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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai May 22nd 2017

The bus journey was sick, 762 bends in the jungle road got Char feeling a bit dodgy at one point. Luckily we had loads of lovely people in our bus to chat to, people from LA, South Africa, Hong Kong, Poland and Germany. On arrival we immediately noticed the huge difference in size of this place compared with Chiangmai, we knew it would be small but it was basically a village. It had a really laid back and chilled vibe and we made our way to our bamboo bungalow at Paizen River Jam. After getting some unbelievable banana fruit shakes and walking round very hot in the sun we went to the local pool and after 10 minutes the sun went in. Must be the curse of the Brits!Everyone started to leave and the only people ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai December 27th 2016

Somehow I've fallen into the trap of staying in Pai for a week. All I've done has been eat, walk, read, eat, write, drink coffee, and eat. You know what? It's perfect, exactly what I needed. With my return flight looming too close in the distance, doing a whole lot of nothing is precisely what I'm craving. It's the opposite of planning what I'll do when I return to the USA, which is still a pretty huge question mark. I've been carrying around 2 journals and a book everywhere i go, flipping between them at such an impractical pace that it's obvious Im not accomplishing much in any of them. With good reason, I look a bit insane. This is my life though: either hyper focused or jumping between things "multi-tasking". How inefficient and un-German of ... read more
Coffee spot @ Pai Phu Fah
Oat bowl @ Fat Cat
White Buddha

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai January 19th 2016

Geo: 19.3759, 98.4452My husband and I first visited Pai a decade ago, and remember it as a charming little town with dusty streets, good restaurants, great music, and lots of dreadlocks and artisans, with fantastic biking routes through the nearby lush countryside. It was at that time that I had my first elephant ride through the jungle, and an unforgettable experience river bathing with my enormous elephant. The bathing was particularly memorable because it was totally unexpected and I believed fully that I was going to be submerged fatally under two tons of elephant who decided to roll over in the water with me still on his back. However, once I realized I was not pulverized, drowned, and dead, I opted to do it again, thrilled with the experience I had with this beautiful majestic animal. ... read more
Lovin' My Elephant Bath Partner
Roadside Elephant
Good Times Together

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai January 13th 2016

Pai has offered something different, made up of many little parts that I've enjoyed in the lush valley. A fruity, spongy, sweet, nutty slice held simply in one's hand. It's not a town of Thailand culture in the main part, the real villages that are not built on laidback backpacks exist a bike ride away. Over time Pai has developed from a remote stop off from Chiang Mai to a cute mountain smudge with new age vibe, characterised by its walking street of indie stalls and the live music and hammock decorated bars parallel to the bamboo bridged river. It has the forever winding road-made remoteness; the hilly northern thai landscape; a gleaming little river you can engage with; simple guesthouses and sit out and lay spots; and international cuisine offered along the stalls, Mexican to ... read more
White buddha overlooks Pai
Land split farm
Viewpoint stop

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai January 10th 2016

Oh Pai! It's late Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting on a worn white bench at 'coffee in love' along my ride home. Looking out, first to the English country esque garden bumps sloping below, then the layer of smooth fields, then the bang up of the mountains. Mist and smoke come up between the hill layers, like steamed jam. The peaks are gorgeous. The sky is washed delicately with blues, greys and long white smudges. I can see the sandy hill path that I wandered up hours ago, I'd over shot the white Buddha in the hills that i'd been aiming for (which you can see from all over Pai). But I left my (brilliant) mountain bike halfway to get up and at least be level with Buddha, and to check there wasn't a connecting path. ... read more
Morning river
Canyon trails
River crossing

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai June 11th 2015

Thai Jungle, Five tourists and an ex Burmese rebel Having anticipated a relatively easy stroll along a well trodden path I was quite surprised to find myself pushing my way through waist high grass following the porter in front, vigorously cutting down bamboo with a machete. We trekked along slanted narrow paths and up steep verges, having to be careful not to accidentally tread on crumbling rocks. We walked on blissfully unaware that we had trodden over a green vermont snake camouflaged on the pathway. Our guide eagerly called us back to have a look and quickly informed us that its bite is so poisonous it would kill you in a matter of hours if left untreated! We stopped at a gushing 50 metre high waterfall for lunch consisting of pork mince, sticky rice and fish ... read more
Having lunch by the waterfall
Rice in bamboo leaf

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai May 7th 2015

762 curves on the road to Pai!! This is the number of times my poor sister Erica would have puked on the bus ride up there. Take about getting motion sickness. It is a beautiful mountain road but the mini bus drivers are so used to flying up these roads most of the passengers get motion sickness. The good news is that we made it safely. Pai is a sleepy little town that has a lot of foreign tourists. It was nice and artsy but we were able to see everything in one day. We rented scooters and drove around the town... Lesson one: they drive on the left side of the road!! As soon as Justin took off everyone was yelling "LEFT! LEFT!" But he realized it quickly and got over to the other side ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai May 2nd 2015

Having booked transport today, Jenna and I were travelling further north to a small town called Pai. Sitting outside waiting for a bus that was meant to turn up at 10.00 but which actually arrived at 11.40 We were finally on our way! Only being a 3hr journey but on a very windy road we arrived at 3pm to walk and find a guesthouse for the night. Having previously found what we thought would be a nice one, we headed out to it. Pai being a very small town with a river at its southern end - crossing on a bamboo bridge brings you to most of the accommodation. Walking for a further 20 minutes we found the guesthouse - the place was dirty, messy and the owner disinterested - so moving on we found a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai May 2nd 2015

Thinking that I would be able to travel from Pai easily and with not too long a journey I was sadly mistaken. The most sensible option would be to travel south again to Chiang Mai and then onwards from there. Being fully aware of my Thai visa expiring in 3 days time I knew I had to travel north either to the border with burma or the border with Laos to get it restamped. So with this in mind I decided to leave Pai this afternoon and get the same bus back to Chiang Mai. Jenna and i spent a relaxing morning finding somewhere nice for breakfast and having another walk through the town to take some photos. Booking a hostel back in Chiang Mai for tonight we got the tourist minibus at 14.30. Sitting next ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai February 10th 2015

Anders als erwartet lief die Busfahrt nach Pai von Chiang Mai. Statt mit einem gewöhnlichen Linienbus zu fahren, bekamen wir einen kleinen Van, der von oben bis unten mit Gepäck und Menschen besetzt war. Die Fahrt ging drei Stunden durch Straßen, die nichts im Vergleich zum Höllental waren. Angekommen- erst mal wieder was essen. Wir schickten einem Freund aus Deutschland den Standort, wo wir gerade waren und er kam wenige Minuten später vorbei. Zu unserer Freude hatte er uns schon ein Platz in einem Bungalow reserviert. Das Bungalow war mehr eine Strohhütte auf Stelzen, aber immerhin hatten wir ein eigenes Badezimmer. Die Bungalows sind die populärste Unterkunft in Pai, überall findet man solche Hütten. Als wir unsere Namen in das Gästebuch eingetragen haben, fanden wir auch prompt ein paar Namen von Bekannten aus Chiang Mai. Abends ... read more
Schönstes "Hostel" in dem wir bis jetzt waren

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