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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai May 7th 2020

I'm so excited to be planning a road trip to Pai this coming November! My husband and I are planning a trip for his family when they visit from Australia, and I'm so excited to show them around! We'll be driving from here in Chiang Mai to Pai where we will spend three days. Finding a Big Car and Baby Car Seats First things first, transportation. We need to rent a bigger car to accommodate my in-laws, as well as my two little niece's. Luckily there are quite a few car rental places in Chiang Mai, so it'll be easy for us to rent something for our trip. We also will be needing a car seat for our nieces. We have been doing research and found this car seat, Daiichi’s First 7 that meets our standards ... read more
The River
Good Food Here
Funny Photo with Archie

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai June 24th 2019

Jullie hebben lang moeten wachten (excuses daarvoor), maar hier is dan eindelijk het volgende hoofdstuk van mijn reis! De eerste avond in Pai was ik met een Schotse gozer naar de streetfood markt gegaan, wat echt een van de beste markten was waar ik tot nu toe geweest ben. Heerlijke spiezen met vlees van de bbq en andere lekkere thaise gerechten. Verder deden we het die avond rustig aan (de Schot ging de volgende dag weer ergens anders heen en ik moest even bijkomen na Chiang Mai). We speelde het slechtste potje pool ooit met de slechtste stokken ooit en een lekker biertje erbij, maar daar bleef het bij. De volgende dag besloot ik om naar de Witte Boeddha, die je van een afstand al op de heuvel kon zien zitten, te wandelen. Het was ongeveer ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai June 11th 2019

Mijn vorige blog was een tijdje geleden, maar dat was omdat ik een week in dezelfde plek was. Ik schrijf mijn blogs graag in hoofdstukken, dus nu krijgen jullie een extra lang hoofdstuk! De volgende ochtend in Koh Samui nam ik de taxi naar het vliegveld met de Rotterdamse en nog een Engelse en een Amerikaanse. Het was maar een korte rit en het inchecken was ook zo gedaan. Het was maar een klein vliegveld. De bestemming was Chiang Mai, een vlucht van 2 uur die ik geheel heb besteed om met de Rotterdamse te praten. Toen we aankwamen namen we ook samen de taxi die ons voor €2,80 in totaal naar verschillende hostels bracht. Mijn hostel was de laatste, een partyhostel gezien ik na een tijdje alleen doorgebracht te hebben wel weer toe was aan ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai February 15th 2019

We decided to give our hiking boots one more outing before packing them up and trading them in for flipflops. The venture was Mae Len Waterfall and based on our research could be anywhere from just under a 4 hour hike to a 6 hour hike. We started off strong, parking our bikes at a hostel because no one could tell us if there was somewhere closer to park...there was (add 40 minutes to the hike). The hike itself was the right balance of entertaining, flat and challenging as the trail wove across the river about 20 times out and then 20 times back. No point was the river too deep or fast moving now that it is dry season so it was fun to play don’t fall in the lava as we hopped rocks and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai March 30th 2018

We hired a moped and I jumped on the back while Dean drove us to Pai Canyon, about 15 minutes outside of town. After getting very lost we finally found it after about 40 minutes of being pointed in the wrong direction by locals who couldn’t understand us. The 30ft drop combined with the narrow rocky walkways along the canyon was slightly terrifying. Nethertheless, it was stunning. We made the mistake of getting there in the heat of the midday sun so we didn’t stay long before biking off the beaten track to Pam Bok Waterfall. Depsite it being surrounded by beautiful caves and jungle, we found it a bit underwhelming because the water didn’t look fresh and we didn’t get to swim. After today I’ve got 27 nasty itchy bites all over my legs; It ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai March 30th 2018

We arrived at Tribal and the name is fitting to say the least. We’re practically sleeping in a shed without air con, WiFi or even a shower drain. There’s a really chilled vibe here. The people are so cool, sun kissed tattooed travellers who drink and listen to electro house music. We’ve learnt that Thailand is full of convenience; everything you need is right in front of you, super cheap. You can go to the 7/11 store and they’ll make up your pot noodle with a little fork and everything. Why don’t we have this in the UK? We got speaking to a Swiss guy who’s learning Thai. The Thai use some English words like ‘computer’ and elongate the ‘aaa’ sound at the end of sentences to signify politeness. It’s such a funny language. After a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai March 28th 2018

We fled the city and took a 4 hour shuttle bus journey north-west to Pai. Allegedly, the road from Chaing Mai to Pai is one of the most dangerous in the world; 762 sharp turns up and down hill, we were being thrown all over the place. There were sick bags in front of us for a reason. The mountainous scenery took our minds off the travel sickness though. We arrived in peaceful little Pai and instantly fell in love. We’ve landed ourselves a luxury hostel called Pai Happy Village, surrounded by beautiful picturesque views. We were planning on staying one or two nights, but hell to that, we’re staying in Pai for at least 5 days. One guy we met is staying at this hostel for a month for just 3000 baht (£68).... we couldn’t ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai November 12th 2017

Today, I got up relatively early and got to the starting place of Pai Canyon. Brian, one of the guys that has been here for a while, knew the name and location. So by 10:00 I was ready to go, at the start of the trip. People describe it as a 3.5h jungle trek, with a waterfall at the end. At the start, I met up with Anne-Katerina, who I met in a previous hostel in Chiang Mai, and Mona. I passed them on the scooter (I'm getting really proficient) a bit earlier and they just arrived at the small parking lot, when I was ready to leave. The nice trip took us about 3h to the waterfall and only 5 minutes before reaching the end, we were passed by a girl that ran the whole ... read more
Anne-Katerina and Mona
On our way
The river

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai November 11th 2017

The blog has been quiet for a couple of days. I enjoyed this place a lot :) Pai is sort of a hippy village in the jungle. This is most visible in style of clothes. More dreadlocks and accessoires than anywhere :) Found a nice hostel called 'the pai circus hostel'. You might now, I quite like doing stuff with poi, juggling, contact, staff, acrobatics. And they have most of that. Just haven't seen any circus lessons (everyday between 4and 6!), luckely, there were some other people playing poi and other games. Apart from meeting interesting people, I did a guided tour of the local landmarks..It was way too touristy in the end. You just get on the bus with a couple of others and they'll drive you to point #1, get you your tickets . ... read more
The hostel I'm staying at has these posters
Fire show by Daffy
Ubiquitous fruit shakes. They are so good. Prepared fresh!

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai October 30th 2017

Le trajet en minibus de Chiang Mai à Pai n'a eu beau durer que 3 heures, il nous a marqués ! Le-dit minibus était moins confortable qu'un bus local sri-lankais ! De plus, la route était extrêmement sinueuse. C'est de loin la pire route que j'ai jamais empruntée, et il a fallu lutter contre la nausée... Shaun était sur sa tablette la plupart du temps mais même lui a eu du mal. Une fois arrivés à Pai, nous avons déjeuner et suivi l'application GPS hors-ligne ( pour trouver notre hôtel... Nous sommes passés à travers champs, dans des herbes hautes et nous avons même dû traverser un ruisseau (il n'y avait pas de pont !) - le tout avec nos sac à dos... Je n'en menais pas large ! Shaun s'est fait mordre (?) par des ... read more
Our bathroom in the mudhut!
La campagne !

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