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Asia » Mongolia » Terelj July 2nd 2023

Our last day in Mongolia was going to be quite busy until our late afternoon flight. I think we all skipped breakfast, a couple people sick (I personally think it was the milk tea from the camp, but not sure, I just can't imagine drinking too much of it is good on your stomach if you are not used to it). E and H picked us up from the hotel, bags packed and we made our way to our first stop. Chenghis Khan Just outside Ulaanbaatar is the largest equestrian statue in the world. The statue is located where legend says he found a golden whip and is pointed to his supposed birthplace. It was constructed in 2008 and is a stainless steel structure 10m. Below the statue itself is a museum, which was actually quite ... read more
Chenghis Khan Temple Complex
Aryapala Temple
Aryapala Temple

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj July 18th 2019

17-18 juillet Le ciel colérique éclate sur Oulan-Bator. Il est 6AM. Il n'est pas rare qu'une terrifiante averse soudaine ébranle d'un coup le Pays, lui qui subit des écarts de température impossible. Il a neigé dans le désert de Gobi en juin l'an dernier que m'a confirmé Moogi, l'attentive propriétaire du guesthouse où je loge depuis mon arrivée. Un 20 minutes d'intense pluie a suffit pour nettoyer la ville. Puis sans se faire attendre davantage, l'alarmant soleil nucléaire reprit rapidement sa place en dévoilant une prévisible journée à 30 degré. Après le déjeuner, Geneviève (une comptable du Missouri... c'est pas moi qui l'invente) et moi-même prenons place à l'arrière d'une Hyundai grise métallique que conduira Rainbow, une forte mère de famille qui pourrait mettre hors d'usage n'importe quel portier de la province. Matriarcale, la société mongol ... read more
Selfie Costumé
Don't fuck with the Eagle
Single Selfie

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj September 19th 2017

What a difference a train makes. We had previously read books and checked out web sites that indicated the Irkutsk to Ulaan Baatar train was by far the worst. Compartment windows that actually open and attendants that speak reasonable English and know the meaning of ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. Oh! And they appreciate that a smile is not a crime punishable by ten years hard labour. We settled in to our compartment, a four-berth standard class (but with windows that open!!). The carriage was similar to the Moscow-Yekaterinburg 1st class carriage. Green velvet upholstery. The only difference is that we did not have our own mains socket. These were situated in the corridor – three sockets between up to thirty-six passengers. Also, there was no restaurant carriage on board, hence ... read more
The Eastern Siberian Countryside
One of the many Mongolian Settlements
A Trans Siberian wheel tapper

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj June 10th 2017

R: The next day was our trip out into the Mongolian countryside. The best way to do this is hire a 4x4 and guide so we did just that. First we headed out to the Genghis Khan statue which is about 55km out of town. Its a strange site - really in the middle of nowhere - the intention being that the statue looks over the land of the Mongols. It has a large car park and then a flight of stairs up. The statue was completed in 2008 but the noticeable thing was the decaying steps as you headed up to the building. You go in through a building at the bottom which has a shop and museum filled with slightly unusual exhibits in the basement, before taking the lift up to just below the ... read more
Turtle Rock
Bridge to the Monastery
View from Ariyabal

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj February 12th 2015

Before leaving home, what did I know about Mongolia? Not much. It was squeezed in somewhere between China and Russia in Central Asia. A country that we knew very little about and one that had always had an air of mystery about it for me as a young child. As I grew up, I still didn’t know much about it. Several years ago whilst on a visit to China and hiking the Great Wall, at one point I stood gazing out at the rugged, mountainous country surrounding us as our guide, waving her arm in a wide arc, said to us – “that’s Mongolia over there”. It still remained some mysterious faraway country to me that I knew very little about. About all I knew was that, I had heard of its nomadic people and of ... read more
Genghis Khan - Supreme Khan of the Mongols (Courtesy of  Wikipedia)
Reconstruction of Mongol Warrior - Genghis Khan - The Exhibition - (Courtesy of Wikimedia)
Hillside portrait of Chinggis Khan - Ulaan Bataar (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj October 1st 2014

Today we were heading a couple of hours out of the capital to go to a ger camp in Terelj National Park, about 60 kms northwest of the city, where we would stay overnight in a ger or yurt, as they are otherwise known – the traditional nomadic round tent “house”. Nemo had said to us that, even though our destination wasn’t that far away from the city, it would take us about 2 and a half hours to get there because the road conditions out of the city were very rough in parts until we reached the outskirts so, we would have to travel slowly. All tar-sealed (for the most part) we did, however, encounter some very large pot holes and other areas where the asphalt had broken away from the edges of the road, ... read more
Ted & the black vulture
Jenni making friends with the Golden Eagle
Oops! Let's try that again shall we ...

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj September 2nd 2014

There is always a special moment in people's lives. In some contemporary times where people can change or can get strength from. When I came face to face with this eagle it brought me a tremendous spiritual power. The look of the eagle was like a pugnacious fighter who continues. That look did not disappear from my mind. It brought me some spiritual feeling. Three weeks later i met a nice person from Couchsurfing. A nice family that hosted me where someone could paint insane. I was amazed by her paintings. After some talk, i asked her if she could paint something for me. She asked: "What do you want". I said that i never forget the moment when I came face to face with the eagle and asked her if she could that paint for ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj October 16th 2013

After 100 hours of train from Moscow, on the morning of 14th of October, we made it to Ulan Baator. A driver picked up us just before sunset to make our way to the Terelj National Park. In the city, it must have been something like minus 10's already winter here! UB, aka Ulan Baator early morning looks like in the middle of a property boom...till, not sure I ever want to live here...but that will be for next blog. But we were not here to discover Ulan Baator...the plan, and it's the same for most tourists...was to discover Mongolia...or rather, it's beautiful countryside... Now the trick's middle of October, the official season is over....we have just spent nearly 5 days on a train....Mongolia has a bad reputation for food...and it was out of ... read more
Our driver and the horseman...
Leslie and Tiffany
Fishing on the Tuul

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj October 15th 2013

At midday on Friday, I headed out with a few hostel-mates to find the bus to Terelj, the National Park not far from Ulaanbaatar. There was a charming man (trying to persuade us to get a taxi with him instead) talking to us in Russian at the bus stop. He was very interested in who we were and where we were from. He had some interesting preconceived ideas. For instance, there was a man from Australia, so, of course, there was a short Kanagaroo impression, for the girl from Austria, a short rendition of Mozart, and for the two of us Brits his comment was 'Ah, John Major'. After a short discussion about politics (mainly Northern Ireland and the Basque region, but I added Scotland to his repertoire), he took some convincing that we were poor, ... read more
The Hills

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj June 23rd 2013

Because of its proximity to Ulaanbaatar - only about an hour's drive - Terelj National Park is touristy, in fact the first part of Mongolia I have been to that could really be described as such. Ger camps are as frequent as hotels in the city, lined up one after the other, and I even saw one where some of the gers, on closer inspection, turned out to be be made of concrete. Maybe for people who want to fool their families into thinking they stayed in a ger? Others were in garish colours, bright blues and oranges. At the entrance to the park there was a collection of grand-looking houses, which turned out to be the holiday homes of wealthy Mongolians. The park's main attraction is the Gunjiin Sum monastery, which sits up in the ... read more
View from the monastery
Statue of a hermit with offerings

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