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June 15th 2008
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This is our first day where we actually ate three meals out of a possible five! So far we’ve only managed breakfast and then dinner as the meal times are somewhat odd. Breakfast is from 8-1pm, Lunch 1-2pm and Dinner at 8:30-10pm. There is afternoon tea at 5-6pm but as of yet we haven’t made it. The food is pretty good, and seems mostly continental with a favouring towards Italian - could that be because most of the guests are Italian? The Italians do a good job of eating! They are like vacuums and eat about 4-5 ladened platefuls of food at each sitting and the annoying thing is they are all skinny!!! What gives? Gail and I just have our one plate and sometimes this is followed by dessert. The guests seem to be Italian, and they are nice and quiet and well mannered, and thankfully there are hardly any English larger louts, and the Germans seem very scarce too, but apparently a Romanian couple arrived yesterday which should be good as there is a football match on between Romania and Italy tonight.

The morning was spent at the beach and having fun with the underwater camera again, before we had to head out to our appointments at the Coconut Spa. We were greeted at the Spa with a cold flannel infused with peppermint and a cold tea before our respective treatments. Gail was called away to her facial which also included arms, legs and head massage and she sat back and enjoyed the hour and a half of soothing music and gentle application and massaging of lotions to on her face and chest, each rinsed of with warm and then cool flannels. Next came the facial exfoliation using a cream with fine granules followed by hot steam being blown on her face to open up the pores, she didn’t really enjoy that as it was hard to inhale with all that hot humid air directed at her face, this then led to her going to town on Gail’s skin squeezing and pinching with a vice like grip, at this point eyes began to water and inwardly there was screaming. After five minutes of torture she returned to applying a cooling face mask to the face and covered her eyes with cool soaked cotton wool, probably because she didn’t want to see all the tears! Then came the second treat of the hand, arm, foot and leg massages. This was bliss but then so would anything be after the torture just endured.

Liisa’s massage sounded like a torture experience to start off with and she was wondering how she would tolerate the full hour and a half. The Balinese masseuse was kneading her calf like a sadist fiend, now she knows what it’s like to be a piece of meat being tenderised! Luckily as she was facing the floor, the lady couldn’t see her grimacing in agony and even the beautiful flowers below her couldn’t take away the pain. After what seemed like an eternity, she asked Liisa if she would like the massage even harder or softer. Liisa chose the softer option as she didn’t fancy crying through the whole experience! Once the pressure lightened somewhat she could lie back and enjoy the experience. At one point the lady jumped up on the table on top of Liisa and she had visions of her beginning to walk on her back, thankfully that didn’t happen! There were also points during the massage that the lady used a technique which felt like a big cat was walking all over her, but Liisa started laughing at the point when she began to slap the bottom of her feet. At the end of the treatments we both floated out on a cloud and flipped through the treatments and decided to book an Asian long stroke massage for Monday.

By the time we came back, Liisa was turning a lovely shade of pink and beginning to resemble a lobster from staying out too long in the sun, so instead of heading back out to sunbath we instead wrote some postcards and read until dinner time. Tonight was Maldivian night so we were asked to dress up in sarongs for dinner. Our normal waiter wasn’t present so instead we think we had a new recruit for our waiter. He managed okay except for Gail’s drinks. She asked for a mixture of mango and orange juice and so he brought a glass of each and then she said no water to him and he proceeded to fill her glass up with water! Hopefully ours will be back tomorrow…

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16th June 2008

You two girls are just rotten, rotten, rotten!!! Me so jealous, jealous, Jealous! Enjoy, smile, laugh and spoil yourselves. Vanessa =)

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