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Asia » Nepal » Patan October 11th 2019

Vanochtend werden we aan de ontbijttafel omvergeblazen door zowat alle stereotypes. Een Nederlander die zijn toast met kaas door de grill stuurde terwijl er overduidelijk opstaat dat het niet mag. Chinezen die heel de tijd aan het bellen waren aan tafel, En Engelsen die hun eigen thee bij hadden. Het was de moeite. Also: 2 soorten Pannenkoeken!!! na het overheerlijke ontbijt stond onze gids ons weer op te wachten in de lobby. Ze vertelde de dagplanning en we stapten in de auto en reden naar de eerste stop: Swayambunath (de Monkey Temple) Onderweg vertelde ze het verhaal van Buddha en hoe Kathmandu tot stand kwam. eigenlijk best een mooi verhaal. Normaal doe je 365 trappen om tot boven te geraken, maar onze gids wil deze natuurlijk niet elke tour doen, dus glipten we binnen langs achter. ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Patan October 2nd 2017

The trip to Nepal ended with a tour to Patan City, the oldest of the original three cities in Kathmandu Valley, also known as Lalitpur or the “City of Beauty.” Reaching Patan Durbar Square, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Monument and a marvel of Newari architecture, involved a short walk through interesting streets that required careful watching of the surroundings since they lacked any kind of sidewalk and the vehicles and crazy scooters could come uncomfortably close to pedestrians. Even though it sustained heavy damage during the April 2015 earthquake, here was another breathtaking display of Hindu temples, Buddhist monuments, and stone statues with wonderful carvings. I believe at one point it may have been the most beautiful of the Squares and it's buildings some of the most elaborate. Krishna Mandir is the most important ... read more
The Golden Temple
The Golden Temple.
The Golden Temple

Asia » Nepal » Patan May 14th 2017

The world is full of surprises and novelty if you open up to it, the last several days in Asia made that ever more clear. We left Bhutan to spend a couple more days in Nepal before the flight home. But before leaving I took a walk away from the hotel through a couple of neighborhoods in Para, Bhutan. I was joined by three young monks, looking to be about 7 to 13 years old. They laughed and joked with me, wanting to know if I found their country beautiful and then, after I said it was, delighted in pointing everywhere a dog had pooped along side of the road. Ah, Buddhist monk humor. I also had a close up look at the farms. All of them are terraced, winter wheat now being harvested and rice ... read more
Everest above the clouds

Asia » Nepal » Patan October 13th 2016

Kathmandu III. Patan Der Tag fing schon gut an, gleich vor dem Hotel bekam ich ein Taxi und der Preis nach Patan war ohne zu feilschen 400 Rupies für etwa 10 km (4 €), wahrscheinlich der beste Preis, den ein Ausländer bekommen kann. Es brachte mich zum Stadttor von Patan, wo der übliche Wucherpreis von 1000 R gefordert wurde (wenn sie wenigstens was Sinnvolles damit täten...) und dann gehörte die Stadt mir. Ich erinnere mich noch gut an meinen letzten Ausflug nach Patan, damals mit Mutter. Wir nahmen vom Hotel aus ein Taxi, wanderten in Patan herum und als es zu regnen begann wollten wir heim. Da stellte sich heraus, dass an diesem Tag die Taxifahrer streikten, es standen zwar massenhaft Taxis herum, aber sie fuhren halt nicht. Ich war gespannt, wie das enden würde. Ich ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Patan January 10th 2015

Both E and I have come down with cases of D&V the past 4 or 5 days. It started the day atter we arrived at Pratik's house, a sort of punk squat in Lalitpur just outside Kathmandu. Whether it was the rice we had for dinner the first night or the drinking water that we continued consuming even after fluids started emitting from both ends of our bodies, we might never know. This is not to blame Pratik of course but perhaps just to highlight our own carelessness after having been so careful throughout India. We have made the best we can of the uncomfortable situation, managing to cook dinner for the house one night and going to the Monkey Temple yesterday. (That was difficult; after 3 days of dehydration and about one meal, my body ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Patan May 26th 2014

