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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta April 7th 2020

.With a feeling of great relief we landed back in the ' Land of Smiles' i.e. Thailand. Phuket to be exact. We had originally intended to spend our last two weeks exploring new places in Thailand but what with the threat of flights being cancelled due to Corona virus and my eye problem that was steadily getting worse, we made the decision to just return to Ko Lanta. Being a relatively small island is was slightly shielded from the rest of the world, and hopefully Corona. As each day had passed we were getting more and more news of it's spread and it seemed we had just got out of India in time. It was only 6.30 am when we landed and getting through passport control was particularly fast. Phuket is a major tourist place for ... read more
Cooking class
Quiet beaches as the crowds gradually go home
Waiting at a bar with no beer

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 17th 2020

Oh! We do have interesting journeys and we certainly travel in style! The small dirty pick-up truck that arrived at 9.15 a.m. on Saturday morning to take us to the pier on Koh Jum, already had four people on board, one of whom was very large. We had to climb up over the tailboard and sit with our rucksacks between our knees in a tiny space and hang on tight as we bumped along. The two young boatmen in charge of our Long-tail, were very chilled out, smoking weed as they navigated through the mangroves and then out to sea; the aroma wafted all around us as we chugged along across the Andaman waves. Eventually, “Land Ahoy!” there was the island of Koh Lanta, with its nice solid-looking wooden pier, before us. However, unlike the ferry ... read more
Koh Jum jetty
Farewell Koh Jum
Last beach on Koh Lanta west coast

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 7th 2020

Our time in Thailand is quickly coming to an end. We spent the last few days on Ko Lanta trying to cram everything in. We did a last long walk to Bamboo beach. Pia and Antti, our friends from Finland, came along too. It turned out to be a lovely, if not sweaty, day out and we were happy to have shared the experience with them. ( not the sweaty bit!!) After a long, much needed, siesta, we met up again that evening at Aleena mini mart for a beer and then went along to Irie Bar to see the live band there. Its the nearest thing to a night club here. Open air, lots of cushions on wooden platforms , a stage and a small dance floor. Lots of coloured lights and, of course, stars ... read more
Bang Tao beach
Our last night at Aleena Mini Mart
Leaving Saladan Pier, Ko Lanta

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 5th 2020

So having stayed here for 2 nights so that I could visit the sea gypsy village to the south of the town, it didn’t work out like that, the reason being that instead of being just after the pier as I had imagined it was an hours’ walk, so that was the end of that! I was awake at 3.30 am thanks to the cockerels. When I counted them later there are at least 14 living opposite amongst the abandoned car parts, bikes and other rubbish. That’s about 14 too many, IMHO. When I left this morning the family were working on their fish catch, descaling and gutting. The scales on the white snapper were huge, the size of 10p pieces, and they were pushing them down a hole in the concrete, presumably (hopefully) for the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 4th 2020

Sitting having breakfast on a restaurant over the sea (tide out). My bargain transfer worked! I was quite sad to leave Best House today, especially as last night one couple was trundling a trolley with many cases of beer on it, saying they’d bought enough for 4 weeks. I vaguely considered cancelling my plans and just staying put for 3 more weeks, but that would have been costly and unadventurous. And I was looking forward to staying in the Old Town. Not that there’s much to it. So I trundled my bag along the stony road to the travel agent at 8 o’clock, to be super sure my lift would materialise. It is so so quiet in the morning. The guy didn’t looked surprised or furtive, so I was encouraged, and at 8.20 a songthaew rolled ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 2nd 2020

After a pleasant dinner in " Somewhere Else " restaurant we sauntered over to Aleena Mini Mart for our usual after dinner drink. As always the long wooden tables were crammed with people from all nations eating street food and enjoying a cold beer or two from the mini mart. We stood scanning the scene deciding which table to join when a girl came rushing over to us asking if we remembered them. They'd met us there two years ago and had been wondering if we would be here again this year. After a few moments I got my brain into gear and , yes, I did remember them. We joined them at their table and the memories came flooding back. They remember Sharon and Scott and of course ' the sweet little blonde haired children' ... read more
Sea Krait
Antee and Pia, our friends from Finland.

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta February 2nd 2020

Basically, my days have been get up at 7.30, breakfast and buy a picnic lunch, go to the beach and stay there all day. Having been here before and after an overview of the other (rockier) beaches further south, Long Beach is just perfect for relaxing, swimming and reading a book. The best I ever is 8am, not too hot, people doing yoga type things, so peaceful. Although there are mainly backpacker type huts here, some rather wonky on their legs and with shared bathrooms, the average age of tourist is around retirement age and Swedish, with a few intrepid parents and babies. The Aleena Minimarket is the best social space to meet people as you can just get a cheap beer from inside and sit there all night chatting, always someone to engage with. And ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 31st 2020

After a few days of doing not a lot, besides people watching on the beach, snorkelling, watching sunsets and trying out different restaurants, we are truly chilled to the core. (But in a good way, not in the way you might be back home in Britain) So, it was time to go and do some exploring. We set off on a long walk to find some sandy bays and coves further afield. Setting off in the cool of the early morning was quite easy but as we returned in the late afternoon the sun was high in the sky and beat down relentlessly. Half way back we stopped off at Mad Bull bar, a place we'd discovered last time we were here that served ice cold beer and a huge plate of cheesy chips with crispy ... read more
Lots of shade.
Fluffy white clouds float above
Sand as soft as talcum powder

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 29th 2020

2 days in Krabi Town staying at JP Mansions, a budget place with spotless rooms and a backpacker vibe. The staff were just great and the location was excellent. Recommended. I had an aircon room with bathroom, cost was 480B a night. You can do cheaper with a fan and no window. Had a buddy with me so we hired a scooter and did a big loop into Ao Nang and back, then went to find the food night market next to the pier to eat in the evening. As we got there the back tyre was feeling squishy and we had a puncture, so I got off and my buddy slowly rode it back. The scooter hire is in the Green House Hotel, opposite JP, 300B a day. After a discussion they took it off ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 17th 2020

After an early morning flight from Bangkok to Krabi then a two hour minibus ride we arrived on the gorgeous island of Ko Lanta. It's the third time we've been here. So why do we keep coming back? You may well ask. The world is a big place and we intend to go and explore more of it very soon but for now its great to take some time out in a place we know so well and love. We rolled up to the reception of Best House and the owner came out. She instantly recognised us from three years ago and greeted us warmly. She knew about the booking but hadn't put a name to the face. We dropped our gear in the room and went to the mini mart to buy cold water. The ... read more
Early morning view from " Somewhere Else" Beach bar.
The world is beginning to wake up as we eat breakfast in Funky Fish bar.
Best House

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