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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel May 3rd 2014

Kathmandu is one of the finest places that I have ever visited and coming from a guy that's been traveling for over 40 years, that's saying a lot. Flew to New Delhi from Bangkok on Jet Airways which is an Indian discount carrier. Very good airline. Changed planes in New Delhi. Be advised that there is a heavy, Indian military security presence in the airport. After deplaning you will have to go through another security check-point. X-ray luggage, pat down, the whole nine yards. I was happily surprised to see that my U.S. passport got me fast-tracked through the entire ordeal. The soldiers were quite friendly to me and seem genuinely interested in where I came from. When I told them that I had grown up in Chicago they immediately started rattling off the names of ... read more
Betsie; My First Buddhist Nun
Came In For Dinner And Stayed For The Fun
Shree Tibet Family Guesthouse  Room #406

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu April 18th 2014

Die Busfahrt von Pokhara ist lang und irgendwie anstrengend und wird mir nur durch ein kleines zotteliges Mädchen versüßt, das vor mir sitzt und endlos das Hinkuck-Wegkuck-Sich-Wegwerfen-Vor-Lachen-Spiel spielen kann. Kinder sind einfach überall auf der Welt gleich. Gegen 15 Uhr erreichen wir erst Kathmandu.Wenn man an einen Ort kommt, den man schon kennt, ist es immer irgendwie ein bisschen wie nach Hause kommen und als ich wieder an der Ecke zum Alobar Hostel in Thamel stehe, fühle ich mich direkt wieder heimisch. Ich bekomme im Schlafsaal sogar genau das selbe Bett zugeteilt wie letztes Mal und stürze mich nach dem langen Herumgesitze im Bus erstmal ins Getümmel von Thamel. Um 18 Uhr gibt es im Hostel einen kleinen Kochkurs, und ich würde ja so gerne noch lernen wie man Momos macht, aber vielleicht ... read more
Aufstieg nach Swayambhunath

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel March 29th 2014

Day 1/2 - Kathmandu After a long flight through Delhi, where none of the cafés sold Chai Latte, we arrived into Kathmandu. The weather was hazy, so there were no views of the mountains on the way in. Glad we've seen it before! For those of you that haven't had the experience of the Visa applications into Nepal, it would try the patience of a Saint, or Buddhist monk! Nothing has changed from our lsat visit 6 years ago, its still a rugby scrum, with very little sense, and people that wait until they have got to the front before they get their wallet out to pay! 45 minutes later, we were through, luggage collected, guide located and on the way to our hotel. The traffic hasn't improved, horns are the order of the day, it's ... read more
Calzone for tea
Wood fired pizza oven
Street sellers at Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu March 22nd 2014

As the moon was full it was time to fly. I went through customs and noticed the passenger in front of me showing his passport and he had a California driver license. "You're a long way from home", I said. Erik and I got to talking and turns out we were the same age both traveling to from and to similar destinations (he from Europe to India) having an exciting voyage around the world. It was a surreal meeting. We sat at the airport drinking beer & watching the full moon set behind Turkish airplanes. Soon we wished eachother well exchanged Facebooks and parted on different airpaths. We would later be connected in a very strange way. Turkey to Delhi getting in at 4am India time. Then short flight to the Himalayas and I was there. ... read more
Dave O' makes a prayer
The foothills of the Himalayas

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel March 22nd 2014

Schwer bepackt mit Taschen und Tüten voller Kleider- und Spielzeugspenden schleppen wir uns am Frankfurter Flughafen durch die Sicherheitsschleusen als ich im Augenwinkel sehe, wie meine Tasche herausgewunken wird. "Gibt's ein Problem?" " Haben sie ein Messer in der Tasche?" "Nein natürlich nicht!"Meine Tasche wird geöffnet und etliche Packungen mit Spielsachen und Stiften werden herausgenommen. Plötzlich hält mir der Sicherheitsmann eine Tüte mit Wachsmalstiften vor die Nase und darin befindet sich tatsächlich eine Messerklinge. Die habe ich vorher noch nie gesehen versichere ich ihm. Er schaut mich zweifelnd an und öffnet die Tüte. Auf der Klinge steht eingraviert: "Anspitzer für Wachsmalstifte". Uff. Ich fühle mich etwas besser aber das Ding ist trotzdem ganz schön spitz und scharf und so wundert es mich etwas, dass ich den Anspitzer nach kurzer Absprache mit seinem Ch... read more
Glocken an einer Stupa
Im Königspalast