Thanka Painting (cont.) By the fourth day I could find my way to and from the shop on my own, without asking for directions three times. I love Durbar Square with all the temples and people. On the way to and from I enjoyed looking at all the shops and especially the ladies in their saris and suwal kurtas (tunic with pants and shawl); the fabrics are carefully chosen and match perfectly. The women are like bright jewels. I painted contentedly all day, from eleven till six, or sometimes a little later. The shop was two small rooms side by side, with fold away doors that opened one whole side to the street. My right arm and hand became much darker than my left from the sun. When it rained Bibek Lama and his wife would ... read more
More wiring
Local produce
Temples in Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Patan May 21st 2014

SIX DAYS OF THANKA SCHOOL When I arrived at the airport in Kathmandu, ready to move on to Maldives for some diving, I learned that I was a week early for my departure. A simple mistake by my booking agent but it seemed like a monumental error at the time. I had already said my good-byes in Thamel, the tourist area I had been based at in Kathmandu so I decided to take a six day thanka painting class in Paten; I knew Bhaktapur had classes but lodging there was much more expensive. I felt Paten was a better choice. My taxi driver found me a hotel at last, and introduced me to the Lama who would supervise my painting. Thankas are Buddhist religious paintings and are sold everywhere in Nepal. Some are framed and some ... read more
Bibek Lama, my instructor in Tibetan thanka painting
Close-up of Bibek's current thanka
My unfinished thanka

Asia » Nepal » Patan March 5th 2014

heute war also sehr früh aufstehen angesagt, um bei der großen stupa die spirituelle morgenstimmung wahrnehmen zu dürfen. auch bei erbärmlichen temperaturen war es ein einmaliges erlebnis mit chantenten mönchen in den umliegenden klöstern (über 400 allein in kathmandu city), glockenläuten (macht die götter aufmerksam), verkäufern mit tee und opfergaben… alles unter einer mit tausenden bunten laternchen beleuchteten stupa und vor dem hintergrund murmelnder betenden sowie kathmandus sternenhimmel. fantastisch! mit dem taxi zurück ins hotel, kräftiges (warmes!) frühstück und ein zweiter power nap um um neun wieder fürs tagesprogramm gestellt zu sein. der erste weg führt uns zum affentempel “swayambhounath” mit erwartungsgemäß vielen (bösen) affen, herrlichem ausblick über kathmandu und faszinierenden buddhistischen ritualen, denen wir beiwohnen dürfen. wir kaufen auch zwei butterkerzen f... read more
kid monch's blessing

Asia » Nepal » Patan » Durbar Square April 6th 2013

Once you are in Kathmandu and have a day to spare a visit to Patan should definitely be included somewhere in your itinerary. I found this place to be pretty charming from the first sight really – beautiful Durbar Square, narrow colourful streets, hidden temples and shrines here and there, little workshops and most of all the smiling faces of people all around. Everything seems much more relaxed in here comparing to Kathmandu as well – people sitting outside chatting and laughing everywhere, children playing in the streets, happily posing for pictures for passing by tourists. You can wander around the streets and watch the people around for hours really… I know there is quite a bit of history behind all the buildings and temples that are scattered all around Patan as well but watching the ... read more
lovely old lady in Patan
just adorable!
realaxing at one of the temples in Patan...

Asia » Nepal » Patan October 14th 2012

14th Patan and Swayambhunath After a bad night’s sleep we still got up early and once again caught a taxi, this time to the city of Patan which is now almost a suburb of Kathmandu. Patan is known as the City of Beauty and I’m sure it once was, now the jumbled mass of houses and shops which sprawl around the historic areas kind of spoil the image slightly. Unlike Bhaktapur traffic still speeds around all the small streets which makes looking at the various temples and shrines a less comfortable experience – you constantly have one eye over your shoulder! However the Durbar Square was still stunning with it’s elegant pagoda temples and intricately carved stone temples. We ran the same gamut of people offering to be guides but once again just wanted to see ... read more

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