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March 11th 2018
Published: March 11th 2018
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After our little adventure jungle trekking it was back to more island time.
We returned to Ko Lanta and before we'd barely opened our bags in the new bungalow Sharon, Scott , Kyla and Jake came calling round to see us. Jake needed his boat fixing and had kept wanting to know where Grandpa was!!

So for the last couple of weeks we've been alternating between doing the family thing.....Beach, rock pools, swimming, family dinners etc and partying at night.

The temperature here is getting hotter by the day. ( sorry to rub it in, you people in Britain) so our main objective is keeping cool in the afternoon when the sun it at its highest and the trees lining the beach no longer offer shade.
We did have a major downpour of rain one afternoon about 4pm, luckily we were sat in Funky Fish bar at the time. I've never seen the beach clear so fast, everyone diving for cover as the rain came down in bucket fulls. Instantly the air cooled but by 5.30pm the sun was out again and everywhere began steaming!
On Thursday night there was a big festival going on in the old town across the island . 23 guests from Blue Sky bungalows got together and hired a tuk truck ( open back truck with two padded planks for seats and a tin roof) to takes us there for the evening.

The streets of the old town were lined with live music bars , food sellers cocktail bars and souvenir shops. At the far end of the road on the waterfront a big stage had been set up but we never actually saw anything going on there.
By 11.30pm we all met up and squeezed back on the tuk truck together for the ride back over the mountain to our side of the island.
Despite it being almost midnight and everyone scantily dressed we were still plenty warm enough as we sat with the wind in our hair and many with bottles of beer in hand!!
Another good night out.

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