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel March 19th 2014

Days 3 - We wake to a beautiful morning and enjoy a wonderful breakfast with coffee/ tea on the rooftop of our hotel, the skyline is a little polluted in the distance and you can just see a small glimps of the mountains. Our mode of transport today is by foot and local taxi as we start visiting some of Kathmundu World Heritage Sites. Durbar Square - is one of the important historic and tourist destinations in Nepal. This massive complex is home to palaces, temples and courtyards. The original center of Kathmandu is often named as Basantapur, Hanuman Dhoka or Durbar Square all denoting the same location. The square has various historical royal and governmental institutions mixed with temples of different styles and ages both Hindu and Buddhist. Most of them are built in the ... read more
Swayambhunath Stupa
Trilokya Mohan Narayan
Nasal Chowk

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel March 18th 2014

Day 2 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kathmandu, Nepal Arriving 2pm at Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport a little worse for wear. Transport has been arranged to meet at the airport and take to Hotel Happy Home, part of the friendly service offered for free when staying with them ( This will be our home for the next three (3) nights. Kathmandu is the starting point of our Nepali Adventure. Settling in to our rooms we quickly decide to wonder the near by streets of Thamel, the temperture is slowly dropping from a pleasant 24c to a cool 10c, we are very supprised how clean the streets are and no over crowding of tourists. While in search of a working ATM which was a little bit of a challenge, (out of order, not accepting foriegn cards, or ... read more
Tribhuvan International Airport
Entry-Exit Tribhuvan International Airport

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu March 9th 2014

"Would you like veggie or non-veg?", asked the air steward before each meal on my way to Nepal. Having previously been reduced to eating an air hostesses packed lunch or left starving because my preorded veggie meal had 'gone missing' I knew this was good omen for the rest of the trip, in terms of being able to eat at least. The rest of the flight was uneventful apart from a medical emergency with the call of 'is there's a doctor on board?' at which point I sat shrinking into my seat hoping they didn't check the passenger register and I wouldn't therefore have to explain that well, I wasn't that kind of doctor! I even managed to get three seats to myself, not that that meant i was able to sleep.. or at least not ... read more
Kathmandu Old City
Old Palace, Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel March 8th 2014

We arrived on Saturday at lunch time after spending hours at the Kathmandu international airport awaiting a visa. If we'd know, we would have organised our visa prior to arrival... Kathmandu is a messy city. Messy in the sense that it feels as though roads and buildings have been constructed without greater planning. Also it is definitely evident that Nepal is very much a developing country. The tallest buildings are approximately 5 stories tall and are guesthouses or apartments. The roads are very dusty and the traffic can be described as organised chaos however it appears like there is very little organised about it. Around Thamel, the tourist district, the roads are narrow with no footpaths and touristy trekking shops and souvenir shops spill onto the road. Pedestrians are forced to share the space with shop ... read more
Temple in Durbar Square
Hindu god of Justice in Durbar Square
View from Palace tower - 9 storeys tall

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal March 4th 2014

exchange rate $1AUD = 87NPR We departed Australia from the Gold Coast flying the no frills Air Asia. Our departure was made a little unpleasant thanks to a grumpy old customs lady that thought that if she explained the tax refund scheme rules louder and louder each time that we might understand what the hell she was getting at. Ahh love, why not just try saying it different next time as opposed to yelling it. The flight to KL was around 8 hours and went by quite quickly. I’m reading “Into Thin Air”, all about the 1996 Everest Disaster where many people were killed after being surprised and trapped by a raging storm, just to get me in the mood for our upcoming trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC). Surprisingly the Air Asia food was actually ... read more
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