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February 23rd 2018
Published: February 23rd 2018
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Today was the day for real jungle walks.

We set off from the National Park head quarters at 10am and headed for the path that headed to a waterfall via a rope bridge, very quickly the wide concrete path turned into a narrow dirt track. The French couple we spoken to at breakfast warned us that they had had leeches attach themselves to their legs the previous day so I was a bit nervous as I only had shorts on. The path climbed steep and despite being in shade we were soon dripping with sweat. Nice!! It took in a rickety rope bridge over the river at one point.
For almost the entire pathway we saw no one else I guess setting off early pays dividends. Towards the end, we came across a man who gestured to be very quiet. Tip toeing towards him we saw a small greeny brown snake.
From this point on we saw frogs and several different types of lizards scuttling across our path. So far no dreaded leeches!

After a brief stop at a picnic area back near the park headquarters we set off on a second track much wider and with many groups
Narrow pathwaysNarrow pathwaysNarrow pathways

Watching out for leeches!
of people so now I wasn't so worried about the leeches.
The path was lined with huge bamboo plants towering above us and the occasional tree strangled by thick twisted vines.

Again as we approached a corner someone gestured to step carefully, we crept forward in silence and there it was ..... Right at the side of the path rustelling around in the vegetation was a huge black king cobra. ( we weren't sure at first but a park ranger later confirmed it when he saw our photo)
At one point it became agitated and struck itself across the path at the speed if lightening and we stepped back in horror. It reared its head into the classic snake like position about to strike out. We kept perfectly still at a safe distance for several minutes before it slithered back into the vegetation.

We continued along the path as far as it's possible to go without hiring a guide at which point we turned round and headed back to the town for some light refreshments.
Its now 4.30pm and we are relaxing in our jungle hut hoping the monkeys will leave us in peace today. We really need to keep the door open!!

Its now 5.30pm and the sky has turned grey and loud claps of thunder fill the air. Its raining
Well this is the tropics and I'm off to sleep for a while.

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4th April 2018

Jungle walks etc
It all,looks so fantastic, except for the snakes. Had an experience when I was quite young only a British grass snake but never forgotten . We hopefully are off to L A in Jul/August just waiting for health matters to get sorted. Our granddaughter is five tomorrow and starts her big school in September, so hoping to get a trip in before then

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