Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Akihabara August 8th 2018

We left the hotel and walked to the metro station to go to the fish market, on the way past, we walked by a little vending machine that sold hats for cats, they were hilarious. Bear ears, bunny ears and a hat that looked like a boiled sweet, obviously, I had to get one! Molly the cat is going to be SO impressed when I get home!! When we arrived in the area where the fish market is, we walked into a tiny walkway lined with market stalls with household goods, veggies, fish and meat. The market was very busy despite the later time, Michie took us to a stall to try a local cake, round and heavy with a choice of filling with chocolate, custard, soya beans, black sesame and many more, because I’ve been ... read more
Custard cake
Inside the fish market
First sushi!

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Shibuya August 5th 2018

My next day in Tokyo started with a trip on the metro to the Shibuya are of the city. I had previously looked at the map of the metro and determined it was much like a bowl of multicoloured spaghetti and chickened out of doing it by myself so I was happy to be going on the metro with Michie so I could try and understand it. We took the short walk from the hotel to the nearest metro station and set off for Shibuya. We arrived after around 15 minutes and I had a much clearer understanding of how to find my way around the metro station! When you exit the station there is a statue of a dog - Hachikō - I had never heard of this dog, but, he is quite famous in ... read more
Shibuya intersection
Shibuya intersection

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Asakusa August 3rd 2018

After an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpu, I arrived at Tokyo’s Narita airport to be greeted by the transfer company - Green Tomato. Green Tomato are a great company who provide a shuttle bus service from the airport into Tokyo, well worth booking as it’s over 60km to Tokyo from the airport. You just have to keep in mind this won’t be a private transfer, but they do take you right to the door of your hotel. I had a wait of around an hour before my transfer bus would leave as we were waiting for other passengers. After collecting them from the next terminal we started our journey into Tokyo. I sat by the window and started to try and take in the views of the city on the route to my hotel, some of ... read more
Senso-Ji, main hall
Senso-Ji pagoda
Hand washing etiquette at Senso-Ji

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 31st 2018

We left the hotel and drove to the coast to catch a boat to Gili Air, the journey took a couple of hours and the roads were really winding. We grabbed our belongings and boarded the boat. The sea was quite calm so it made for a nice crossing and it didn’t take long. We were advised that if the tide was low, the boat would have to drop us a fair distance away so we’d get a horse and cart for the last bit of our journey to the hotel. Luckily, the tide was high enough for the boat to take us directly to the hotel. we were a little early, so the rooms weren’t ready for us to check in so we sat in the bar and ordered early lunch. The rest of the ... read more
Green sea turtle
Underwater statue, Gili Meno
Gili Air style transfer

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Senarau July 17th 2018

After a great sleep overnight with quite a quiet call to prayer from the local mosque we had breakfast and set off for the local market which was 5 minutes down the road to buy fish for the BBQ we would have on the beach that evening. We walked through the market feeling oddly, a little bit like a celebrity. As we weaved along the small passage ways in the market we were stopped by locals asking for a selfie! Apparenly, they like a photo with white people to post on Facebook - oh how the world has actually gone bonkers!! Our guide found a few stalls where there was a huge selection of fish and different seafood. He selected snapper, squid and tuna and bags of veggies, all selected from different stalls to spread the ... read more
Awesome view underwater
Coral and fish
BBQ on the beach

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok July 17th 2018

I flew into Bali from Kuala Lumpur on what was a very turbulent flight. I got a bit braver than normal on the approach to Bali Denpasar airport and took some photos out of the window - very unusual for me to do that, but I did get some cracking photos of the mountains poking through the heavy cloud. We circled a few times before we were able to land and then on the approach to the runway, I actually started to wonder where it was! For quite some time it looked like we were going to land in the sea!! Needless to say, we didn’t. I went down the steps from the plane and was greeted by the most amazing sunset. Beautiful pink and orange skies. I was out of the airport and in to ... read more
Rice field walk, Tetebatu
Rice field workers, Tetebatu
Pottery making, Mas Bagik

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu July 7th 2018

After an emotional departure from Sepilok, I set off for Kota Kinabalu (KK). KK is so different from Sandakan which was the nearest city to Sepilok. It’s much more westernised, cleaner and modern. I enjoyed KK the last time I visited and I was looking forward to the next few days. A couple of days relaxing and a couple of days trying to climb Mount Kinabalu. The day of the climb, I was collected from my hotel by Amazing Borneo Tours at 6:20am for the 2.5 hour journey to the start point for my climb. It was quite nice to get out of the city and see parts of Kota Kinabalu I hadn’t seen before. Quite soon in to the drive we were in to the hills with beautiful views over the city and Mount Kinabalu ... read more
The map!
This was the easy bit where I still had the energy to take a photo!
Who put those there?!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary July 7th 2018

For those of you who were keeping a track of my adventures prior to me going to Sepilok, I apologise for the silence for the last 2 months. I spent May and June volunteering at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and whilst completing the volunteer programme at Sepilok we were asked not to blog due to confidentiality. If anyone is interested in my time spent working with the orangutans I’d be happy to answer any questions if you contact me directly. I’ve had so many photo opportunities, I literally have thousands of photos - there are a select few posted here, but rest assured I have many more to bore you with should you want to see them! In summary, I can confirm I had the best time of my life whilst working with the orangutans, experiences ... read more
I don’t think he’s too happy!
Hornbill close up at the proboscis monkey sanctuary
Me battling with Sepilok to get him on the feeding platform

Asia » China » Tibet » Everest May 9th 2018

We left Sakya early to make our way to Everest base camp with an estimated arrival of around 2pm. On the way we would drive over a few mountain passes and get to the highest point of our trip at 5,248m this is situated within Qomolangma National Nature Reserve (Qomolangma is the Tibetan word used for Everest) and it was here I would be leaving the scarf I received on my first day in Tibet, this was to be left with all the prayer flags and symbolises a prayer for myself and my family. After leaving the scarves and a few photos we continued on our journey, not too long later we stopped on the mountain pass and this is where I got my first ever glimpse of Everest - I was so excited! I never ... read more
Qomolangma National Nature Reserve
Peaks of the Himalayas
It’s there in the background!!

Asia » China » Tibet » Shigatse May 8th 2018

We set off in the morning for a walk into the local town to see the Tibetan way of life and to also make our way to the monastery. Walking through the town it was so quiet, with very few people around. Kandol talked us through the types of buildings on the road into the village. In traditional Tibetan houses the ground floor is for animals and the families live on the first floor. Walking through the streets, we saw a number of houses with tiny doors that even I would need to duck to get through! it was explained to us that the houses were built this way to keep the zombies out and they can’t get that low down to get in the house! We walked down a cobbled hill with a view of ... read more
Yak head on the windowsill
Street view

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