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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 29th 2017

Koh Lanta! A lot more relaxed than the other places we've been so far, I can understand why people would come here for a couple of weeks holiday. The beaches are lovely! When we got off the ferry we walked the 15 minutes to the beachfront resort we booked. Upon arrival we were taken to our room and that's when it all got ugly. I have come to realise that accommodation standards over here are not the same as they are in other countries I've visited. I've also come to realise hotel websites lie! This room absolutely took the piss. The door didn't close properly allowing mosquitos in, there were electrical wires hanging out everywhere, there were cobwebs on every wall and ceiling and worst of all the bathroom smelt of raw sewage! I refused to ... read more
Long Beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 29th 2017

So I've just been sitting here thinking about things I'm currently missing whilst being away: My fur babies My family Tea Caramel Lattes Enjoying food (really not loving the food sitch right now, although could be because it's so hot) Baths!!! My shower pressure at home Jeans Converse Driving Cooking Two weeks in I feel like I'm finally loosening up a bit and going with the flow.... sort of. I'm doing things way outside of my comfort zone, and I'm trying to learn to see the silver lining in what may be a stressful situation, but I've also learnt that it's ok for me not to want to compromise on absolutely everything. I'm a 27 year old woman with her own mind, if I don't want to stay in a squalid shack then I don't have ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 19th 2017

After a day zooming around the island on the truck tuk we felt we'd seen a good proportion of the it. However as our truck tuk driver had taken us mainly to the well known tourist places we had noticed other interesting looking places that we would have liked to investigate more. Motor bikes are super cheap to rent on most Thai islands and are a popular way to get around. Ko Lanta is no exception. Bikes are less than £4 a day The roads tend to be in a bad condition, large potholes , mud patches and gravel. Stan's an experienced bike rider so I put my faith in his skills. Unlike most tourists, however, who tend to ride around in skimpy clothing or even swimwear I put on long trousers and a fleece. I've ... read more
Relax Bay
Diamond Cliff Bay and Restaurant
Diamond Cliff Bay

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 14th 2017

We're not used to spending so long in one place but this time we decided to try it instead of rushing around from place to place, even county to country. Also the main reasons is that Sharon and Scott are here with the two children. The area of Ko Lanta we are staying in is beautiful in its own way and very lively so we never get time to be bored. Having said that after over a month here we began to feel a bit claustrophobic and wanted to see more of the island. We debated whether to get a bike or not, I wasn't too keen. Then we came up with the idea to rent a tuk truck and driver for all six of us. A tuk truck is a kind of open back truck ... read more
On the truck tuk
Riding in style
Jake loves to be with Grandpa!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 10th 2017

10th Jan: I was up fairly early as I was leaving Ao Nang today. I wish the weather had been better and that I could have explored the area some more, but I guess that wasn't too be on this trip. I was taking the boat to Ko Lanta and my pick-up was arranged for 9:40 am. That came and went and I was still sitting there. The people who were getting the minivan to Ko Lanta were picked up at 10 am, and I was still sitting there. I was coming to regret my decision to take the boat. The poor guys on reception called the travel company a few times and kept telling me that they were on their way. Finally, well after ten the driver turned up. There were a few people already ... read more
Restaurant with a View
Tom Kai Gha
Long Beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta January 1st 2017

Happy New Year! As often happens in Asia the afternoon leading up to the new year turned stormy and the heavens opened! And I mean opened! the rain poured down for about 30 minutes drenching the beach. Many of the restaurants had spent all morning setting out tables and chairs on the beach adorning them with white and gold table cloths and pretty bows of ribbon on the chairs. I felt so sorry for the staff who had to dry it all off and start again! Luckily by 5pm the rain had cleared and the celebrations got underway big time. Sharon and Scott joined us and we all went to Thai cat restaurant together for dinner. Jake and Kyla performed their ' fire show' for us again. They're becoming little experts! We moved onto Funky Fish ... read more
Family dinner at Thai cat restaurant
Budding fires show people.
The beach was a host of coloured lights

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta December 31st 2016

After two weeks in our bamboo hut it was time to change. As we got closer to Christmas every where is becoming much busier and our hut was pre booked by someone else. Luckily the owner of the resort had a vacant air con room so we moved into that for a week. Only two doors away so no big hassle. Three times the price but nice to spoil ourselves now and again. I have to say I'm enjoying the air con and hot water shower, not to mention the fridge. I think for a while we can be referred to as 'flash packers' rather than 'back packers'! We have been off exploring and found our favourite part of the beach, right at the far end of Long Beach away from the crowds and close to ... read more
Despite the Christmas crowds we often had this end to ourselves
A few rocks made for some interesting snorkelling
A steep path to another secluded little beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta December 11th 2016

After Chiang Mai, we flew down south to Krabi. We spent one night at a hostel in Krabi. Honestly, it's not my favorite place. It is HOT and super humid. It's a lot less touristy which is nice, but there wasn't a whole lot to do. Jac and Kev went to the market, while I got a massage. We spent the evening in the room and didn't have much to do, so Jacque and I wrote a poem to entertain ourselves. We left the next morning for the island of Koh Lanta. There had been a huge storm down here that caused major flooding and apparently there was no sun for weeks. A state of emergency was declared. We arrived the first day of sun and haven't seen a drop of rain since. Most people had ... read more
Private Beach

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta May 24th 2016

Well, we've left the cozy jungles and lazy beach bars of Koh Lanta for the crowded jungles and packed beach bars of Ao Nang. Packing up at the abysmally early hour of 10 AM, we piled onto a songthaew and then watched as one, two, and eventually eight other backpackers tried to cram themselves and their massive luggages onto the tiny benches bolted onto the truck's bed. New friends, German and Dutch and French and English, accompanied us all the way to our hotels in Ao Nang. The familiar complaints about sketchy travel agencies, higher prices for farangs, and the difficulty of finding a language we all could comprehend provided an easy basis for casual conversation. We left the songthaew, clambered onto a battered ferry crewed entirely by fifteen year olds, and began put-putting for four ... read more
Ferry to Krabi
Ao Nang Beach
Low Tide

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta May 20th 2016

With only two more days on Lanta, Seth and I are trying to fit in all the remaining sights and activities of the island in before we leave. We've snorkeled, spent days at the beach jumping into waves and failing, crashing, and washing up to shore onto white sand (our scraped up knees are a testament to the strength of these waves). We've hiked the trails and seen the sights at daybreak and sunset. We've kayaked through the mangrove forests and have been assaulted time after time by hungry apes. We've made friends, tourist and Thai, failed at learning the language, and enjoyed cheap meals at countless restaurants and booths. We've gone through 6 bottles of sunscreen. We've explored the deep residential roads of packed red clay (which I'm sure you are all very familiar with). ... read more
Lanta Night Market at Sunset
The Floating House

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