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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak April 6th 2018

We left Khao Sok national park , and headed South to Phang Nga for a quick detour. Before you arrive to Phang Nga city, you have the choice to go along the coast or cross the mountains. We crossed the mountains. There are very sharp turns. At some point, there's a viewpoint where you can see many limestone hills. It's a quiet place. Then you go down, and arrive to Phang Nga city. The city is surrounded by lime pillars. In the center a very large park allows to stretch, relax and take pictures. Further along the road, we arrived to Ao Phang Nga marine park. A tons of boats can bring you to see the lime formations in the sea, and take a look at the famous "James Bond Island". Personally, I saw so many ... read more
Water monitor lizard
Flying lizard that landed on me
amphibious fish

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak February 23rd 2018

Today was the day for real jungle walks. We set off from the National Park head quarters at 10am and headed for the path that headed to a waterfall via a rope bridge, very quickly the wide concrete path turned into a narrow dirt track. The French couple we spoken to at breakfast warned us that they had had leeches attach themselves to their legs the previous day so I was a bit nervous as I only had shorts on. The path climbed steep and despite being in shade we were soon dripping with sweat. Nice!! It took in a rickety rope bridge over the river at one point. For almost the entire pathway we saw no one else I guess setting off early pays dividends. Towards the end, we came across a man who gestured ... read more
Narrow pathways
Rickety rope bridge crosse the river
Towering bamboo

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak February 11th 2017

Today was a rest day, thankfully. Of course we were awake and perky by 7am, out for breakfast at 8.30 and the street was practically deserted, most businesses not open. We found one place for breakfast on the other side of the main road and had to do the Death Dash again, not as bad as it is at night. American breakfast 150b, great coffee and fruit juice, ok scrambled eggs and the scariest sausages EVER! Not like the photo in the menu, these were bright yellow hotdoggy things, like a sort of dog's toy. I think it was chicken rather than pork but who knows what bit of the chicken. Feet and beaks, probably! Wifi was good and the best thing was that we had a great view of the main road and could do ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak February 10th 2017

Today we were picked up at 7am for a very long day trip to the Surin Islands. We would have preferred the Similans, a much shorter journey to the boat pier, but we were too late - all the trips were full. So as it looked like the best day weather wise we bit the bullet, paid 2600b each and got up early. The minibus was waiting at 7, 3 Germans already in it. We went to another guesthouse and no one was waiting. One of the German ladies had PLENTY to say about it, especially when a couple ambled out, not even hurrying. Haha! They weren't for our trip. Then the right couple emerged at a trot, they had been told 7.15 and it was exactly that, so there you go! The minibus took about ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak February 9th 2017

Just typed it out and then lost the text as the Internet is so slow. Lost the will to do it again, so pics only!☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😡... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak April 12th 2016

Hier après-midi je suis allé visiter un centre pour les tortues. Ils s'occupent des tortues malades ou blessées. J'ai beaucoup aimé ma visite. On pouvait les nourrir avec des concombres et les prendre dans nos mains. Trop cool! J'ai vu que la pollution nuit vraiment aux tortues. Plusieurs mangent des sac de plastiques ou encore développent des problèmes de peau. Certaines sont aussi blessées par les bateaux. :( Une chance qu'il y a des centres pour en prendre soin! ... read more
Bébé tortue verte
Miam! Des concombres !

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak February 18th 2016

One of the reasons some of the Thai islands remain unspoilt is because they are difficult to reach. This was certainly true about Ko Phra Thong. Actually getting to the island hadn't been too bad, an agent at Kurriburri had provided a taxi to the port and arranged the boat and a 'taxi' pick up when once on the island. All had gone smoothly apart from the fact that we'd had to wait for the tide to come in in order for the boat to get close enough to the shore. The port was set in mangroves and we'd stood and waited an hour watching the water level gradually rise. However leaving the island was a different experience altogether.Mr Choui had promised to organise transport off but when we enquired the evening before we were due ... read more
This is the port we left from when going to the island.
Sailing through the extensive mangrove forest on the way off the island.

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak February 18th 2016

This morning instead of waking up to bird call, insects buzzing around trees that whisper in the breeze and lizards scampering through the undergrowth beneath our hut we woke to the slamming of hotel doors and air con units and refrigerators buzzing. We've now swapped deserted beaches for smelly crowded streets. Why? That's what I'm asking myself! Firstly we need to be in Krabi soon to fly out of Thailand. Khoa Lak seemed a good place to break the journey plus the fact I was in need of Western food, an odd hour of air con and floors you can actually walk on! ( read previous blog) Also i need to feel clean and I desperately needed to do laundry! The water on the island was not good at all. Certainly wouldn't want to wash my ... read more
This boat was carried two kilometres inland from 1 nautical mile ofshore!
Total contrast! The street below our hostel in Khao Lak
Funky hotel

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak December 10th 2015

Foerst og fremst tenkte jeg pa a informere dere om hvorfor dere faar varsler og hvem som faar varsler. Det er nok hotmail som har lagt til alle kontaktene her automatisk, den gang jeg brukte den hotte mailen. Og aa maa jeg si gratulerer til Mari med A paa eksamen! Og lykke til, Hilde, med alle julekonsertene fremover. Skulle ha vaert der, men neste gang! Ja, naa har jeg levd med meg selv i et par uker. Har jo levd med meg selv i 38 aar ogsaa, men det er noe annet. Aa vaere alene har vaert ensomt, men paa en deilig maate, der jeg kan gaa rundt og observere uten aa plapre saa mye. Men aa vaere alene kan ogsaa vaere litt kjipt noen ganger. For eksempel: Jeg skjoenner ikke helt hvorfor det skjer naa, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Khao Lak December 7th 2015

Da jeg hadde kommet ut fra internettkafeen i gaar saa jeg det jo. Mattralle. De finnes, i form av mopeder med sidevogner, som utgjoer et bord der en kan lage mat. Faktisk kommer mange rundt i gatene med floeytelyd, som surrer om og om igjen. Litt som isbilen, bare mer intenst. Og det var nettopp ved en matmoped jeg i gaar kveld spiste middagen min. Gul nudelsuppe med kylling og svin. Og da kom hun. Ei finsk dame som begynte aa ta bilder av tallerkenen min med mat. Hun spurte og gravde om maten, og bestilte seg like godt en samme rett. Jeg satte meg paa huk og spiste suppen. Hun kom etter og pratet og pratet og pratet. Hvor var jeg fra? Vanligvis sier jeg Korea for ikke aa forvirre. Har faktisk faatt gaver av ... read more

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