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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal March 27th 2015

I have been traveling and did some posting on Facebook with mostly pictures. It did not occir to me that typing so much info on the road via my phone would be a challenge, not to mention the places I have been sometimes have no internet and SOMETIMES NO POWER! i HAVE BEEN WRITING IN A HAND WRITTEN TRAVEL LOG BOOK AND WILL TRANSFER THE INFORMATION WHEN I RETURN! In the meantime you can find info at Suzan Hogan Taylor on facebook... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu February 26th 2015

Only 5 more days before i get on the plane for my trip to Kathmandu and Bangkok for some shopping, socializing and chilling out. Im really excited to be returning to Kathmandu, as i haven't been there for 2 years or more. Looking forward to some great shopping to be had and will also get out to the Kathmandu Valley for a cultural fix and hopefully some day walks. Hoping to do a homestay in a traditional village and will be visiting Bhaktapur and Dhulikell. The next few days i will be doing some final preparation. Packing my bags ( travel lightly so I can make the most of my 30kg allowance on return) and I need to buy some US dollars maybe $100 to help with my visa for Nepal ($25 USD for 14 days) ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu February 1st 2015

After acclimating to the scene, we easily worked into our Nepali routine. And as it is with everything that was once different, soon becomes routine and even normal. Mornings were filled with homemade chai that made Starbucks seem like gas station chai, breakfast of rice or lentil and 8 adults and 2 children huddled around a coffee table and scouting of our upcoming day. What was once a crowded room, became a our base camp, our birthday party meeting room, or debriefing headquarters. Its amazing what you think you need, and then realizing it's that you don't need much. And after a few days I was able to tackle the shower without even a thought. The warm shower, which was once a bit terrifying, is powered by water that was carried 5 flights to the roof ... read more
Living goddess
Travel options.
Former Royal Palace.

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel January 27th 2015

Apologies for the late start for this blog, unfortunately there has been a lack of wifi throughout Nepal, but now I can begin! Blog#1 - Kathmandu Our journey began in Heathrow Airport. After saying a very sad goodbye to our family, we made our way onto our first flight into Asia. We arrived in Mumbai, India pretty disorientated, but excited! Our time in Mumbai was a short one, as we were only there for the transit flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. The wait was long and slow, as well as being eaten alive by thousands of mosquitos, neither myself or Joe were able to get any sleep because of the time difference. The time finally came to board the flight to Kathmandu, which in my personal opinion, was one of the most spectacular flights I've been on, ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu January 4th 2015

I am not vegan. I haven't been since we arrived in India on the 7th of December. At first it was a confusion over coffee, where it comes as standard with milk and black coffee wasn't always understoof, but when we arrived in Lucknow Thapar's generosity would have made me feel a complete shit to refuse the food he provided. Porridge made with milk and a unique-to-the-region dish called Nimish (made of dew-evaporated milk) were presented alongside the occasional bit of cottage cheese in the curries. At the retreat, where refusing porridge in the mornings would have left me with only one meal a day, a condition I wasn't willing to endure due to the already freezing situation, I made do with excluding the chai tea and milk puddings as far as I could. Since leaving ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu December 21st 2014

Hi Everyone! I've been here in beautiful Nepal for just over 2 weeks now and I've finally found the time to start this Blog. My introduction to Nepal came via a small murky window on the plane out of which I could see the snow peaked Himalayan mountains rising somewhat majestically above the clouds and gleaming in the sunlight. Once i was out of the airport it was dark and my next exposure to the country was one of chaos and poverty. the roads were rammed packed with traffic and bikes were squeezing into any space a car couldn't quite fit. there was a constant bombardment of car horns and beside the road people sat around fires outside decrepit looking building. we finally arrived at the house which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, ... read more
Around Kathmandu
a view down to Kathmandu
Garden of Dreams

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 28th 2014

Zo daar zijn we weer! Terug in Kathmandu, weer stroom en wifi. Onderweg hoorden we over het grote ongeluk op de Annapurna. Wij hebben de tweede dag wel veel regen gehad, maar verder niets. Komende dagen proberen we onze verhalen online te zetten, als de wifi mee werkt. ;-) Hopelijk werkt deze blogsite beter dan de vorige. Sorry voor het switchen, onze trouwe volgers kunnen zich opnieuw aanmelden voor de mailinglist. ;-)... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Boudhanath October 14th 2014

Kathmandu and around One week, three trips and $140 is what it took to get my Indian visa. If I was Ozzy it would have cost me $40. Arriving back in Thamel from such beautiful scenery was a real shock to the system. You sort of forget what it’s all about. The beeping and hocking had gotten worse, and without a dust mask it was hard to breathe. But on a Sunday evening, after a five hours bus trip turned to eight we only had one goal. Falafel! I don’t know if it is because we are away from home, but anytime you catch a sniff of good western food I could swear it is the best ever tasted. At the end of Mandala street (quiet little walking street in Thamel lanes) and opposite Pumperninckal bakery, ... read more
She always Attracts them.
Prayer flags on the Stupa

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 12th 2014

Blog Entry 4 Today was our first full day in Kathmandu ... a city in desperate need of some infrastructure improvement. Very few roads are paved and the unpaved roads resemble the landscape of the moon, pockmarked with large craters formed by the torrential rains of the recently completed monsoon. And the electric power grid? Well let's just say it has more common with a bird's nest than a modern power distribution system. As an aside ... for you euchre players ... during the composition of this blog, four members of the group were playing euchre at an adjoining table. Jim just called for a loner-hand in clubs. The cards he was holding you ask? ... Jack of Clubs, the Jack, King and Ten of Spades and the King of Diamonds. With much good humor it ... read more
Is This Anyway To Run A Power Grid?
Colored Sand Mandala

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel October 12th 2014

If you can't get to New York to see Times Square, where else can you go to see it? Kathmandu!... read more

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