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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Gloucester March 21st 2017

Geo: 51.8667, -2.24867Set alarm for 05:30 but we are both awake before then. I pop to 7/11 for coffees to accompany our croissants as we finalise our packing arrangements.Check-out about 06:30 and take a taxi to Suvarnabhumi. There had been an accident on the superhighway and traffic was moving slowly but at least it was still moving. We are still at the airport not much after 07:00 before our check-in desks have been announced. We settle down near the BA area and wait for the check-in to open.Drop off bags then go towards departure lounge. The place is full of Chinese travellers again who have little idea of queueing and manners ... they definitely need their own terminal !! Really long queues through security but once we reach immigration I dodge the crowds and pass through ... read more
Waiting at airport ...

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 20th 2017

Geo: 13.7308, 100.521We arrive at Sahaphan Tours office and bus station in Bangkok about 05:00 after an uncomfy journey that saw neither of us get much sleep. We have decided to leave the bus here rather than Mo Chit bus station so that we don't have to go through the scuffles to get a taxi. It is a couple of miles further out but a whole lot easier, especially as we have suitcases with us.Arrive at New Siam to find our room available already and by 05:40 we are stretched out on the bed with coffee and croissants.24hours before flight is due to leave I can usually choose our seats on the plane but getting to the website today the plane is full and there is little option to change the seats we have been allocated. ... read more
Chao Phraya from Pinklao bridge
Out for a walk in Bangkok
Relaxing in Bangkok ...

Asia » Thailand March 19th 2017

Geo: 16.392, 103.924Wake up at 00:30 to watch Leeds 2v0 Brighton.Last day in Khamnadie for 6 months and we wake to a lovely clear blue sky after another night with some rain.Pancakes accompany eggs, sausages and tomatoes for breakfast.We leave some money with Fin's other gran to pay our electric bill when it comes then go to try and find the water lady to settle our bills for the coming 6 months; we pay a fixed monthly price for the meter (about 30p) before the cost of the water usage. Stop to say goodbye to friend Wan as we are passing.The rain the last few days has shown that one of our gutters is leaking a little so I climb up and clear out piles of dead leaves that have blocking things up.I fix another bolt ... read more
Last day of work ...
Last day of work ...
I have a new chauffeur ...

Asia » Thailand March 18th 2017

Geo: 16.392, 103.924We are woken up by knocking on the bedroom window this morning. Fin has come to stay with us for the day and tells us that it is 06:00. No, I tell her it isn't 06:00 its ONLY 06:00 !!It must have rained for quite a while overnight as things are still wet this morning.First job after breakfast is to take the second 50kg sack of fertilizer to the farm, complete with Jai and Fin I need a couple of trips on the bike each way.I might pop out to the farm tomorrow to say goodbye but at least that is all of the work I had in mind finished.I clear all of the tools in the back garden into our rice house. Fin settles down on the sofa with a phone and the ... read more

Asia » Thailand March 17th 2017

Geo: 16.392, 103.924Wake at 03:00 to watch Man Utd 1v0 Rostov. During the match the rain finally arrives. Very heavy but only lasts about 15mins.Wake up this morning to find that things are still a little damp and the air does feel a little fresher ... but no much !After breakfast we bike into Phon Thong and buy our bus tickets from Phon Thong to Bangkok for Sunday night. I drop Jai off at the hair salon and then go to the internet to await her 'finished' phone call.I bring this blog up to date and this will be my last update before getting back to UK.Collect Jai then go to the bank before heading back to Khamnadie.Stop at village shop to buy some fertilizer for the palm trees but I am little surprised when later ... read more

Asia » Thailand March 16th 2017

Geo: 16.392, 103.924After breakfast Jai starts sorting her clothes ready for packing !I head to the farm and get stuck into the remaining few trees. I have to surrender after a couple of hours with just 3 trees remaining. I'm knackered !! Return with 2 more sacks of rice grass for back garden.Yesterday Jai packed away all of her mat stuff saying she would call it a day until next year now. Getting back from the farm, however, I find her restringing the loom for 'just one more piece' !!It had been cloudy with a hint of thunder at the farm but no evidence of either back in the village. Some rain would be really nice to freshen things up a little.Another hot and lazy day that remains with a threat of storms that dont materialize.Late ... read more

Asia » Thailand March 15th 2017

Geo: 16.392, 103.924Watch Leicester 2v0 Sevilla at 02:45. Well done everyone involved, great effort.I dont have much energy this morning but want to get the palm trees sorted before we leave so head out to farm early. Get back to house a couple of hours later just after 09:00 and I think the ebnd might be in sight ... or is that just wishful thinking ?!Jai has been having a 'spring clean' session in my absence and it is surprising how much bigger the lounge looks without her loom and associated mat grass paraphernalia.I move as little as possible the remainder of the day.Late afternoon I water the little that is left in the back garden then think about a walk. Neither of us can face laps of the reservoir tonight so I bike out to ... read more

Asia » Thailand March 14th 2017

Geo: 16.392, 103.924Watch Chelsea 1v0 Man Utd at 02:45.I'm at the farm not much after 07:00 this morning and cut the dead fruit and flowers from the final 4 trees. I now have about 30 additional trees to trim branches from and clear around over this week. Heaven help these trees if they dont produce a decent return next year !! Fill another couple of sacks with rice grass for the back garden and bike back to village.Nice cold shower and then sit in the shade with a book for most of the rest of the day.Late afternoon I cut Jai a final batch of mat grass from the back garden and potter a little but it is just too hot to be working.We both go for our evening walk again tonight but we are 1 ... read more

Asia » Thailand March 13th 2017

Geo: 16.392, 103.92407:00 in the morning and it is silly hot already without a breath of air. It's going to be a long hot week.Jai gets news that her nephew's new baby is coming home today so that is good. On the flipside, an old lady who lives opposite and is somehow distantly related to Jai has been taken into hospital. She was fine a few days ago when she came to see us so its come on quickly. Apparently herdaughter from Australia has just arrived here this morning so that doesnt sound positive either.Bike into Phon Thong for the internet. England beat Scotland 61v21 and Gloucester didnt lose this weekend - they didnt play !Back ast the house I have a bonfire to completely clear all of the garden rubbish etc. From now on everything ... read more

Asia » Thailand March 12th 2017

Geo: 16.392, 103.924Watch Middlesboro 0v2 Man City at 02:30.It is time for a big breakfast this morning with a couple of fried eggs, sausages, fried tomatoes accompanying the blah tong go we bought last night.It is already a hot start to the day as I bike to the farm at 07:30 to make a start on the remaining palm trees. I cut the dead fruit and old flowers from 6 of the remaining 10 trees and clear up all the old branches etc that are lying around amongst them. I fill 2 sacks with rice grass to use in the back garden and bike back well overlaoded. It is only 09:30 but I am melting in the heat.I do almost nothing all day except lie around in the shade with a book.We decide that it is ... read more
Our last bananas of the year ...

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