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January 18th 2015
Published: January 18th 2015
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Still alive! Wahey!

I met this lovely German girl called Kika in Ayutthaya. We went for a few drinks and it was cool to discuss my early opinions about Thailand with her and hear someone else's perspective on it all too.

I then got the train to Lopburi, spent the day there. It's a town characterised by a very large population of monkeys roaming the streets. Sounds cute but I was pooping myself just a bit when walking under concerningly low telephone wires bouncing up and down with hissing monkeys. A local told me there are 2000 monkeys milling about. Some get electrocuted and some fall to their death. Every morning and afternoon they feed the monkeys by a local shrine to placate them and discourage them from attacking humans.

After that I got the train to phitsanulok. I've been here for a few days (though yesterday I spent the night in kamphaeng phet - that place isn't up to much so I got the bus back) and I used it as a base to visit sukhothai. Sukhothai is famous for its ancient ruinous temples and I hired a bike and cycled round the historical park and local village areas in the sunshine to see what history had to offer. It was bliss to be honest.

Tomorrow I'm getting the train to Chiang Mai. Very excited. I've been looking forward to visiting the North most. Lots of nature up there and vegetarian food.

Speaking of which yesterday I ate a pork omelette.


19th January 2015

Glad to read you are having fun Tom, keep up the blogs, nice to know some people are actually enjoying the world out there

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