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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest Base Camp October 11th 2014

Blog Entry 3 Internet access is already challanging and we are sitting in the middle of a huge city ... Kathmandu. For the record, we are never going to get sick of sayng "Kathmandu." We all arrived yesterday and checked into the very nice Hotel Shanker. Today we had a tour of the three World Heritage Sites here in the city ... which included witnessing a creamation. We are running around a bit trying to get ready to start the trek (it begins tommorrow). We are trying to get a blog up with some photos ... but like we said ... Internet access is challenging. If we disappear from this blog it will be because of lack of access. As of right now all is well.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 10th 2014

We spent our last full day in Kathmandu together visiting the city of Patan. Located about 5 km south of Kathmandu in the Kathmandu Valley, on the southern side of the Bagmati River, Patan is one of the 3 royal cities in the valley. The others are Kathmandu and Bhaktapur - I'm yet to visit Bhakapur but will definitely do so next year as I've been wanting to since we first visited Nepal. We arrived in Patan and decided to head to a roof top cafe overlooking Durbar Square. We chilled out, sharing momos, enjoyed icy cold beer and looked at the temples all in comfort! Gav had been here with Thomo last year and didn't think it was worth it to pay the $$ just to get in and walk around. The views we had ... read more
Patan, Kathmandu
Patan, Kathmandu
Patan, Kathmandu

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel October 8th 2014

Genteeee, foi mal não consegui atualizar o blog por muito tempo. No Nepal a internet era bem ruim, nem as fotos eu conseguia ver. Enfim... deixa eu contar a minha aventura lá. Cheguei no aeroporto, bem feinho, pequeno, quente e fui para fila do visto. Estava muuuita fila, eles são meio burocráticos quanto ao visto, precisa de foto, preencher um formulário, eles fazem tudo a mão. Depois de passar pela imigração foi a hora de ir para o hostel. Peguei um táxi e fui. O hostel era bonitinho, peguei um quarto só pra mim com banheiro, foi bem bom. Saí para comprar algo pra comer e fui descansar, depois de quase 20hs de voo... No dia seguinte saí para andar em Thamel, as ruas não tem asfalto, motos, carros, bicicletas e pessoas andam todas juntas, não ... read more
Caminho e o guia
Caminho do Trekking

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 3rd 2014

Finally after a 4 month countdown we have arrived in Kathmandu at the beginning of our months holiday. We'll be spending 2 weeks here in Nepal including a trek in the Annapurnas, then Gav will head home leaving Mia and I for a girls holiday for 16 days in Singapore. Mia and I arrived on Tuesday afternoon and after a 2 hour wait at Kathmandu airport we finally met Gav who had flown in from Thailand. For me it was so good to be back here after 15 years - nothing has changed which I love. For Mia it was a bit of a culture shock. Even though she is an experienced traveller in Asian countries, arriving in Kathmandu (and being very tired from travelling for 20+ hours) it was quite overwhelming for her. I'm sure ... read more
Offerings for Dashain

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal October 3rd 2014

Friday October 3rd We were met this morning by Amrit from Nepali Cooking Course I'd been looking forward to today for months after searching for a good cooking class in Kathmandu and finding his course on Tripadvisor. We try and do a cooking class in every country we visit as not only are they fun but we normally learn some great tips and tricks and we love the interaction with the locals running them! We walked to the local 'old' market and along the way picked up another 2 small groups of girls who we'd be spending the morning with. There is something about local food markets that I just love. The variety of beautiful, fresh produce always amazes me! This one was no exception. Set in the dusty streets alongside temples and gorgeous old ... read more
Morning market
Nepali Cooking Course - Kathmandu
Morning market

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu September 20th 2014

This morning Isaac and I went to Thamel from brunch, this wasn't entirely our intention but it's what happened anyway. We found ourselves in a restaurant called New Orleans just hoping to have something cold to drink and were presented with the most in depth breakfast menu we've seen since arriving here and were powerless to resist. I was first drawn to the Mexican breakfast which warned that it was on the large side so Isaac dissuaded me from ordering it on the grounds that I would never finish it and would feel bad; so he ordered it with the promise of sharing and I ordered fruit. What arrived shortly after can only be described as the best beans on toast ever: Instead of standard toast there was toasted corn bread Not just simple baked beans ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu September 20th 2014 More and more Kathmandu is starting to feel like home. Its little things like our local shop keeper recognizes us, and says hello as we are passing. The fact that I am now able to barter successfully in Nepali after coming to accept that everything is double the price because we are westerners. And we can triumphantly catch a bus and end up in Thamel instead of Chabahil! But all you need to do is turn left where you normally turn right and you will discover a plethora of unseen sights that will continue to maze you for a quick walk somewhere that I haven't been But even after a quick afternoon walk around Patan there are still sights that amaze me.... read more
How monkeys cross the road
Anyone want a bag?
Patan bus station

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu September 19th 2014

Today we had a day in Kathmandu shopping and visiting the temples. The roads were crazy and you had to run between the traffic!!! We got our cash (as it's closed currency here). £10 is equivalent to 15.500 Nepalese Rupees. Everything is soooo cheap , a T-shirt will cost you £2. We met one if our tour group, Jess, at the hotel at about 11:30 and she tagged along with us. She's from Toronto. We showed her how to get money and where to hire a sleeping bag. We then all went to visit the Monkey Temple. We took a taxi which was very cheap at 350 NPR. A half hour drive at £2!!! It had no seatbelts so that was interesting especially with their traffic. The temple was mad there were monkeys everywhere and they ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel September 18th 2014

We have arrived safe and sound! Kathmandu is crazy crazy! Never seen anything like it on the road, mopeds I have seen cutting up but there's people just walking in front of cars and then randomly in the middle of the crazy moving traffic there's a traffic warden directing traffic!! Fuji hotel is lovely it's so close here though about 26 degrees and no air!!! Lightning storm at the moment which is cool as we're on the 6th floor. I've learnt three Nepali phrases namaste is hello, ha-Zur is yes and Dhan-ya-bahd is thank you. On the flight from Oman to Nepal there were only four westerners on the plane the rest were Nepalese. Lovely people met a great guy called Ne-ma who we were chatting to in the airport and he was sat by us ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu September 14th 2014

First day - arrived at Kathmandu airport and had to wait so long to get a visa, I've seen people grow beards in less time than I was in that queue! End up getting pretty Much forced to take a taxi, which I've now realised I got majorly ripped off for!, the taxi the took me to red planet hostel, again getting a room there was a decision I was essentially forced into. but never mind, the rooms alright, aside from the overwhelming smell of damp, the sound of people pissing outside my window, the sound of next doors Nepali constituency fucking till all hours, the no hot water and questionable bed sheets. I went out for a wonder, got severely lost, to the point I thought I wasn't going to get back to the hostel. ... read more

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