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Amazing the places you find for food!  

Amazing the places you find for food!

The Fastest Way to Enter a Country!

February 26th 2018
Woolly says – We’d all managed some sleep although Zoe didn’t look great, we led her to the taxi and sat back for the ride to the airport. The streets of Dhaka passed, it was a shame we hadn’t seen more of the city, but circumstances were out of my paws. The airport was busy and had no departure boards which a little bit was disconcerting, I opted to stay with the poorly one while Jo we ... read more
Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu

Nepalese Flag In 1951, the Nepalese monarch ended the century-old system of rule by hereditary premiers and instituted a cabinet system of government. Reforms in 1990 established a multiparty democracy within the framework of a constitutional monarchy. A Maoist in... ... read more
3rd March 2018

This is wild. How did they dream this up.
4th March 2018

Pretty cool
Isn't it great, no idea where the concept came from, we had a look at their rooms online and each room gets huge cuddly toys!

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