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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 25th 2018

The last day. Nothing planned. We tried to sleep in a little, despite the bell-ringing, that happens every day from 6:00 onward. It's to announce oneself to the hindu gods when entering a shrine. Took some time to properly stash our bags for the way back. Had breakfast, printed tickets, went out to buy the last few things we wanted .In my case, without much luck: The things I wanted most were: some new/extra packing cubes, a sleeping mask and maybe one well-fitting goretex / fishermanspants. No luck on any of those. Shop in, shop out. They're all the same here. There's your prototype 'the north fake' trekking shop, with all kinds of trekking clothes and accessoires. A hemp shop, with mostly backpacks. A Nepali/festival-kind of clothing store and shops for fabrics (yak, cashmere, pashima).rinse, repeat. ... read more
A typical trekking store. There are hundreds. And they all sell the same stuff
This is a typical 2-way street in Kathmandu
Rooftop terrace. Some tea/coffee

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel October 25th 2018

After three nights at the Newa we relocated to our next (original) hotel. We'd had a wander around previously to see what it looked like but we couldn't find it in the rabbit warren of streets. This time we stumbled across it almost by accident as we killed time waiting for our luggage to be collected from the Newa. What started out as a walk turned into a complete relocation as our new hotel-keepers insisted we stay, even though we had a dog from the Newa who had 'adopted' Steve in tow as it had decided to join us on our walk. We felt we had not said a proper goodbye to Prem but decided not to go back as he would have had hundreds of questions for us about our new lodgings. You may have ... read more
Prayer Flag Street
Electrical Gizmo Street
Janis and the rubbish

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 24th 2018

October 6th - Kunming - Dia 107 Needing to catch a flight from Kunming to Kathmandu the 7th I traveled a lot today. All the fast trains were sold out and weirdly my slow night train reservation got cancelled on the last minute. So I was left to take a bus 😣 Not the most memorable time. Today I literally traveled from 7:30am all the way to 11:30pm. Traveling really tests your patience. Especially in the buses of China which are not made for medium sized people, their is not a lot of space to get comfortable. Finally made it to the bus station of Kunming at 11:30pm. I had hoped to catch the cheap metro train to my Hostel but got unlucky since the metro train was  closed for the night. The buses were also ... read more
Delicious indian food in nepal! Somosas!
Steamed meat Momos!
Walking in small corridors filled with beautiful colors

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 24th 2018

First of all: Kathmandu is in lonely planet's top-10 cities to see, for the newest edition, that came out, today... Which meant the pizza place, 'ice and fire' we had planned to go to tonight was way too crowded.. Back to Fren's kitchen, where we started our vacation. Yesterday, we walked the streets of Kathmandu again. Had an apple pie somewhere, but it was more like a complete meal than I thought the light snack we planned. Therefore we ended up eating late at a place we found to gave boardgames, the electric pagoda. We played Jenga a lot see this photo of my final creation :) During the day, we did something different: got a mountainbike and cycled trough all the little streets if Kathmandu and it's surroundings. Ended with a swim at the 'police ... read more
Electric pagoda
Nice ambiance
I dub thee 'Pisa II'

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel October 23rd 2018

Did you know that the Nepalese flag is the only one in the world that isn't square or rectangular? Me neither. It's like two pennants stuck together and is all the more interesting because of that. We initially decided to stay in Kathmandu because our future plans included trips to two nearby countries both at reasonably high altitudes. Kathmandu was the closest we could get and acted as a 'hub' for both countries. It would also mean we could acclimatise in the slightly elevated altitude of Kathmandu before moving higher. It is, however, also incredibly difficult to get all the visas and other documentation in place independently so we started to investigate using a 'facilitator' many months before leaving home. It was all a bit of a lottery ... How did we know that the names ... read more
Nepal map
Achut ManCanDo (left)
Getting my dog 'fix'!

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel October 22nd 2018

The journey to the airport was super-quick - don't know where all the traffic had gone. In fact, we were too early to check-in but we were soon on board the 9.00 pm Qatar Airways flight from Amman to Doha, in Qatar, where we would transit. The plane was lovely, an A350 XWB, with loads of films, entertainment, seat space, wifi and proper cutlery! It put BA to shame. We landed in Doha about midnight and the 3.15 hour wait between flights soon passed as I chatted with a woman from Oxford with not much of interest to say and a young man from NE England who I guessed was in the military as he was taking the long way home to Newcastle from Afghanistan via Kuwait, Qatar and Manchester. He was funny and entertaining and ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 18th 2018

Our beloved leader thinks that the sun shines out the Royal Enfield's exhaust pipe, well we don't and are thus negative and basically unworthy of travelling on the noble metal steed. Of course I knew that we'd be on this kind of bikes but that they were that underpowered and under braked, I did not know, well I should have guessed, old, or rather obsolete, British motorcycle technology made in India if you get the idea. We've been having some little talks on our different views on travelling and riding on bikes, we're not happy about him moaning and he's not happy, especially with me. Breakfast the next morning and back to the flea bag to suit up and yet again we battle the mud and the water crossings and the ever present rocks that want ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel October 8th 2018

Returning from the monkey temple, yesterday, we had this interesting idea of just getting small bits of food in different places, which worked great. That evening and the next day, we took it easy, had some good conversations with mostly Marynard, but also Jarod and Julien from Germany. In the afternoon, we picked up a simcard. In the end we went to our non-preferred provider, ncell, which they say has great coverage in the big cities, but not so much when we go hiking. We'll see. The reason for the change is that after going to many different shops, we couldn't find one that offered a lot of data for a good price. We should have gone for the deal at the airport: 28GB for 1200 rupees (9 euros), but the best thing we could find ... read more
Mark climbing the tower
Simon climbing the tower

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square October 7th 2018

Today we started out easy with a good breakfast (included in the price). We had fruits, eggs, coffee, potato and something else I can't remember and headed out around 11, with the guide from the previous day, Jay. Also present were Jarod (USA), who travels the world and teaches (mostly) English in S/SE Asia and Maynard from Minnesota, who chose to see the world after retiring, also hoping to escape the American bubble. So on we went to Bakhtapur, Durbar square, and the temples. In continuation of yesterdays education, I learned about some hindu gods and their transports. Each of the 33 million gods has their own unique transportation, which can be anything. I have some trouble reconciling the fact that there's only a couple of thousand words that can be used for that. I guess ... read more
Gate to the hindu temple
Above the entrance
Pagoda temple, thousands of years old

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel October 6th 2018

We arrived in Kathmandu from Delhi the afternoon of Weds 3rd October. The small airport was very easy to navigate and the new electronic visa application meant we didn’t need to use any of our passport photos and speeded up the form filling process. Despite the fact they prefer you to pay in cash (ideally US dollars but all major currencies now accepted) they will accept visa with a 2% surcharge. Unlike our experiences in India we found everyone incredibly helpful and smiley. I even ended up chatting to passport control about the importance of work life balance for quite a while (I was the last in the queue). Our hotel picked us up from the airport for free and we were soon in our beautiful hotel, Taleju, in Thamel. We were greeted with mango juice, ... read more
The packing game

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