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Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok February 8th 2016

Ce matin nous sommes partis du super bled de Lopburi après être retournés faire une dernière caresse aux funny funky monkeys. Nous avions l'idée de prendre un train vers Phitsanulok pour ensuite aller à Chiang Maï. Nos plans ont légèrement changés quand nous avons rencontré un français, une belge et un couple d'italiens. Il a été décidé que nous les rejoindrons demain à Sukhothai, une ville apparemment très belle (on vous donnera notre opinion bientôt). Le train en Thaïlande c'est aussi quelque chose. Il ne faut pas être pressés ! Il roule en moyenne à 60km/h et est à peu près, toujours en retard. Une fois arrivés on a trouvé une petite ghesthouse sympathique et sommes allés nous balader avec Colette, l'enseignante en arts belge rencontrée précédemment. On a visité un jardin ornithologique (avec quelques oiseaux ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok April 20th 2015

Deciding that I wanted to continue travelling by train the next obvious stop north was phitsanulok. Although not recommended as a place to visit, it sits just 1hr east of sukhathai - which I plan to visit after but has no train line direct to it. So buying a 2nd class ticket for 450 baht - which seemed a little expensive by Thai standards but being told its a fast train ( didn't think that really existed!) and then sitting and waiting for a train that was 45 minutes late I wasn't overly impressed! Being given a drink, biscuits and lunch on the journey which I wasn't expecting, kind of softened the blow - and made up a little bit of the cost. 3and a half hours and i had arrived followed by a 10 minute ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok January 27th 2015

Hi all, We woke up early to head to the bus station in Phitsanulok, which was about a 20 minute walk from the Royal Place hotel. The bus was 57 baht (just over £1) to get to Sukhothai, about an hour away. We even me some girls from Stroud on the bus...small world. The ruins of Sukhothai is advertised in the Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 sites in Thailand, which is why we chose to come here. Definitely worth the visit due to the fantastic architectural style columns and Buddha figures. When we arrived in Sukhothai we hired bikes for 30 baht each-very good spec as you can see from the photos. We cycled to the central zone (there are 5 zones in total over 5km squared). Each zone is 100 baht each. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok January 26th 2015

Hi All, Our first hostel in Phitsanulok has actually turned out to be a hotel, and it was only £3.70 each a night. So after the longest (2)day(s) of travelling ever it was a relief to find someone on the 24hr desk to show us straight to our deluxe private room: travelling in style as always on a budget-Vick loves to find the bargains. We finally woke up at 2pm, after getting to sleep at 4am the night before!! We were very tired bunnies!!! We had two major things to do today, one was to book the next train to Chiang Mai, and the other was to check the bus times into Sukhothai. On our way to the train station we stopped at a place called P1 for lunch it was good food, cheap and there ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok January 25th 2015

Hello Followers and fellow bloggers, As most of you know, Neil lost his Dad on 02.01.15 due to a blood clot in his heart. It was a terrible shock to all of Malcolm’s family and friends; words just cannot describe it. Malcolm’s send off however would have been everything he’d want and more, which was arranged by his family on the 21st Jan. The funeral was held at St Edwards Church in Netley, with an estimated turn out of about 300+ people, many of which had to stand at the back of the church and once that was overflowing, a large number waited outside in the rain!! The service was perfect; Neil read his funny/ tear jerking Eulogy and Adam read a very moving poem. After the proceedings, everyone went over to the Netley Central Club ... read more
Jordan Airport
Jordan Airport
Train to Phitsanulok

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok January 18th 2015

Still alive! Wahey! I met this lovely German girl called Kika in Ayutthaya. We went for a few drinks and it was cool to discuss my early opinions about Thailand with her and hear someone else's perspective on it all too. I then got the train to Lopburi, spent the day there. It's a town characterised by a very large population of monkeys roaming the streets. Sounds cute but I was pooping myself just a bit when walking under concerningly low telephone wires bouncing up and down with hissing monkeys. A local told me there are 2000 monkeys milling about. Some get electrocuted and some fall to their death. Every morning and afternoon they feed the monkeys by a local shrine to placate them and discourage them from attacking humans. After that I got the train ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok November 8th 2014

Geo: 16.82, 100.27I go out for the breakfast this morning as Jai was still dozing.We were talking about staopping another night largely so that I could watch Eng v NZ on TV here tonight. In the end we have decided to stick to plan and return overnight tonight. With breakfast over we take a tuk-tuk to the Arcade bus station and discover that is it now possible to get a bus straight from here to Roi Et avoiding the stopover and bus change etc at Khon Kaen. We havent done this before or travelled with this company before so fingers crossed everything works out. Surely it has to compare favourably with the trip here ?!! We eat lunch in our roon then I walk to the internet in glorious sunshine. Typical as it is our last ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok November 3rd 2014

Geo: 16.82, 100.27If I could have foreseen the day that lay ahead I might just have remained in bed !!Up just before 05:00 for breakfast before biking into Phon Thong. Drop Jai and the bags off at the bus station and take the bike to the house where we leave it. When we arrived at the station there was a Khon Kaen bus waiting to leave. Not knowing how long it would stay here or how long I would be I asked Jai to phone me when it left. I am hurrying back to the station when I see the bus pull out. About 2mins more and I would have been there and we could have caught it. Had Jai phoned me she could have held the bus up that long. Why didnt she call ... ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok September 11th 2013

Saludos varios, fenomenos! La entrada anterior la dejé en Bangkok, después de pillar un tuk-tuk desde Khao San hasta nuestro hostel. Sí, hostel! Yo pensaba que habíamos caído en un hotel, sin "s", pero no, al pillar una tarjeta con la dirección comprobé que mi reputación de viajero gumial sigue intacta, menos mal! Pues nada, nuestro primer paso por Bangkok ha sido anecdótico, como tenemos que volver a la capital para pillar el vuelo de vuelta, lo hemos dejado para explorar la ciudad últimos días del viaje. Así que a la mañana siguiente el reloj ha tocado diana muy pronto, a las 7:15, para pillar un tren que nos ha dejado en Ayutthaya, donde hemos visitado los templos y restos históricos. La visita a los puntos de interés están muy bien, todo el mundo lo hace, ... read more
Divisando el terreno...
Noodles-Bomba estomacal
Mono-Dioni con MIS cacahuetes...

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Phitsanulok January 14th 2013

The main reason I stopped in Phitsanulok, or Phi-lo, how it is called here, was that I needed reliable Internet access to work a bit. That is your destiny when you run your own company - sometimes you cannot avoid to work a bit even while travelling. But the trip has to be paid nonetheless. But after a long evening and a short night I was ready to look around the city a bit. In the morning I got some cheap fresh fruits from a stand near the hotel and started with a visit of the folk museum. I am not so much into museums but this one was quite interesting which lots of information about live and work of the "old" thais. I highly recommended it! I continued with a stop at the Buddha Casting ... read more
chilling at the Nan river
the train - my preferred method of transport here
how buddha statues are being made

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