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Asia » Singapore » Geylang March 24th 2016

Singapore, March 7-10, 2016 After I left Korea, I had the chance to travel through Singapore and Malaysia for a couple of weeks. I started the trip with four days and three nights in Singapore. The city center is compact, but nicely laid out. I greatly enjoyed walking the streets and eating some wonderful food—which was a treat all throughout both countries. The first full day in Singapore I started by exploring the Gardens by the Bay. The whole area is beautifully designed. I enjoyed the Cloud Forest—a dome that houses fauna from tropical rain forests. The walk from the top to the bottom of structure is nice. After the visiting the Cloud Forest, I headed over to the Supertree Grove and walked along the elevated walkway which provides amazing views of the city center. After ... read more
Marina Bay Sands at Night
Singapore City Center
Marina Bay Sands

Asia » Singapore » Geylang September 3rd 2015

I knew before that Singapore was a wonderful place, which is why I booked the flight to this city in the first place. However, I had no slightest idea how impressive the city was until I landed. I came to Singapore with a tourist visa, but fall in love with the city and now I seriously consider moving here permanently. Even at the airport I saw that everything in this city is huge. I spent the whole ride from the airport to my hotel looking through the window. The hotel in which I stayed in is located in a quiet area, just outside of the city center, near the Fort Canning Park. In the walking distance of the place where I stayed at are several important Singapore attractions. Some of those include Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, one ... read more
Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer left side view

Asia » Singapore » Geylang October 13th 2014

13th October - Kathmandu to Singapore Mia and I left Kathmandu for the airport in the morning for our 1pm flight. It took us much longer than expected due to the horrible weather - the rain was pelting down which was very unusual for Kathmandu at this time of year. Our flight arrived in Singapore around 8.30pm and we had a quick exit through customs and grabbed a cab for the 20 or so min journey to our home for the next 5 nights - 'Betel Box Backpackers' in Joo Chiat. I'd picked here to stay for numerous reasons. First being that as we were staying in Singapore for so long, we couldn't afford to stay in hotels the whole time! Plus I thought it'd be good for Mia to experience the backpacker way of travelling ... read more
Only the Best!
'Eng Seng'
'Eng Seng'

Asia » Singapore » Geylang May 30th 2013

IS AMAZING. and that is all I have time for - as I am about to board a plane to Phnom Penh CAMBODIA. Will keep you all posted - I am living a happy wondrous, mystical dream Oh and I am thinking of becoming a Buddhist Love Niks xx... read more

Asia » Singapore » Geylang March 27th 2013

23 March 2013 At 04h30 in the morning, sitting at KL LCC, after getting in after midnight thanks to that wonderful and almost never on time budget airline Air Asia, it is hard to get excited about going to Vietnam. Just a warning to fellow travellers, buy your taxi coupon before you exit the arrival hall or you will be f#*#ed. KL Low Cost terminal has become a nightmare. Transport syndicates prevent you from just catching a cab outside the door like you once could, and the place is so crowded now that even if you did get your coupon in the right place, you will stand in a very very long queue and taxis are not guaranteed even if you have the coupon. This terminal is horrible. Almost as bad as Manila. We have just ... read more
China Town
Food Court
Lovely Lolla

Asia » Singapore » Geylang February 1st 2013

So far in our travels we have come across 3 major metropolis powerhouses, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and boy oh boy is Singapore our fav. We will always have a special connection with Bangkok but in terms of a cool, modern, clean, vibrant city...Sing takes the award! We arrived in Changi Airport (more to come on Changi as we feel the need to spend some time and talk about how incredibly fantabulous this Airport is!!) and took the MRT to the Geylang area of Singapore where we had our cheapie (cheapie for Singapore standards) room at the Fragrance - Emerald Hotel. We paid $30 a night and had our nicest room yet..we even had a TV!!! We haven't watched anything on any tv since we got here. Not that we're in dire need of some ... read more
St. Andrews Cathedral
My fan club
They were so cute!

Asia » Singapore » Geylang November 15th 2012

We both new that the toughest part of this trip was going to be saying goodbye to our family's. As we write this Shannon airport facilities are still mopping up the tears. Arrived into Heathrow without any glitches and for once we didn't have to go through the painful annoyance of "de da di da dee, Ryanair the best on time record" Thank you Aer Lingus. We were both like little kids looking forward to seeing the Airbus 380 that Robbie Hennessy has been going on about for the last few weeks. Jane was so excited that she trotted off into the gate without giving me my boarding card. It's either excitement or she is sick of me already. But we have to say the Airbus 380 with Singapore airlines is some machine. The pics don't ... read more
Airbus A380 pt2
3 Towers

Asia » Singapore » Geylang June 12th 2012

Enkele uren later stonden we in Singapore. Dé stad van alle hightech snufjes, skytowers, reuzachtige appartementen van wel 80 verdiepingen en meer, het weinige 'groen' in de stad, de vliegende metro's -zowel ondergronds als bovengronds- en de zovele regeltjes! Je mag niet dit, je mag niet dat of je krijgt een boete! De boete's hier zijn niet mals! Voor kauwgom op de grond is het $200! Een papiertje laten vallen in't stad evenveel. Eten of drinken op de bus of metro is $500! Geen water drinken, geen flesje uithalen, niet kauwen. Niet leunen tegen de rand van de roltrap, niet zitten op de grond (als de banken bezet zijn moet je maar rechtstaan), niet zitten op de trap, geen tassen op de grond zetten, niet leunen tegen de deur van de metro, binnen de lijntjes wandelen ... read more
time for new sunglasses/tijd voor een nieuwe zonnebril
mmm we love Indian food/mmm we houden van Indisch voedsel

Asia » Singapore » Geylang February 29th 2012

29 lutego ruszamy w naszą pierwszą podróż spontaniczną. Zapraszamy wszystkich do śledzenia naszych losów na blogu. Będziemy updatowac tak często jak się da :.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Geylang November 30th 2011

If we were to say that we enjoy 6 hour train journeys, it would be a lie. To have the agony delayed by 3 hours however is just a kick in the balls. KL Sentral Station was home whilst we waited for our train, and boy were we glad once it finally came. For a cross-country service it was surprisingly quiet, except for 1 annoying screaming toddler behind us (I swear 6 hours must be a record). Fortunately, the train was equipped with televisions, and we had “I Am Legend” to keep us sane for some of it. To be honest it was relatively comfortable, and if you keep yourself occupied it goes much quicker. Once we reached the border there was a quick stop for the customs officials to check our passports, which only took ... read more
View from the Singapore Flyer
Us again
Marina Bay Sands Hotel...

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