Planning a Road Trip to Pai for Our Family Visit in November

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May 7th 2020
Published: May 7th 2020
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I'm so excited to be planning a road trip to Pai this coming November! My husband and I are planning a trip for his family when they visit from Australia, and I'm so excited to show them around! We'll be driving from here in Chiang Mai to Pai where we will spend three days.

Finding a Big Car and Baby Car Seats

First things first, transportation. We need to rent a bigger car to accommodate my in-laws, as well as my two little niece's. Luckily there are quite a few car rental places in Chiang Mai, so it'll be easy for us to rent something for our trip. We also will be needing a car seat for our nieces. We have been doing research and found this car seat, Daiichi’s First 7 that meets our standards so we've decided to buy, which I think will be perfect for our trip!

Where Should We Stay?

Next up, I'm looking for the best place to stay in Pai. The Oia Pai Resort looks incredibly beautiful and seems to be one of the nicest hotels in the district! It has amazingly beautiful views, which is always fun on vacation, and it has a pool that I think our nieces would love (and who am I kidding, so would I!) It's a highly rated hotel with amazing reviews, and, super important, it is a good location to everything we want to do. We don't want to have to spend a lot of time driving, especially with two little girls, so this is really important for us when looking for a place to stay.

What Should We Do in Pai?

Once we have where we're staying, it's time for the best part- planning the activities! We're so excited to see the sights, but I'm also mindful that we are accommodating two little girls!

The first thing we want to see is Pai Canyon. This is an attraction that Pai is known for, so we can't leave without seeing it! We'll also be sure to check out Mo Paeng Falls. There are little pools around this gorgeous waterfall which will be perfect for the kids to swim and splash around a little bit.

We'll also probably try to do Bamboo mini golf. This looks like such a fun place, and I bet the girls will have such a fun time trying to hit the ball! Pai Walking Street is also considered a must-do in Pai, so we'll be sure to look at that. This will be fun for the adults, and we'll just make sure to have strollers for the kids. I think they'll love all the colors and sights, though- this will definitely be a fun thing to experience!

The fluid is one of the final places we might like to see. They have a pool we can hang out, ping pong, lots of delicious food, games, and a manual Chinese Ferris wheel that the little girls would probably love!

The Best Part, Food!

Finally, I'm excited to try some great restaurants in Pai! The Fruit Factory in Pai is highly rated and looks like they have a delicious variety of food! Oasis Restaurant is another one that looks great. It's a restaurant with gorgeous views, which is always great while eating, and they have a wide variety of food, including local as well as international. I think this would be a great option to make sure the girls get the food they like! Silhouette has amazing views, as well, overlooking the jungle, and seems like a great relaxed place to eat.

I'm so excited to get our plans set in stone! This is going to be such a fun trip with my husband's family and our nieces. I'm so excited to travel with them and show them the beautiful town of Pai!


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