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Asia » Mongolia » Terelj July 31st 2010

31st July 2010 Ger to Ger We headed to the local bus stop to get the 11am bus to Terijl National Park. There was a huge push to get on and every seat was snapped up in milliseconds. Sid managed to get his head on the edge of a seat as he ran up the bus stairs and nobody dared squash it, so Sid and I occupied the edge of a bench seat. There were thousands of people on the bus carrying all sorts of interesting things like urns full of yoghurt, giant bottles of berries and sacks full of god knows what. I would have taken a photo only my arms were permanently pinned to the side of my body for the duration of the 2 hour journey. We got off at ‘Turtle Rock’ which ... read more
Sid and I standing on...
Hurse shows us to our Ger
Sid and Hurse carry a saw to the forest to collect wood.

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj June 19th 2010

Terelj is conveniently located only an hour away from UB and is considered a national park. I went there with Yotam and Lior, two Isralies, and Laura who comes from Finland. Luckily they had a lot of extra camping stuff since I haven't picked up my own gear yet. We took the bus over and then passed the small village of Terelj, we disembarked and walked the park in search of a decent camp site. We walked along, packs full of food, and crossed a few streams that soaked us to mid-thigh level. Eventually we found a good spot right by the river and backdropped by hills. We set up the tent, built a firepit and collected wood, and then began preparing food. We had picked up loads of food supplies at the market in UB ... read more
Crossing The Stream
Hellish Sky

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj July 5th 2008

We awoke to another crisp and perfect morning after a good night’s sleep. (only a slight tinge of a headache from the bull’s blood but it was gone in no time) We had a one and a half our hike (more of a wander really) over the hills to Turtle Rock planned so, after a leisurely breakfast we wandered off. As I said before the scenery here is spectacular and there are no fences so you can just wander where ever you wish. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful clear day, after about 5km or so we reached our destination but as the rock had quite a few people on it already we moved on to a Monastery on the hill. Among other things there were some paintings around the outside that graphically ... read more
Wandering Terelj
Wandering Terelj
Wandering Terelj

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj May 19th 2008

This Saturday has been one of the best days I've enjoyed since being here in Mongolia. I piled into a micro-bus with Carrie and some of the school kids and we headed to Terelj. Along the way, we instantly blew a tire and the experienced drivers (flat tires are notoriously common on Mongolian roads) had the tire changed in 5 minutes. Then we spent an hour winding through the beautiful countryside, eventually coming upon the Terelj valley. We paid the National Park costs and once inside the park immediately came upon a couple who waited on the side of the road with two camels and a large hawk, who glared at us and ruffled his wings in irritation. He was truly a formidable predator and when the man brought the hawk to his arm, the bird ... read more
Camnel butts!

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj April 19th 2008

The trip to Terelj National Park was amazing! I had a blast riding the horses, and stayed with some cool people in the gers. It was really beautiful. I will post pics soon- having trouble with the photo function. This afternoon, I checked out the Natural History Museum in Ulaanbaatar which houses the largest whole dinosaur in the world, which was found the the Gobi desert in Mongolia. It was really cool. There was also 2 small dinosaurs who were found preserved in fighting position. It was really cool to see. Tomorrow I'm headed to Russia by bus, which should cut a little time off the trip, as only slow local trains were available until Tuesday, and I want to be on my way. I will stay in Ulan Ude, Russia tomorrow night and get the ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj April 16th 2008

If you've got this far then well done... following this blog has been hard even for me, it's (apparent) architect. I am weeks and weeks behind. In fact me and my noble companion have been in Mongolia now for six days and I haven’t written a single word. However, I would like in defense of my negligence to point out that this country is not exactly hot-wired: internet servers here or slow and antiquated by modern standards and expectations. So my laissez-faire attitude to coherent narratives has been willfully exacerbated by the Mongolian states laissez-faire attitude to modern technology. And nobody really seems to mind. The reason for this is that most Mongolians live in ‘gers’- small, circular, marquee-style habitations, lined with sheeps wool, formed around a central stove and without electricity or running water. It ... read more
My Ger...

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj April 10th 2008

After a fairly restless nights sleep (nothing new there then) it was time for a quick breakfast and a last walk around (much warmer than yesterday) and then to be picked up to be taken back to UB. Virtually the whole host family came outside to say goodbye or shake my hand, very nice touch even though I said no more than 50 words to them, made me like the people even more and made me wish I made more of an effort to talk to them. Back in the hostel I managed to get a single room in the same hostel for 10 dollars a night and sort my stuff out. I wanted to have a couple of hours sleep but the majority of the hostel wanted to watch American Gangster at full blast on ... read more
One of the new buildings in UB

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj October 21st 2007

Went on the biggest mystery tour ever. Went out with two other women and driver who had selective english, don't think he was really that interested in what we wanted to do, the drivers main aim was to get to his buddies house for a catch up. We still managed to see some things. Slept in a Cafe and on the icy floor of a ger. The main statement was where are we now? Mongolia of course... read more
Budhist Temple Terjl
Turtle Rock Terjl

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj October 4th 2007

i have finally got round to uploading some pics to my previous blogs, took me the best part of 2 hours in my ill state, on the fastest internet i could find, so take a look if you want! have been in UB a week now, will be leaving on the "direct" morning train on saturday to beijing. will have to stock up on some edible provisions for the whole journey this time (ie two lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast..) had planned on leaving today so i would be in beijing in time to hit the nightlife for the weekend, but the train was thats not to be! earlier this week i went on a two night/3 day tour out into the countryside and to Tereji national park. stayed in a ger (a large ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj July 9th 2007

Et ouais, ici ils ont tellement de chevaux, que finalement c'est comme pour les vaches, on leur donne pas de nom, ils les designent juste par leur couleur. Et si il y a 2 chevaux blancs, et ben, tant pis... Bien sur, il y a quand meme quelques exceptions, et les chevaux plus reguliers ou plus performants sont mieux consideres! J'ai pu en faire l'experience lors de mon court sejour dans le parc national de Terelj, a 80km au nord-est d'Oulan Bator. Je me disais qu'il fallait quand meme que je fasse un peu de cheval en Mongoliem et n'ayant plus beaucoup de temps, c'etait l'endroit ideal, et j'ai pas ete decu! Mon guide de 18 ans m'a emmene dans des chemins a flanc de montagnes, rivieres et autres larges vallees qui ont ete l'occasion ... read more

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