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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight October 13th 2017

On our very next morning the whole group, minus one perhaps fearful couple, woke up very early and bussed to the local airport to fly Buddha Air's "Best Mountain Flight in the World." The morning was slightly overcast, which caused some not so small concern among several of us. But we boarded the two propeller plane, each of us strapped into a window seat, and off we went. Climbing through the clouds, we burst above them into a world of tall mountains, seeing valleys and tiny villages far below, impenetrable rock faces, and snow high on the peaks. It was stunning and absolutely gorgeous, a happy surprise to actually see the mighty Himalayan range so close. Following the maps given us, I tried to identify which summit was which, knowing that Everest couldn't be seen for ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 12th 2017

This is our first full day in Kathmandu. For this trip I'm travelling with Odysseys Unlimited, seeing how they compare with OAT and Road Scholar. The flights here were long, very long, and while award winning Qatar Airways provides adequate food and copious wine, it still took me from Monday morning until almost 5PM on Wednesday to move from central Maine to Kathmandu's airport. Being cooped up in any plane for that long a time is never comfortable no matter how many movies one watches, nor how many glasses of wine are consumed. But then finally, yesterday, I arrived in Nepal. Kathmandu is poor, very dirty, and hugely congested. Drivers scatter anywhere they wish, causing enormous traffic jams. People scuttle in and out of traffic, compounding an already horrendous mess. Most of the streets are unpaved, ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 1st 2017

Upon our return to Kathmandu Valley, we explored Kathmandu City, capital of Nepal. The Durbar Square includes the sprawling Hanuman Dhoka, the ancient palace of Nepalese Royalty. We also visited the Temple of Kumari, home to Nepal’s most important living goddess. The Nepal Kumari are little girls chosen for their physical and mental perfection and worshiped as living goddesses until their first menstrual period, at which time they are retired and a new Kumari is chosen. During our trip, a new 3 year old Kumari had been chosen just a couple of days before, and we saw the long line of devotees waiting to be brought to her presence for a blessing. Because of religious reasons, we were not allowed to see her personally, so we had to be contented with access to one of the ... read more
Dhansa or Kabindrapur
Vishnu and Inrapur temples
Kumari's Palace

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 27th 2017

Top of the World to the River of Death We started the day at 6:30 a.m. on a one hour flight over the Himalayas turning at Everest for a full on look, from both our seats and the cockpit, at the roof of the world. I doubt I will ever forget not only Everest, but the terrain and mountains that lead up to it, perhaps the most daunting square miles on the face of the earth. We enjoyed a glass of champaign on the way back to toast our adventure--those of you reading closely realize we had champaign way too early in the day. According to our host, we must have good Karma because the mountains allowed us to see them this morning. We then went to Bhaktapur, called the "City of the Devotees" for its ... read more
Temple Guardians
Tradiitional potter
Last rites

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 26th 2017

When we decided to go to Nepal and Bhutan it probably would have been a good thing to think through how long it would take to get there. From Columbus to JFK, 2 hours. From JFK to Abu Daubi, 13 hours, from Abu Daubi, 4 more to Kathmandu. Add in layovers and we left at 7 a.m and arrived at Nepal, day one When we decided to go to Nepal and Bhutan it probably would have been a good thing to think through how long it would take to get there. From Columbus to JFK, 2 hours. From JFK to Abu Dhabi, 13 hours, from Abu Dhabi, 4 more to Kathmandu. Add in layovers and we left at 7 a.m and arrived somewhere around noon the next day. Our guide, Anup met us at the airport ... read more
Marcia and Prayer Wheels
Monk amongst the ruins
New friends

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 23rd 2017

Geo: 27.7029, 85.3182 While Donna was travelling through Italy with Brenda, I spent the month trekking with my brother Jack and nieces Krista and Jessica in the Khumbu (Everest) region of Nepal. This was my second visit to the area. It's easiest for me to share the experience through the images I choose to capture and put up on my Flickr site (here). I truly hope you'll take time to browse through them, to get a glimpse of what we saw and perhaps a sense of our adventure. Our trip started with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, among the highest and most challenging airports in the world at 2,830 metres. With our guide Megh, we followed the trail past farms, traditional Buddhist vi... read more
Meeting a yak on the trail
Young resident of  Swayambhunath (Monkey) Temple
Panorama that includes snowbound Phortse

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu March 1st 2017

Nepal was never actually in my original itinerary to visit but I had met so many travellers in India who told me that "oh, you have to go!" that I decided to check it out. In Varanasi, I was already pretty close to the country so it made sense to get up to Kathmandu from there. Also, I do enjoy the occasional hike and Nepal is famous for its trekking and I had heard that the people up there were friendly so I thought that Nepal would be worth a couple of weeks of my time. Shiva's wedding anniversary had occurred at an inopportune time for me as it meant that the direct overnight bus wasn't going on the day I needed it. With a tight schedule in Nepal thanks to the flight I booked from ... read more
View Of Pashupatinath Temple & Bagmati River
Streets Of Kathmandu
Taleju Temple

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel January 24th 2017

Greetings all! If this post seems short, that's because it is. I'm only using to remind all of you that I've launched my own self-hosted travel blog, So if you want to read about our latest venture to beautiful Nepal, you'll have to go there to find it! I'll even make it extra easy on you and include a list of my Nepal blogs here: 1. 2. 3. 4. url=htt... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 21st 2016

Destinations with an element of the superlative usually succeed effortlessly in attracting tourists purely to discover the mystique surrounding that very superlative, and in this case, the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest, has been Nepal's ID card since time immemorial. The nation's capital city of Kathmandu though, has developed an identity all of its own, and this being the first port of call in Nepal, the challenge was laid out to see the highlights of Kathmandu on a whirlwind sightseeing tour lasting just one solitary day. Skimming the surface might have been the order of the day, but there is no doubting the fact that the itinerary was mightily impressive, and included stop-offs at places of interest which were destined to add colour and depth to a day out of hardcore sightseeing. Boudhanath Stupa was first ... read more
Nepalese styles (Kathmandu; Nepal)
Durbar square feature (Kathmandu; Nepal)
Garden of dreams (Kathmandu; Nepal)

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 12th 2016

In Nepal ist heute ein Feiertag, deshalb war nur in Pokhara Chaos auf der Straße. Die restliche Strecke war ruhig und gemütlich, auch nur ein Mordversuch durch einen Bus (den ich geschickt vereitelt habe). Sogar die Einfahrt nach Kathmandu war ruhig und entspannt - abgesehen vom grauenhaften Straßenzustand. Tiefe Schlaglöcher und große Wellen im Teer, verursacht durch den Schwerlastverkehr. Wegen der starken abendlichen/nächtlichen Gewitter war die Straße immer wieder von Bergrutschen bedeckt. Raupen und Schaufellader waren damit beschäftigt, sie wieder befahrbar zu machen. Aber dies nur an den schlimmsten Stellen. Ansonsten lagen die Felsbrocken einfach ganz friedlich auf der Straße und man fuhr aussen rum. An einer anderen Stelle hat ein Bächlein, das jetzt ganz unschuldig und scheinheilig neben der Straße dahin plätscherte, einen Schwemmfächer von knapp einem Meter... read more

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