bought some stuff too. I was happy for ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 16th 2019

Today was a beach day. I was up super early after being disturbed by some loud Germans chatting away in the reception area until midnight. Not really their fault, just wished they’d bugger off to bed already! I had breakfast at Aleena’s Minimart, lovely porridge and banana, a cup of tea and a sandwich to takeaway for lunch. Fab, fab selection of food there, but there’s no shortage of options along the lane. I chatted to an Italian guy who’d been in the same restaurant last night, recovering from a few days of being ill. I was the first English person he’d been able to understand. My training must have stood for something, then.... There are sunbeds on the beach with trees for shade, in front of a minimarket and massage place. What a contrast to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 15th 2019

Travel day. I decided to come here by minibus. The other option was ferry via Railay to Saladan Pier, and then inevitably getting ripped off by a tuktuk driver. They know you have no choice. The minivan was cheaper, 350b, and offers a hotel to hotel service which may or may not work. In the case of the two girls going to Lanta Old Town, it didn’t. Only to the beaches at the top of the west coast. I got picked up at 10am, really promptly, and we made our way up the hill, picking others up in the cheaper hostels as we went. Got to the company ticket office in Krabi (there are many bus depots and one main station) in Walking Street and we all got out with our bags and exchanged our tickets ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta April 22nd 2018

For our last few days on the island of Ko Lanta we moved to the south end of Long Beach. As the name suggests the beach is very long, about 2 - 3 kms. We'd been staying around the middle area but Sharon and Scott went to the south end when they returned from Australia. The area around us had become very quiet as we were getting into low season so we decided to move too. We found a lovely shady resort with a nice pool and because it was now low season we got it for a knock down price. 500Baht ( ( £11) a night. We've been spending time with Sharon and co at their pool and beach area and were also able to meet up for dinner easily in the nearby restaurant. One ... read more
Relax Bay
Path over the headland
The next bay we came to

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta April 18th 2018

After our quick stop over in Kuala Lumpur we flew back to Krabi. Sharon and Scott were not returning to Ko Lanta for a few days yet so we decided to stay over in Krabi and spend a day visiting Railay Beach. Well 3 beaches actually. It's a place we stayed at a few years ago and wanted to see how it had changed. The scenery is spectacular , a peninsular backed by tall lime karsts. The only way to get to it is by boat. Each time we'd walked out of our guest house near the pier we were accosted by touts getting to take the trip there. By 9am we'd had breakfast and were ready to go. The tout marched behind us yabbering away but we bought the ticket at the main office anyway. ... read more
Railay Beach
Longtail boats selling lunch
The crowds move in

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta March 28th 2018

Nach den beiden doch eher touristischen Orten Phuket und Phi Phi zog es mich dann weiter nach Koh Lanta. Mit der Fähre legte ich auf der Naturbelassenen Insel an und wurde mit einem Tuk Tuk direkt vor das Hostel gebracht. Es scheint als gebe es nur eine Strasse auf dieser Insel, welche die gut 30km lange Insel vom Norden Richtung Süden verbindet – und wie sich in den nächsten Tagen herausstellte, gibt es wirklich nur eine Hauptstrasse. Naja, Naturinsel halt. Sogleich im Hostel coole Leute kennengelernt und dann auch bereits am gleichen Abend eine 4 Island Tour für den nächsten Morgen gebucht. Tagwache 07:30! Und das obwohl ich eigentlich nach der Sauferei im Hangover Hostel auf Phi Phi mal dringend Schlaf benötigen würde. Noch am gleichen Abend ging es mit einer grossen Clique Abendessen und danach ... read more
Die Höhle vom kleinen Strand
Mittagessen auf Koh Ngai

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta March 25th 2018

The last few weeks have been mostly family time. We've spent a lot of time just bumming on the beach and in the sea, Jake and Kyla are really beginning to swim well alone and because there has been up to four adults with them they could practice swimming from one to another in relative safety without floatation aids. For a change from the sea we all visited a water park one day which proved to be fun for both adults and children with crazy water slides that hurled you into the pool at break neck speed and huge floating things that crept up on you in the breeze like some kind of monster. There was also a restaurant on the next beach front along that had a children's pool full of slides and water fountains. ... read more
Play mates
Learning to snorkel.

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta March 11th 2018

After our little adventure jungle trekking it was back to more island time. We returned to Ko Lanta and before we'd barely opened our bags in the new bungalow Sharon, Scott , Kyla and Jake came calling round to see us. Jake needed his boat fixing and had kept wanting to know where Grandpa was!! So for the last couple of weeks we've been alternating between doing the family thing.....Beach, rock pools, swimming, family dinners etc and partying at night. The temperature here is getting hotter by the day. ( sorry to rub it in, you people in Britain) so our main objective is keeping cool in the afternoon when the sun it at its highest and the trees lining the beach no longer offer shade. We did have a major downpour of rain one afternoon ... read more
Our second bungalow at Blue Sky
Three families dining out at Thaicat restaurant on the beach
Sun going down

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 17th 2018

This trip started off with a few scary moments. I woke and noticed a brightness outside despite it only being 4am in mid winter. Looking out the bedroom window the thing we'd been dreading had happened. Everywhere was covered in a blanket if snow. Our taxi was due to pick us up at 5.15am to take us to the airport. By 5.20 when it hadn't arrived I began to feel nervous so phoned the taxi company who assured me a cab was on it's way. 10 minutes later it pulled up outside, the driver jumped out and proceeded to scrape ice from his windows. He confessed to us that he'd just been woken up and asked to take us and to be quick about it, apparently non of the drivers on the nightshift were prepared to ... read more
Chilling outside our new home
And inside
First dinner all together at Thaicat restaurant

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