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Asia » Maldives October 7th 2007

It's public holidays for a week one more time in China, and time to escape to great destinations. China is moving fast, very fast, and the best proof of it is the shift of population in the planes. It used to be westerners escaping...well, most of them cannot afford a ticket anymore, and the local chinese have been more than happy to replace them. So this week, the first group of guests in the resort are by far the chinese..and somewhere, this is great news, even if it means I will have to continue booking tickets way ahead! The weather this week has been a mix bag of sun, wind, clouds and rain, but in paradise, who really care? We met my parents at Singapore airport. They are 64 and 61, and on their first round-the-world ... read more
Mantas...I'm done inthe corner...
on the way to snorkeling...
aperitif time...

Asia » Maldives September 13th 2007

Apologies - currently unable to restore. If you have a backup please edit this entry and save/publish. There is a small possibility that this entry will be restored - only small. ... read more
One of my dive buddies Naxi
Dive instructors Cinzia & Naxi
Macana (Heron) at Sunset

Asia » Maldives May 20th 2007

Expecting to land in tropical paradise, we instead stepped foot into a $270/night shithole hotel room in Male for an overnight stay, before departing by sea plane to our Maldivian resort the next morning. Gene was fit to be tied when he discovered that the Internet would be down for the rest of the evening. As though putting a child down to sleep, I had to convince Gene that the sooner we went to bed, the sooner our day in paradise would present itself. The following morning, all hotel guests were bused out to the seaplane port. As Gene sat over a cup of coffee and I at an open computer, I listened to him babble to another couple nearby, cursing to myself at the thought of having to socialize on our island of respite. Little ... read more
Our New Friends
Last Night In Paradise

Asia » Maldives May 20th 2007

So, to fill in some time in the islands before work starts (Sunday), I decided that it could be nice to go for my Advanced Open Water Diving Certification. Basically this means I can dive deeper (to 30 metres), navigate underwater, drift dive, night dive etc. The team is pretty crazy on the island (photos to come) - we have a Dane, a Maldivian, a German and 2 Italians - and so you always have a good trip. I have a small confession to make. Tried to do the dive on Friday, however the sea was very rough and for the first time in my life I was not feeling very well at all on the water, so I stayed on the boat and felt very sorry for myself. However, today washed the slate clean: ... read more
My crazy dive instructor, Soren
Some beautiful corals
It's Mr Moray to you...

Asia » Maldives May 16th 2007

Picture this: swaying palm trees, white warm sand, 35 degree heat, humid air, afternoon siestas... ah yes, this is the life. The routine is generally sleep, eat, gym or swim, eat, read or dive, sleep, read or email, eat, drink, sleep! Every now and then I go to the capital to get off this however many metres squared island we live on, but other than that, life goes on as usual. I start working from Sunday, so that will keep me a little more occupied, although so far so good! Don't think I will be signing up for any "Survivor" challenges though... Getting here was a bit of a round-the-world trip: San Francisco, Frankfurt, Venice, Singapore, Maldives. Highlights of the voyage itself: a 400 metre sprint through Frankfurt airport laden with backpack, computer, camera and ... read more
Seaplane drop off
Andrea with Cris' parents Franco & Luisa
Mestre main square

Asia » Maldives May 1st 2007

Trip thuss farHey kids - first installment of travel toss. It's only been two weeks - you're probably not missing me, and I'm definately not missing you but here goes. And there we were sleeping on an ergonomically designed piece of plastic furniture at 3am at Singapore airport - top sleep... Then we were off to India via Sri Lanka. Our itinerary suggested a mere 7hr stopover in Sri Lanka though - only enough time for a sri lankan curry and a nap. Little did we know we'd be eating a lot more Sri Lankan curry. We were turned away from the airport at 1am and told to get our Indian tourist visas at the embassy in colombo before we could leave for India. Which at the time didn't sound too hard as we had a ... read more

Asia » Maldives April 29th 2007

Well, here are a few chosen pics to give you a snapshot (literally) of life here in Paradise where the water really is turqouise, the tuna is plentiful and it's always 32 degrees. The last three months have flown by and I only have a few weeks left in the Maldives. It's been fascinating and great to travel around the islands a fair amount to see different volunteers and meet their colleagues. I've had lots of time to do a lot of reading, snorkeling, diving and swimming and will hopefully spend some more time diving once I finish work. But the best thing is that the pace of life is sooooooo much slower and it's been great to change gear especially as the office closes around 3pm every day. So work has been good and ... read more
Life in Male

Asia » Maldives March 21st 2007

We have arrived in heaven. Well a little bit of heaven anyway. The Taj Coral Reef Resort in the Maldives. We stayed here for 3 lovely nights. We had our own room boy who cleaned our over water bungalow twice a day. The room was huge and we had a set of steps that lead straight down into the water. We went swimming and snorkelling and diving. We even saw a turtle and a shark while snorkelling. There really isn't too much to say about the Maldives except for the fact that they are amazing. All we did was sleep, eat, sunbathe, swim and snorkel oh yes and then swim some more. ... read more
The Taj
Our Farewell Present
A Sunset

Asia » Maldives October 10th 2006

Last day exploring Male' City... Checked out from Club Med quite early coz want to spend more time exploring Male' Capital. what a name male city... do they have female city? hahaha just realized it pronounce "Ma-lay" The international airport is an island by itself, located about 4 km. (2 miles) from the capital, Male'. Arrived at the airport island, after asking few staffs where can we leave our bags, then we finally found the counter for leaving luggage near information center with the cost around 100 rufiyaa ( US $1 = MRF 12.85) At information center, I searched more information about Male' city and I met a guy who's working in some travel agency. He told me that he can suggest his friend, Naseem, who's at Male' island to guide us to interesting areas, no ... read more
swimming pool of memory...
never noticed this island near by Kani before..
Me with the captain.. who told I missed dolphins

Asia » Maldives October 9th 2006

Another day in paradise...woke up so early today.. I'd planned to go snorkeling again in the morning 9:30 session.. Never give up to see dolphins... finished shower... but not enough time to have breakfast so I decided to go straight away without having breakfast... Not quite long this time speed boats come.. this time I walked in front and get myself a best view eventhough I lost my contact lens yesterday.. couldn't see things clearly but still hope to see dolphins today.. The speed boat took me to different location today.. I wasn't nervous anymore getting into water this time.. coz just thinking about dolphins.. Coral today was the same.. dead... white like cement.. I tried not to swim into dead coral just afraid it could cut me.. but I can say that snorkeling today ... read more
quick self portrait at spa while Joe's checking spa courses
secret area I've discovered at the back of island
get massage?

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